Hooke Verse Is The World’s First 3D Audio Capturing Headphones

Hooke Audio is the world’s first 3D Audio capturing headphones. You heard it here first, and that’s right–we are the world’s first. And not only can we capture audio, but the Hooke Verse can capture video as well. But let’s not focus on that right now. While we have been thinking about this since 2014, recently there have been some news and articles to come out and say that bigger names and other companies (like Sennheiser) are “the first to launch 3D audio recording headphones”. Isn’t that strange, considering that Hooke Audio has been around and doing what we do since 2014?


In the past few weeks we’ve seen multiple companies launch what they say to be the first 3D Audio recording headphones. Sennheiser is claiming to be the first with their Ambeo Earbuds (which are not shipping yet a/o Oct 24, 2017). Scenes Sound is claiming to the be first with their “Lifelike” earbuds (which are just an indiegogo campaing a/o Oct. 24th 2017). Perhaps all of those development hours spent with their heads down has left Sennheiser and Scenes Sound little time to see that Hooke Audio has been doing this since 2014?

Not true.



Also not true. Consequence of sound has since revised the title of this post and credited Hooke Audio to be the first.


Hooke Audio makes the first and only 3D audio headset that is available for purchase and has been reviewed by Fast Company. We are here, on the market, for the consumer to purchase and use. 

The market for 3D audio headsets that we kickstarted three years ago is just beginning to heat up. And we feel it is important that everyone understands the truth. We ourselves tried to learn the truth at AES last week and were left with mixed results that didn’t quite sit very well with us. 

When I visited Sennheiser’s booth at AES on October 19 2017, their representatives told me that the Ambeo smart headset is currently in the pre order phase through their website. Australian orders would start shipping in November and rest of World orders would begin shipping at the beginning of next year. I had one representative tell me that they were demoing the smart headset downstairs, then an hour later have three of their reps tell me that they don’t deal with consumer fronting products like the Ambeo headset. “That’s left for the Germans” one rep told me. When I inquired about the previous rep who told me the demo was downstairs and this panel solely focused on binaural audio and headphone playback, they told me they knew nothing about it. All together it was very cagey, something was clearly being hidden, something they didn’t want me to know. But why withhold the info?

I shot this video of the Sennheiser booth with my Hooke Verse paired wirelessly to my iPhone


Then there’s Scenes Sound. Scenes Sound is an Indiegogo campaign. They’ve been shooting out boilerplate press releases like the one below and BIG editorials are just gobbling it up without doing any research. This one below was made by Consequence of Sound after we informed them that Scenes Sound was misrepresenting itself. The one below that is from Digital Trends. Digital Trends covered us in 2014, then claimed Scenes Sound to be the first (which is definitely awkward when you don’t fact-check yourself). Was a little surprising when we had to remind them of this.

Hooke Verse is the only binaural 3D Audio recording headphones that work on Android, iOS, GoPro, DSLR and are fully wireless.

It’s hard to believe that these companies could be unaware of Hooke Audio’s presence in the space since 2014, especially since we have had coverage. But what would compel them to knowingly claim that they are something they are not? What is it about this 3D Audio where everyone is clambering to be first? Binaural audio is on the cusp of sound right now–everyone who can wants to be part of the revolution. It’s new and exciting and everyone wants to get their hands on it, but not everyone has the authority to be able to say they threw their hat in the ring first, like we did.

Perhaps they see the writing on the wall like we have for so many years, the opportunity of a new market, the emergence of a new era of audio consumption and creation, and a leading format–binaural audio to rule them all (ala mono, .mp3 and stereo). It’s a great big world that we are all a part of, and no matter what we are all in this together, making it a bigger and better place for people to make all the cool sounds that they want. Certainly a big enough opportunity to make any company desire to own the claim “we saw it first” even when we really did.

From One Ear To Another.

Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio


  • This is silly. Binaural microphones have been commercially available for a long time. Hooke’s are wireless. Be proud of that accomplishment. Touting a 2014 date is also misleading.

    • Hi Brian, never claimed to be the first binaural microphone. Agreed, that would be very silly. Hooke Verse is the World’s First 3D Audio Capturing Headphones. Not World’s first binaural microphone, not world’s first binaural capturing headphones.

      • I agree. that’s when I ordered mine, I wasn’t left out. and I was so happy that when I showed my mother and family, they were impressed. I even showed my friends at a church group I go too every third saturday of the month, and they were impressed as well. they couldn’t believe that the session was captured wirelessly with the Verse. I will continue to use it more and more as moments begin to hit me. I even take it to family birthdays and/or family gatherings.

  • Hooke Audio,

    This is a brilliant subject to cover, and remind people of your stake in the 3D Audio realm.

    I first experienced a demo of 3D Audio from a Japanese company at NAMM.

    The experience was awesome.

    Congratulations for taking this subject to new heights by allowing the recording of 3D audio through our mobile devices.

    What an Outstanding Accomplishment!

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