Best GoPro Microphone for Drums

GoPro camcorders are great for recording video. They are small, compact, easily portable, easy to use and can be mounted to almost anything with the right equipment. If you travel a lot, they get great videos of everywhere that you have been and fit in the palm of your hand. If you are a musician, they are cool to have in the studio to get videos of rehearsals and recordings, and great for lives shows to record the experience from your perspective. Overall, GoPro cameras are a great tool to have, you just have to know how to utilize it in the best way to get the best response from it. Simple as that. So lets talk about the best GoPro microphone for drums. 

Now, while we love GoPro cameras, what they do and the video that they can record, there is something left to be said about the audio quality. The audio quality could be better, especially if you are recording anything music related, as there is a weird helicopter sound that adds to everything. It’s not the most welcome sound in the world, but if you can live with that, good on you. However, with advances in technology and equipment, and standards on equipment like cables, ports and different connectors, you don’t have to just live with the sound that the GoPro records. Technology was made to work together, to work in tandem with other pieces. Putting different pieces of technology together will help you achieve a better sound and therefore give you a better quality of video, audio and a better experience altogether. Because that is what recording is all about–giving people a chance to experience something.

So finding a GoPro microphone is an experience all on its own. As we have said before, your microphone choice will be greatly dependent on what you are recording, what environment you will be in, your topic, how you will be recording. Your equipment will be based on what you are doing, and you want to get the best stuff that you can to enhance the experience for those who will be viewing it. That is our job as artists, creators and storytellers: to give people the best experience that we can.

So you have your GoPro camera. You record a couple of things and look back at the video. You like how everything looks but the sound, you might be cringing at. You know that your performance is good, but the quality of the sound is not. You want a better sound to reflect how it sounds wherever you are. Whether you are in the studio, on the road, or on stage. This is where the external microphone comes in.

Getting an external microphone that fits your needs is simple. It just all depends on what you are doing. You can buy as many or as few as you want, it just all depends on what is going through your head and how you want to proceed, as well as your budget. All of these things you want to consider before you make a purchase.

Are you mounting your GoPro camera above your head so that you can record yourself playing, and use them as rehearsal videos? Are you posting them online for other people to use? Are you teaching with it? Are you recording rehearsals as a band to release for fans? Are you recording live shows as part of a special package? No matter what you are using it for, you want to find the microphone that is best suited for your experience.

You’ll want to get a microphone that can get a lot of sound, probably a dynamic microphone. A condenser microphone will only give you a more narrow direction and are usually preferred in a studio recording setting, and for podcast settings to cut out sounds that aren’t necessary. If you are out and traveling a lot and want to capture everything, especially in a live setting, a condenser microphone may not be the best choice.

Polar pattern is also something you want to consider. The polar pattern of a microphone is basically the range of what the microphone can pick up, and there are different patterns. You can see the examples in the picture above how each polar pattern will pick up different sounds based on the kind that it is. Depending on what you will be using your GoPro microphone for, it will help you decide on the polar pattern that you want. It all works together to give you the best possible experience.

One more thing that we have to tackle is connection. While GoPros are a great piece of technology and microphones are as well, sometimes they don’t just naturally fit together. Some of the recent GoPro products don’t have a port that lets you connect an external microphone, so you have to buy an adapter. So depending on which GoPro you have will determine whether or not you will need to buy an adapter. If you do not need an adapter, just make sure that you have the right cables or connectors to use your equipment together.

GoPro cameras give you great video, and while the audio might not be the best out there, there are ways to fix it. You can get external microphones, have adapters and connectors and get all your equipment together. As artists, we are always looking for a way to give our audience the best that we can, and having a lot of options can help. Don’t be afraid to try some new things and see what else you can create.

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