Top 10 iPhone Microphones Under $250

One of the greatest tools that you have as an artist is your phone. Mobile devices have become such an integral part of life, and our entire world is now available at our fingertips– that includes having something that we can create content with. Having a portable piece of equipment that can record quality audio will only enhance your experience when you record with your iPhone. Whether you use your phone while you’re traveling, vlogging, reporting, or jamming, here are some of the best microphones to get under $250. 

1. Shure MV88: $149.00

This is a stereo condenser microphone that Shure promises will give you professional-quality audio on the go. It plugs directly into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and records in your favorite recording app. It has bidirectional and cardioid polar patterns, and as a condenser microphone, has a better range of sensitivity. This is perfect for at-home recording artists, mobile journalists, vloggers, and podcasters to give you the high-quality and clear sound that you want. If you download the Shure MOTIV Recording App, this also gives you more options to record, edit, and share your work with the world.

2. Rode IXYL: $168.19

A stereo microphone with 24-bit recording capability, the two capsules allow for a X-Y recording that captures everything in true-to-life high detail. There’s a high pass filter that will take away that little low frequency hiss you might hear to better enhance your recording as well. Since it’s a compact cardioid microphone, it’s great for directional work like recording sessions, interviews and vlogging on the go.

3. Rode smartLav+: $79.99

This tiny omnidirectional microphone is perfect for attaching to your phone on-the-go for interviews and podcasts. It plugs right into your device and can attach to your subject matter hands free. Perfect for interview-style vlogging and seminar audio, so you can let your hands do some great work without having to re-adjust a microphone for audio.

4. Hooke Verse: $239.99

The Hooke Verse is the first Bluetooth headset that you can hook up to your iPhone to record binaural audio and video WIRELESSLY. It captures everything in real space and time around you and opens up the door for so much more in entertainment. With 3D audio, your audio and visual capabilities seem almost limitless in what you can create. 

5. Sennheiser ClipMic digital: $199.95

This microphone is perfect for recording interviews and presentations. The ClipMic gives people professional quality audio in a portable and quality piece of equipment. The microphone phases out background noise and focuses solely on the sound source, promising Sennheiser quality audio in a simple microphone.

6. Zoom iQ5: $99.99

This is the first version of the Zoom microphone that has since evolved. It is the first in the series of microphones with the lightning adapter, while it is still the same price as the mics followed by it. It works with most apps that allow for an audio input from an external microphone, which helps greatly with enhancing the built-in mic on your iPhone.

7. Zoom iQ6: $99.99

This is a stereo XY condenser microphone with an Lightning adapter to connect directly to your iPhone device. The two microphones allow for switching the angles to your 90-/120- preference. There are separate gains for the input signal and the headphone output, so you have full control over what level you are recording sound and how you are hearing it. This is great for anyone who wants something easy to use and getting that high quality sound with a handheld recorder. and has a four and a half star rating. 

8. Zoom iQ7: $99.99

A step-up from the iQ6, the iQ7 has the directional mid microphone to capture audio from in front of you, while the bidirectional side microphone captures the audio all around you. You still have the range to move the microphones to the different degrees depending on what you are recording, whether it is a live session with a group, a solo, audio for an interview, or some field recordings for a video.

9. Blue Mikey Portable: $79.99

The Blue Mikey Portable is a three gain system microphone for versatility in what you want to record. You can record interviews to loud concerts, live sessions and podcasts. While it is a little older and you have to purchase an adapter with the lightning port, this portable microphone is great for a wide range of reasons.

10. Apogee MiC 96k: $229.00

This microphone is designed for acoustic and vocal recording, but is also great for interviews, podcasts, voiceovers and audio for DSLR videos. No external power is required as it plugs right into your Apple device. You can buy a pop filter for an additional $10, but the HD sound that this device records is quality on its own. It’s simple, chic, durable, easy-to-use and high quality. What’s not to like?

No matter what you use, the greatest thing about iPhones is the portability and availability. We can share anything and everything with the world, and the possibilities for art are endless.

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