Top 15 Best 3D Audio Videos From Our Kickstarter Backers

Hooke Audio’s ( Top 15 Best 3D Audio Videos From Our Kickstarter Backers

Two weeks ago our Hooke Audio Kickstarter backers started receiving their Hooke Verse’s.

We can’t even begin to express how happy we were to share in our backers excitement after so many years of waiting for the World’s first fully wireless 3D Audio microphone to arrive.



The pictures had us feeling like proud parents.



But by far, the coolest part has been hearing 3D Audio from all around the world captured with Hooke Verse! Here are some of our favorites. REMEMBER: Watch with headphones on to hear the 3d audio.

1. – Wireless Speaker + DSLR Camera + Hooke Verse (Hyoung Rok Jeong Backer #143)

2. –The Wick – Ravi Shankar song in Hooke 3D audio (Samuel Pirruccello Backer #284)


3. – Ride of Silence Aachen Mai 2017 in Binaural 3D Audio (Maximilian Schlütter Backer #622)

4. Justin Thornton (A Blind Hooke Verse User) Wedding Ceremony – (Justin Thornton #62)


5. – Omar Souleyman at Echoplex Los Angeles May 2017 (Manhattan Perry Backer #81)


6. – Metallica Live at MetLife Stadium – binaural 3D audio (Jack Hsu Backer #1265)


7. – Testing out range on Hooke Audio Verse Bluetooth Headphones (Brad Nelson Backer #99)


8. – Riding the TTC – Hooke Verse Binaural Audio (Rico7738 Backer #1245)

9. – Hooke Verse Unboxing – ASMR (Daniel Vice Backer #162)

 10. – 4th Gear Pull In Binaural 3D Audio (Colin Fahey Backer #1260)


11. – Wind Chimes In Binaural 3D Audio (Sylvia Deering Backer #1360)

12. – Peaceful Backyard With Birds in Binaural 3D Audio (Jay Smith Backer #508)


 13. – Overview of Hooke Verse For Blind Users (Drew Weber from Blind Abilities Backer #537)

14. – Short bike ride with my 8 year old in 3D sound (Sylvia Deering Backer #1360)

15. – Olathe Northwest – Freshman Orchestra – TheBlackSea in 3D Audio (Kurt Iverson Backer #947)

Do you have videos captured in binaural 3d audio with Hooke Verse?

Make sure to tag us @hookeaudio with hashtags #3daudio #binaural #hookeaudio and #soundmatters.


To learn more about Hooke Audio and Mobile 3D Audio recording:

To hear more music in binaural 3d audio:

To hear more travel videos in binaural 3d audio:

To learn how to make your own binaural 3d audio:

From One Ear To Another,

Anthony Mattana
Founder and CEO, Hooke Audio

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