Which GoPro External Microphone is the Best

Technology is made for us to improve things in our lives, no matter what that might be. Advances in recording technology over the last few decades have made it easier to record, edit and distribute things worldwide. People no longer have to go into a studio to record something, they barely have to leave their bedroom. The other amazing thing about technology is that you can basically take it anywhere–we are in the day and age where everything is available at your fingertips with your cell phone. Other pieces of technology have made it easier to record on the go as well. DSLR cameras, handheld microphones and GoPro cameras have made it easy to capture life and your favorite moments on the road. While the video that GoPros capture is great, there is much more that you can do with the audio if you have a good external microphone. So let’s talk about which GoPro external microphone is the best.

Why an External Microphone?

The world was made for us to interact. We are meant to reach out and collaborate with each other–and it’s the same with technology. Your favorite devices have ports so that they can connect to other pieces of equipment to enhance whatever experience you are trying to capture. Equipment is made to work together for you, so that you can get the best end product possible. Technology is made to work together, to make things better. Advances in technology have led to advances in ways to experience it as well–music and videos make us feel, help us experience what people are showing us. So the better the equipment, the better the experience.


Equipment was made to be compatible with each other. It was made to work together. That’s one reason why there are so many different pieces available. It’s why it’s good to have more than one piece of equipment handy. Sure, you might use your favorite microphone for everything, but it might not be made for that. Microphones have specifications that make them great for a variety of reasons, whether it is their versatility or their specialty for something.

Different microphones will give you a different result, depending on what kind of microphone it is, and what it is good at. A lot of things play into this–the polar pattern, the type of microphone, the connecting port, the purpose of the microphone–it all plays into the performance of the microphone. The performance of the microphone will also determine the result of the recorded audio.

What Kind of Microphone

It’s important to think about the kind of environment you will be putting yourself (and your equipment) in. What you will be doing with your equipment and what will you be recording? These factors are essential in figuring out what kind of microphone you are going to need to go with your GoPro camera. Because microphones work differently and have different specifications, there will likely be a microphone that works better for each situation. While it is convenient to use one microphone for all your needs, to get the best end result that you can, it’s best to use one that will give you exactly what you need from it.

The kind of environment you will be in as well as the things you will be recording will determine your needs for your external microphone. Because GoPros are action cameras, you will need a microphone that can easily connect and stay attached while on the go. It will have to record everything that you are capturing so you don’t miss anything. You want to record all the action that you can in the best possible way. You’ll need something sturdy, durable, and portable that will give you the best quality sound that you deserve.


GoPro has a list of external microphones that have been found to be compatible with their cameras. While it is not an exclusive and comprehensive list of all external microphones that work with the cameras, it has some pretty great options on there. These mics are not the only ones that work, just ones that they have found to work well with their equipment. You may have a microphone that does wonders for you in your repertoire that is not mentioned on their list.

It is also important to mention that not all GoPro cameras have ports to connect external equipment to. Some of them will need an adapter before you can even think about linking up your favorite mic.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options out there when you are looking to purchase an external microphone. If you want to save some cash and already have something at home, definitely try out what you have! There is no harm in starting small, but do not be afraid to expand your options. Versatility can be the key if you are using your microphone for multitude of things, but do not hesitate to get specific either. You need a microphone that will work with your needs, not the other way around. The external microphone that is the best for you depends on everything that you are doing. Make your equipment work for you. 

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