How to Improve GoPro Audio

GoPros are the portable action camera standard of today. They are compact, easy to use, travel well, and get the job done for what it’s worth. They are a quality piece of equipment and are great at what they do, which is record video. They can attach to a multitude of surfaces and get really cool action shots and plenty of videos from your travels. It’s what the product is made for: video. The audio, on the other hand, can be helped. While the focus on the product wasn’t necessarily the audio, it’s definitely something that can be improved. So let’s talk about how to improve GoPro audio.

GoPro Audio

As we have talked before, when companies have an idea for a product, there is usually one detail that is the focus of the product. The one thing that makes the product the product that is special, that will sell, that you are trying to sell to consumers. Everything else are simply details and specifications that go along with it. They aren’t really the focus of the product are idea, but because you have A, B, C and D have to go along with it.

With GoPros, the idea is to give the consumer a portable action camera. So the video would be the main focus, and the size of the camera, and how to put both of those things together to get the product that they designed in the earlier stages. Everything else, every other specification is just a detail that goes along with the product that they have designed. So while they have a really great product, there are some things that can be improved for quality–some things that other devices can help with. So what about improving GoPro audio?

The great thing about technology in this day and age is that things are made with ports. Devices are made to connect to other things because that is how we can improve not only our experience, but the quality of our work as well. The only thing you need is a GoPro adapter and an external microphone to get the sound that you desire.

External Microphones

When it comes to getting the best sound for your GoPro cameras, a really smart and affordable option is to use an external microphone. An external microphone is a microphone that plugs into a device that already has an internal microphone. External microphones are used in plenty of instances–interviews, videos, blogs, and so much more–to give the user the sound quality that they need and require.

As people who care about technology and getting the best quality of sound you can get, we know important it is to find the pieces that work for you. Pieces and devices that work for you and help you get the desired sound that you want for whatever you are doing.

External microphones come in varying shapes and sizes as well as specifications–cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional for polar patterns, dynamic, condenser and shotgun for types of microphones, and USB or plug for port. There are so many ways to mix and match the type of microphone, the polar pattern, and port type. You just have to make sure that you have everything that you need so that your devices are compatible and work together, and so they can give you everything that you need out of them. The only thing that you really need to be concerned about is if the devices will work together. While the GoPro website has a list of external microphones that are compatible with the device, it clearly states that the list is not comprehensible and other devices can be used, that list is just of ones they know that work. You just have to make sure that you have a means to connect your devices, because not all GoPro cameras come with ports for external microphones. If you have to get an adapter, there are plenty of ways to get one as well.

External microphones are great to use for a multitude of reasons. While the basis of microphones is the same, using different microphones give you different degrees of better sound and different results. You won’t get the same results if you use a dynamic and a condenser microphone–they are made for different environments of recording. And in order to get the best sound that you want, you want to be sure that you have the best kind of microphone for your recording environment.

Final Thoughts

Everything can always be improved. Devices are made with plenty of ports for our consumption, for us to use with each other. Devices are also made differently to give us different qualities, different sounds and different results. People have particular brands that they use and trust to give them results that they expect. It is good to have a few different options so that you are not using the same piece for everything–different environments require different pieces of equipment. When putting out a product or a piece of tech, companies only want to give the consumer the best that they can. Everything can always be improved, and companies only want to see people improve and to make the best things that they can.

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