Top 10 Microphones for YouTubers

So you want to get into YouTube? There are still plenty of untapped subjects and channels waiting to be broken open on the platform. And with today’s tech, there are even more ways to capture unique content for your channel, whether that be using a drone, 360 camera or a 3D audio microphone. No matter what you want to do, reaching your audience with your specific idea is the key. And for that, you will need the right equipment. You’ve got the camera, but the sound quality on that is low. The bare minimum. So check out these mics below, see what’s in your budget, and what will get you the best quality audio for exactly what you want. Check out our other links as well to see some other great mics!

  1. Audio Technica AT2050 – $229

This condenser microphone is a step up from the AT2020, which has already been on a few of our lists, and that is because of the quality of the microphone, the quality of the sound, all for a great affordable price. Perfect for capturing vocals, like voice overs and interviews, even musical instruments, this is a great microphone to use for all your YouTube adventures.

2. Audio Technica AT2035 – $149

This large diaphragm microphone will give you a smooth, natural sound, which is perfect for vocals. Because of the cardioid polar pattern, it reduces pickup from the sides and behind, picking up sounds only from the sound source. This bundle comes with a shock mount, an XLR cable and a pop filter, which cuts out hisses and pops on specific letters. A step-up from the AT2020, the 2035 is still a great choice to get great vocals from for recording YouTube videos.

3.  XIAOKOA Professional Condenser Microphone – $21.99

This condenser microphone is a great choice for those who might just be starting out and want to try out some different techniques before making a big decision to spend big bucks on something that they don’t like. This will give you great audio and is a great tester mic to start out with. It’ll record your original voice and give you professional quality sound for an affordable price. It’s compact for easy portability and works great with all facets of YouTube-ing and whatever else you might need.

4. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone – $49

Another great, compact choice for a compact deal. This mic is small and easily portable, and plugs into your computer via USB. It delivers clear vocals for anything you might need, voice over, narration or live stream. It’s always great to have equipment that delivers everything you might need, especially when it exceeds expectations that you might have. 

5. Hooke Verse – $239.99

The Hooke Verse is a versatile piece of equipment to add to your arsenal of technology. Not only does it record 3D audio, but it also captures video in real time. It hooks up to any of your devices–iPhone, Android, GoPro and DSLR camera–so you are not just stuck behind the screen. Your videos can now be part of the action, with all encompassing 3D audio and video. It’s easy and portable, and you don’t have to just sit at your computer–the world is your platform.

6. AKG C14 – $399

This professional microphone is great if you are looking for an upgrade. It’s normally used for micing up instruments, but is versatile enough to capture great vocals for podcasts and voiceovers. If you are a musician looking to expand your interests, and already have this mic, this is perfect to use for recording audio for your YouTube videos.

7. Rode NT Package – $229

This condenser microphone package includes a shock mount and a pop filter to get those vocals naturally filtered as you record them. It has a great frequency response and a wide dynamic range, so this industry standard microphone will give you clean, crisp audio for all your YouTube needs.

8. Blue Yeti – $126.99

This Amazon’s Choice microphone is another great addition to anything you might want to do. It has three capsules so it can record in almost any situation, and the recording you get is nice and clean. It plugs right into your computer via USB and it a reliable choice for any and all your YouTube endeavors.

9. Rode NT1 USB – $169

This is another reliable Amazon’s Choice, and for a reason. There is on mic mixing control, a USB connector, and is made specifically for recording vocals. It’s designed specifically for getting vocals and comes with a pop filter to reduce the sounds of hisses and pops on specific letters when you speak. With this mic, you get professional quality audio at an affordable price.

10. Shure SM7B – $399

This microphone has been updated from previous versions to get you the best audio you could want. There’s an improved rejection of electromagnetic hum so that you don’t pick up anything from your other devices. With a wide-range frequency response, you’ll get crisp, clean, professional audio.


YouTube is one of the best (and albeit, weirdest) ways to get content in the world. There are millions of people online everyday watching millions of minutes of content, and there is always room for more. No matter what you might be looking to do, whether it’s instructional cooking videos, vlogs, music videos, or ANYTHING, you’ll always need the right equipment once you get started. Hope this helps you out, even just a little bit!

Keep on listening, and keep on creating,

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