Hooke Verse and Android App 7.0.0 Connection and Performance Tips

The Android Connectivity Problem:

There is a known Android Bluetooth connectivity issue brought on by the release of Android 7.0.0 (Nougat) that is causing connectivity issues between Hooke Verse and devices running this OS. It is also causing some Samsung and HTC users to experience a high amount of dropouts during recording, plus a crash error that is not allowing Samsung/HTC users to properly save videos. With the release of 7.0.0, Android made drastic changes to the way app permissions are programmed. For a device like Hooke Verse which constantly switches between the phone’s built in microphone and Hooke Verse binaural microphones, this can cause the phone to become confused as to which audio source to look for upon app launch.


The Android Connectivity Solution :

Our team is currently investigating why the app is working flawlessly on some Samsung, HTC and Note devices, but not on others. Not to worry tho, a fix is on the way! Be on the look out for an update coming soon which will be fixing this issue specifically for Samsung users.

Before launching the app, ensure that the Hooke Verse is connected to your phone. If the Hooke app is running in the background at the point of Hooke Verse connection, you my find it cannot locate the Verse upon app launch. To ensure a solid connection upon every app launch, make sure the Hooke Verse is connected before launching the app.


The AndroidPerformance Problem:

Some Android 7.0.0 users have experienced bluetooth packet loss or “dropouts” in their recordings.


The Android Performance Solution:

  1. Power cycle your phone if you haven’t in the last 72 hours.
  2. Ensure that you don’t have several apps running in the background during record. The Hooke 3D Audio app takes a ton of processing power to transmit, receive and package 3D audio from the Hooke Verse. Any apps taking up precious power in the background can affect the quality of your recording.
  3. Turn your phone to Airplane mode and leave only Bluetooth on. We have found some Android devices to have bluetooth chips incredibly close to the antennae used for calling. Airplane mode can help rid the device of any wireless interference.

REMEMBER: You can always reset your Hooke Verse by pressing the reset button, located in a small hole on the right behind the ear enclosure.

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