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GoPro has become the must for those who want to get a little more adventure out of life and record it. They are tiny, compact, easily portable and get everything you need. You can take them all over the world and record a variety of things, from street festivals, concerts, surfing, even as simple as traveling in a city. No matter what you are looking to do, GoPros are a handy camcorder to get everything you want and more.

Over the years, the quality of the GoPros have increased as well, as technology usually does. While the focus of the product is delivering high-quality video, the entire thing itself has increased as well. But it can still be made better.

External microphones can help get the best quality audio for videos that we make with GoPros. Technology is all about using pieces together to get the best end result that we can, and that includes everything. Technology is all about getting the best that we can, which is exactly what we want and deserve.

The beauty of external microphones is that it can be any type of microphone you want, as long as it is compatible with the GoPro. Different types of microphones are great for different situations, and will enhance your videos in different ways. However, with GoPros, it’s pretty cool to be able to experience the video as if you were there in the moment. That’s what the cameras are for–to share the experiences. And what better way to share the experiences than with sound, recorded just exactly as it was in the moment?

That’s exactly what the Hooke Verse does: records sound just as you hear it in the moment. That’s what binaural and 3D audio are all about–enhancing experiences. 3D sound allows you to be right in the middle of all the action, where everything is, no matter where you are. It collects the sound just how you hear it and records it just exactly as it is in real time and real life. There is honestly no better way to get to relive something that you love than to actually put yourself back in that space, which is exactly what 3D sound does for you. Because even if you might have missed out, what’s to say that you can’t go back and relive it? That is the beauty of binaural audio. 

Check out some of our favorite GoPro videos.

There is nothing better than getting to immerse yourself in an environment quite like this. The clapping of the ground, the beats and drops that surround you entirely–it’s thrilling, to say the least. An experience to be had and to relive over and over again, to be able to enjoy and remember.

Getting around a factory and experiencing all these sights and sounds is one thing, but being able to see and hear it like it actually is is always incredible. Memories are meant to be had, shared, and kept forever, and being able to relive the sounds and how they bounce off the walls and other pieces of machinery is definitely something to remember.

There’s also nothing quite like experiencing a whole festival, and ten recording some of your favorite parts for the rest of the world who was unable to attend. It really says something when you are able to bring your experiences home with you, to share them with others and the world, and to engage in them all over again. It’s the best way to relive your memories. And one of the most popular music festivals is definitely something to experience over and over again.

Life is all about experiences. We as humans are made to want to go out and take all the chances that we can–to live and breathe and enjoy life as much as we can. So we do–we travel, we go to shows and concerts, we make art, we talk to people, we enjoy life and all it has in store for us. We take in everything that we can and more. We take pictures and store memories for ourselves, for our friends and families and for anyone else who might come along. We share our experiences with each other, share all the adventures we have gone on and all the great things that we have done in life.

Being able to share our experiences is another key part in life. We want to spread words and stories to everyone we know so that others can partake in the fun and magic that we experienced. Because isn’t that what life is about: sharing experiences? It’s why we record and journal and edit and publish videos and words–to give the rest of the world a taste of our lives, to show them how they can go about their lives and how they can experience the world just a little bit better. We want to show the world what we love and what we love to do, so why not make it in the best way possible?

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