Using a Bluetooth Mic with GoPro

Using a Bluetooth Mic with GoPro

Sometimes, we don’t always have all the hands we need. “All hands on deck” is a commonly used expression, but isn’t always followed by six pairs of hands grabbing onto a wooden surface and getting the job done. Sometimes it’s just you and your own two hands. But we would like to get all the help that we can. Technology has advanced far enough that we can connect devices to anything we want almost seamlessly.

Wires are no longer entirely needed, as the magic of Bluetooth has shown us. It’s used in cars, speakers, and microphones–another beautiful thing about technology, using our equipment and not getting caught up in tripping or organizing wires, worrying about where to place them and house them. It’s truly such a blessing. Bluetooth is such a household name at this point, what once was mind-blowing is now just “yeah, cool.” Bluetooth can be taken anywhere and be used with nearly anything, including our favorite portable action cameras. So let’s talk about using a Bluetooth microphone with a GoPro.

gopro bluetooth microphone

GoPros are the leading portable action camera of today. They are small, compact, and are efficient for getting the job done. They get great videos and can be taken almost anywhere to record anything, as thousands of YouTube searches will show. Home videos, backpacking across countries, canoeing down rivers and rapids, anywhere in the world. But as we’ve discussed, the audio isn’t always the best. While advances in the visuals are very clear, and with new version, the audio is also getting better, but we want to get it to the best that it can be.

Using external microphones for various pieces of cameras and camcorders is as basic as it is easy, and is almost expected. In order to get the best product that you want, it’s a simple idea to want to use various pieces of technology to get the best that you can. That’s why great blockbuster movies aren’t made with just one camera or microphone. It takes a whole team and a plethora of equipment to get the job done. Even if we aren’t making a big blockbuster, the practice is still the same, because we all just want the best that we can get. And that’s the simple fact of it: using multiple pieces working together towards one goal usually does the job. It seems really simple and it is, but a lot of people don’t think about it. They want to get things done with just what they have and don’t necessarily think about how they can enhance their product, even just a little bit. Not all equipment is made for the same purpose, so you might be using something wrong. Wouldn’t you rather be using something for its designated purpose and do a good job? That’s the basic truth of it, and using external microphones with cameras and visuals can do just that for you.

Connecting external microphones to GoPros requires wires and an additional accessory if you have a more updated GoPro. But using Bluetooth gets rid of wires entirely.

It looks like most of the GoPro devices have Bluetooth capability over Wi-Fi. So really, it’s just about finding your favorite Bluetooth microphone and connecting it to your GoPro to see what kind of adventures you can get into.

Bluetooth external microphones are handy because they eliminate wires, yet have the same range or reach. Bluetooth microphones are usually compatible with other Bluetooth-capable devices, like equipment you might already have. The range of motion with Bluetooth microphones is great because there is nothing to trip over but your own two feet. It works seamlessly to connect your favorite pieces of equipment to multiple pieces, to be able to use them with each other.

GoPros get the video you want, and with external microphones there is a range of sound you can get, just depending on the kind of microphone you get. Each microphone is tailored to fit different experiences, so having more than one is always better. We are all about bettering our experiences, and putting our favorite pieces of technology together is only going to enhance them.

Using a Bluetooth microphone is going to do the same thing, in ways you might not even have thought of. Bluetooth microphones are wireless, so it eliminates one more thing you have to think about when traveling with equipment. You don’t have to worry about holding wires in your hands or letting them drag on the floor. The equipment can be latched onto a surface and then you’re good to go! And depending on where you are and what you’re doing, you’re bound to get amazing footage. Bluetooth can come in handy in more ways than one and they can be taken virtually anywhere. It gets you a better experience for your audience, a better product that you can be proud of.

External microphones are great for any practice – ”it takes a village” doesn’t apply to just people. Just like it can take a lot of people for a project, it can also take a lot of equipment. But all those pieces of equipment are usually designed for that specific purpose. So wouldn’t you rather have a team of good equipment behind your product?

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