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Finding an external microphone that you want to use with your GoPro should be fun and easy. Because the audio on the GoPros can be improved, we are here to help you find the external microphone that you want. Something that you can use for a multitude of things, something sturdy that you can have with you and can use for a long time. But connecting that external microphone doesn’t always seem easy. So let’s talk about where to buy a GoPro microphone adapter.

GoPros are tiny, compact. That is a fact. And for a good reason–with the device being so small, it can fit in a number of places, attach onto a multitude of services and be taken anywhere. It is what the product is designed for. However, not all of the GoPros come with a dedicated audio port for you to attach an external microphone. Some of the more recent and updated versions do not have this port, so you will need to get a GoPro microphone adapter. One end has the micro-USB attachment to plug into the device, and then the other end is a 3.5mm microphone adapter. Easy peasy! The only other thing you need to make sure is that your microphone is compatible with the GoPro and can connect to it. If you need a 3.5mm connector, you can easily find them as well.

We’ve written a couple pieces about what external microphones work with GoPros and where you can grab one. You can definitely check out these pieces here!

What Microphones Work with GoPros

As we’ve said before, even though GoPros come with an internal microphone, it might not be the best sound quality that you are looking for. And here at Hooke Audio, we just want to help you get the best sound that you possibly can. We are no strangers to discussing this kind of thing!

Even though GoPros are great all in their own, it is always good to expand! With more pieces of equipment, there is only a greater chance for you to get the sound that you want. In the age of technology and advancements that we are in, there is no reason that you should just be sticking to one thing or option–there are connectors and ports for a reason! With so much out there to grasp and use, you have so much available at your fingertips to take advantage of. All to get the quality that you want, that you are striving for.

There are plenty of options available online for external microphones. While the GoPro website has a list of recommendations, it states politely that the ones on the list are not the only ones available to use with their device. It’s not a hard “you must use these microphones” list–simply more of a suggestion of ones that they know work. So try out your favorite microphone and see how you like it. But while you are browsing through microphone choices, think of some of these questions: What is the purpose of this? What will you be doing with the GoPro that you need better sound for? Is sound something you can add later or do you really need it while you are recording? Where will you be taking this equipment? Will you be outside long periods of time? Will you be out in nature or will you be in a city? What kind of shots will you be doing and how does sound affect those shots?

Where to Buy an External Microphone for GoPro

Sound is an important part of our daily lives, and one of the most important senses that we have as humans. Because it is something that calms and validates us and our actions, something that validates things that we see in front of us. Sound enhances emotions heavily and helps us to understand the world. So it’s only natural for us to want to enhance our sound to the best of our ability.

You can buy a GoPro microphone adapter on the Internet, either through the GoPro website or through Amazon. They aren’t too hard to find, but be sure that you are buying ones that are compatible with your GoPro and your microphones. 

It really is easy to find everything that you need–you just have to find out the right answers to questions that you might have. You don’t want to get anything that you don’t need, and more equipment is always great. The more the merrier, they always say. It’s so easy to get caught up and not want to override yourself or a system, but using more than one piece of equipment is a good thing! Having versatile pieces gives you a wide range of tastes and opportunities, and the chance to have more options. You do not have to stick to just one thing, one way to do something or one result–with more equipment, anything can be possible.

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