How to Get Better GoPro Audio

GoPro cameras are really incredible. They are the leading action camera and are always great for recording any type of video and visuals that you want to get. They are compact, portable, small and easily attach to any surface with the right equipment. They seem to be the best camera to take on adventures nowadays, but we won’t question your favorite choice. While the video is great and the quality only seems to increase with each new model, the same doesn’t seem to be true for the audio. So let’s talk about how to get better GoPro audio.

Each new model of the GoPro camera seems to bring us richer, more vibrant visuals. Things look cleaner, crisper, all around better. That’s what happens with advances in technology, that’s what we want–we want bigger, we want better pieces of equipment and technology. It’s the natural progression of advancement, it’s what we expect from people and companies. ‘Things get better over time’ is something that is constantly told to us, and we have come to expect it from life, especially in regards to technology.

While advancements and improvements do happen, they don’t necessarily fix all of the issues. We see it with iPhones–there is a new version out every year or so, and every year they seem to fix a new issues. The software updates either cause bugs or fix them, depending on how you look at it. But each software update brings something new to the table that maybe we hadn’t considered, or tries to fix something that everyone was complaining about. Either way, companies are aware of issues and they periodically send out updates, via internally or externally, that try to fix these issues temporarily or parttime.

With each new model for the GoPros, the video only seems to be getting better and better, but the same can’t quite be said about the audio. While the audio has improved greatly from previous versions, it can still be taken a step further to get the best out of your sound. As sound people, that is something that we take great care in. We want everyone to get the best audio that they can, and this is usually a team effort. One thing that can greatly enhance your audio quality is using an external microphone. This external microphone can be any type that you prefer–if you have more than one, you want to base it on what you will be doing. Different microphones work better in different situations. You wouldn’t take a condenser microphone out in the wilderness and expect to get all the nooks and crannies of the trees and the breeze, just like you wouldn’t take a dynamic microphone to try and get one specific sound from one specific source. Your choice is going to greatly depend on the situation that you will be in.

It’s great to have more than one piece of equipment, because versatility is your friend. It can help you get better opportunities out of almost anything. It just all depends on what you have with you, where you are and what you will be recording. Everything is based on your environment, your equipment and how you use it. Finding the best equipment for you is just one more step in the process, but one necessary to take in order to get the best product for what you want to do. 

While using one microphone for everything seems great in theory, in practice it might not take as well. If you are just doing what you can to get by, that’s fine. We are not here to judge or make anyone feel bad for what they have or how they use it. We simply want to help guide people in how they can make things better. So maybe you have one microphone that you use with your GoPro, or maybe you have more than one, or you just have your GoPro. The content that you create is still valid, and no one is allowed to discourage that. Create the art that you want to, that you know is good, that will make you happy. Because that’s really all we want, right? To make things that make us, and other people, happy.

As artists and creators, we just want to get the best out of our equipment that we can. We want to create things that other people will enjoy, things that people will connect to and maybe even find solace in. Things that will make other people happy. Whether it is sharing our own adventures in the great unknown, tutorials and guide through the wilderness, or just some sick shredding, we share these experiences because we want and hope that others will enjoy them. No matter who you are, what you are creating or even how you create it–that’s why we create, what drives us to release our best stuff. We just want to create and have others enjoy it.

So whether you have a whole closet of equipment, or just one piece–go forth and create. We will only want to help you along the way.

Keep listening and keep on creating,
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