Complete List Of Every Company Who Makes 3D Audio Mics, Headphones, Engines (Updated Monthly)

The 3D Audio Space Is Heating Up.

These days it feels like we’re seeing a new company launch a 3D Audio product hourly. We’re seeing 3D Audio playback speakers, binaural recording mics, spatial audio algorithms for headphones, ambisonics microphones and immersive audio engines for VR.

But what is 3D Audio? Well, the interpretation differs based upon who you’re speaking with. At Hooke Audio (, we’ve been writing about and developing mobile 3D Audio technology for years and have been watching the space heat up. So we put together this infographic to help you all keep your finger on the 3D Audio pulse. We will be updating it monthly as new companies enter the space, helping you understand how they differ from the others and what new elements they bring to the exciting market of immersive audio! Download this graphic in High Res here:┬á


Record on!

Anthony Mattana,

Founder & CEO, Hooke Audio



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