What I Envision In The Hooke’s Five Year Plan

Hooke Audio’s Five Year Plan In 4 Easy Steps.

1. Becoming the GoPro of Sound

Think of all the incredible videos you’ve seen captured with a GoPro online: inside a wave tunnel, skydiving, strapped to dogs and horses, extreme racing, concerts and sporting events. The GoPro has enabled us as viewers to get up close and personal, going where standard camera technology can’t go. It’s also allowed makers to capture their craft in ways that were never before possible. GoPro is affordable, durable and accessible. It screams for you to explore with it.

So does Hooke. Now, not only can you see what it looks like to surf within a wave tunnel, but you can hear what it sounds like to surf within a wave tunnel.

2. Make More Products

Speakers, Over the Ear Headphones, On the Ear Headphones, Head Tracking/VR integration, Live Streaming Apps and Accessories to name a few.
We are a consumer electronics company and this first Hooke headset is just the beginning of a long line of 3D Audio capturing products.

3. Live Events/Artist Sponsorships

We’ve already been contacted by several musicians and events companies looking to integrate Hooke within their projects. For me, Hooke is only as cool as the cool people who use the product.
In my eye, you know you have a successful product when some one much smarter than you can it in a way you never even thought of. I feel that is possible with Hooke.
I am so excited to be surprised by all the creative and unique ways you will use Hooke.

4. Get Consumers To Care About Sound.

Let’s fact it, no one cares about sound. I know this.

Most people care so little about sound that they’re willing to experience it on cheap headphones with little bass and barely any treble. Think of what a saxophone sounds like when the player is standing right next to you. Now think about what it sounds like when you listen to it on your Apple headphones. Still worse, when you listen on your Beats headphones. That alto sax just turned into a baritone sax.

We live with light dimmers in our homes; we have Instagram brightness filters on our phones; we have autofocus on our digital cameras. With these small but easy consumer tools, we have the ability to control visuals in our lives, which in turn makes us care and have opinions about the visuals in our lives. These tools have taught us that lighting is important and bad lighting will ruin a memory. Well, so will poor sound. When we can allow consumers to also have the ability to control the way sound in their life, they will start caring about what they hear just as much as what they see.

From One Ear To Another,
Anthony Mattana
Hooke Founder and CEO

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