Best Christmas Gifts For Audiophiles 2017: A Sound Holiday Gift Guide

Some amazing audio products have launched in 2017, forging brand new markets like “3D Audio” and “hearables” guaranteed to get any audiophile amped up (sound pun, VERY MUCH INTENDED). If you’re looking for a gift this Holiday season for the audiophile in your life beyond just headphones and speakers, make sure to check out this unique Holiday gift guide for audiophiles!

1. Subpack: Wearable Tactile Bass System

Essentially a wearable backpack, Subpac let’s your FEEL the sound. Not just for musicians and producers, the Subpac adds real depth, connection and enjoyment to whatever you play through it – your music, games, movies and VR comes to life with the added dimension of physical audio.

M2X (Wearable): $349.00

SUBPAC S2 (Seated): $299.00


2. Roli Lightpad Block M

On one dynamic surface you can play beats, basslines, chords, and melodies — and tie them all together to make amazingly multi-layered songs. A fun tool for any audiophile, no musical instrument experience required!

Roli Lightpad Block M: $199


3. Hooke Audio Hooke Verse

Hooke Verse is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that incorporate binaural microphones designed to capture 3D audio. Specially placed mics allow you to capture sound like you actually hear it.

Once captured, Hooke Verse’s 3D audio can be experienced on any pair of headphones or two channel system, no special speakers or algorithms required. Your listeners will feel like they’re there in that space and time.

With the free Hooke Audio mobile app, you can capture 3D audio wirelessly to your iOS or Android device using Hooke’s proprietary bluetooth recording codec. With the Hooke Audio recording cable, you can capture 3D audio to any device, even if they don’t have Bluetooth.

Hooke Verse: $239


4. Owl Field 3D Audio Dramas

Owl Field’s 3D audio dramas place you at the centre of the story in an immersive, 3D audio experience. From a first person perspective, the events, characters, sound effects, and music will surround you as the story unfolds. You are the story’s central character. Characters will speak to you and involve you as part of the action. Unlike narrated audiobooks, our binaural audio stories come to life around you. As close to virtual reality audiobooks can get!

Owl Field Dramas: $2.50 – $8.50 per episode

5. 3D Sound Labs Sound One Module

3D Sound One Module simply fastens to your favorite headphones in 2 seconds. It connects through Bluetooth to your Windows PC (audio driver) or iOS device (“One Player” app). Thanks to this module, that can be attached to any headphones, 3D Sound Labs’ technology brings an astounding immersive experience to any headphones.

Sound One Module: $99.00



6. Blue Mikey Digital

Turn your iPhone into a stereo 3.5mm input for under $100. Record guitar, vocals, or binaural audio straight into your iPhone. It’s the only product on the market at this price. In addition to being an input device, the Blue Mikey is also a stereo microphone. It’s great for on-the-go action without being a whole lot of extra equipment to carry.

Blue Mikey: $99.00


7. Vifa Oslo 2.0

A speaker that ACTUALLY looks as good as it sounds. Stockholm builds on the classic principles of Nordic design: High quality, timelessness, and simplicity. Developed through more than 80 years of refined craftsmanship, their Hi-Fi technology will fill your room with great sound from virtually any music source. The compact cabinet blends discretely with its surroundings, leaving the design of the room entirely up to you.

Vifa Oslo 2.0: $580


8. Bragi Dash Pro

The world´s first true wireless Intelligent Earphones. Stream music from your Android, Apple or Windows device or upload up to 1000 songs. Use A.I. Activity tracking to measure your running, cycling and swimming activities. Communicate and control hands free. Take a phone call or skip a song by head gestures. All combined in a light weight ergonomic design that provides a secure fit in the ear and 30 hours of Battery life on-the-go or up to 5 hours of continuous playtime per charge.

Bragi Dash Pro: $405.00


9. Google Chromecast Audio

Want to turn your wired speaker system at home into the biggest Bluetooth speaker ever? With the Google Chromecast Audio, you can stream tunes from your device to your speakers. Chromecast Audio plugs into your speakers so you can stream music from your device over Wi-Fi.¹ Use your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptops, or Chromebook.

Google Chromecast Audio: $35


10. Waves Nx Head Tracker For Headphones

Waves Nx Head Tracker is a petite Bluetooth device that clips on to your headphones to track your head movements. It’s purpose? To complement the immersive 3D audio experience delivered by Nx technology. The Nx Head Tracker works in tandem with the Nx Virtual Mix Room plug-in to enhance your recording and mixing experience by re-creating — in your headphones — the ambience of an acoustically perfect room.

Waves Nx Head Tracker For Headphones: $99



Happy Holidays All!

From One Ear To Another

Anthony Mattana
Founder and CEO, Hooke Audio



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