Top 15 Binaural 3D Audio Videos from our Hooke Verse Customers

One of our favorite things here is to see just what people create with binaural audio and video. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the Hooke Verse is a handy piece of equipment to record anything–travels around the world, concerts, ASMR, anything. Check out our top 15 best videos from our Hooke Verse Customers. Just make sure that you’re wearing headphones when watching!


Daniel Waples spent two weeks deep in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, and while he was there, captured this great video on his iPad. He’s in the middle of a river playing on a handpan. Imagine that! And with the Hooke Verse, you really are in his seat, the water flowing around you, the beats of the drum flowing around underneath his fingertips.  Take a listen and let the sounds surround you.


Daniel is back and is using his handpan in the Sun Altar of CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. He sits in front of the stature in the grass and leaves, and just plays his handpan. The music, along with the sounds of nature, is really relaxing and puts you at peace. The Sun altar, dedicated to Horus and the enlightened mind, is a perfect place to contemplate life, relax, and meditate.


Baseball season is once again upon us, so take a look and listen as we celebrate a Cubs win last season.


Everyone loves fireworks. And for the Coup de France, otherwise known as the Coupe Charles Simon, they host a firework show at the end of the competition. Instead of checking it out in stereo, watch and listen in 3D and feel the experience of being there for the celebration.


The festival taking place in Adelaide, South Australia is a great experience for anyone who lives there or travels for the sport. But if you can’t get tickets or travel to South Australia, this is the next best thing. Put on your headphones and feel the cars race around the track in front of you. If you try really hard, you can almost feel the wind rushing past your face.


Concerts are some of our favorite things to experience, but we can’t always make them. Luckily, we have technology now that helps us live and relive experiences that we couldn’t attend, like Florida Georgia Line performing their smash hit “Round Here.”


Speaking of concerts, what is the best way to experience one other that right in the middle of the crowd? You get to hear the cheers, the crowd singing along, and the music, of course.


Nights in White Satin is a great tune all on it’s own, but recorded in binaural 3D audio, along with the crowd around you? It’s a whole other experience as you feel immersed in the space, even if you weren’t there originally.


This short video captures the rain and rolling thunder beautifully in 3D audio. While it might not be incredibly long, it certainly is relaxing and soothing, hearing the rain hit the pavement beneath you and the railings around you.


ASMR is used in a variety of ways and by so many different people. There are ones with ear massages (a personal favorite of mine), tapping, and then there are talking and eating ones. Check out this short test with the Hooke Verse, (very well done and aesthetically pleasing) and then you can find more on her channel!


Northwest Folklife is a festival held in Seattle, WA, and brings together people in all different forms, whether it is performances, panels, jam sessions or dances. Check out Jason McNamara from Dublin, Ireland, performing as people walk by at the festival in 2017.


One of the best things about binaural audio is being able to take it anywhere and capture anything, especially the great outdoors. Go along the trek as these hikers climb Pyramid Peak in Aspen, Colorado, using the Hooke Verse paired with GoPro Hero 4+.


Daniel is back with his handpan and this time, he’s got Yu He Lin as a collaborator. She’s dancing freely to the music he is creating, and this is a great start to our live sessions.


Disney is a big part of culture in today’s world. They have put out such classic movies that children, teens and adults like enjoy, and then the parks are just as enamoring. This video takes you on the Great Movie Ride with pictures instead of videos, but that’s okay. Just sit back, relax, maybe close your eyes and enjoy the ride as it takes you through some Disney classics. Maybe even try to guess what the movie is as you listen!


This DJ set was recorded in its entirety at the The barton Theatre in Adelaide, South Australia. The viewer was just behind the main standing crowd in the packed theatre, and you can feel the excitement buzzing around him. The lights, the music, the cheers and the crowd, all captured beautifully thanks to the Hooke Verse.

We love seeing everything that our Hooke Verse users are creating. If you make something cool, be sure to contact us so that we can check it out!

Keep listening and keep on creating,

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