Top 5 YouTubers to watch for Making Music in Quarantine

Jakob Haq on YouTube - making music YouTubers we love

YouTube Creators we love who will teach you how to make music while entertaining, connecting and inspiring you during isolation – for Hip-Hop, Guitar, Electronica, Mixing, Free Software, iPhone / iPad and more.

2020 has been quite the “interesting” year so far, with a worldwide lockdown having taken place, and most countries still quarantined with stay-at-home orders from COVID-19 – making it nearly impossible for humans to socialize in normal ways. Musicians who normally suffer from depression and loneliness could be joined with a higher than general collective of non-musicians feeling the same way, resulting in huge waves of sad and dark vibes traveling across the world that are felt globally. The reality is, human beings are a relational species, who would die without other humans to interact with. For example, if you put a newborn baby out on the sidewalk and don’t have any interaction with it, that newborn baby will die within 24 hours or less without having human touch, warmth and care of another human. And since  all humans are born this way, needing other humans to survive, we are ALL feeling disconnected from the isolation in quarantine – especially if we are not shut in our homes with other humans. There is a way to socialize and connect to other humans without having to physically be there…a non-verbal form of communication that can travel in waves across this planet and provide emotional connectedness, and it’s called music. Whether you are just listening to music, creating it, or going online to jam with your fellow musicians, music could be the key to surviving the loneliness of this quarantine. Here are some of the best YouTube Creators we think you can watch that will help you learn how to make music, perfect your craft, or that are just very entertaining to help lift your vibe.

Busy Works Beats on YouTube

Hip-hop music production and beat-critique live streams

Busy Works Beats posts daily tutorials covering all aspects of recording and music production, and hosts weekly live streams where he will select tracks that his community has sent in, and listen to them live online to give his professional advice on how they sound and what they can do to sound better. In this beginner tutorial video featured above, he teaches you how to record any artist’s vocals and break it all down from start to finish, in a popular DAW called FL Studio. We love him because he’s always teaching, offering the best advice for free, and makes sure to connect with his audience on a regular basis. He spends his Friday (and some Tuesday) nights with us telling us if our beats are “Fire or Nah”. But we think he’s definitely “Fire”. Check out his channel here.

Jakob Haq, Haq AttaQ on YouTube

iOS Master Guru music production

Making music with your iPhone and iPad is still a pretty untapped market, even though there are literally billions of people who have iPhones in their pockets. Jakob Haq is a very talented music producer and YouTube creator who specializes in teaching and supporting iOS music creators with his in-depth tutorials – showing off multiple apps and techniques to create. His detailed videos and his candid humor are especially fun to watch, while you learn about the best new apps to download, how to fail at connecting MIDI cables to your iPhone or just an unconventional way of using your iPhone to produce sound effects. We love this Swedish YouTube creator because he’s authentically a bit goofy and provides quality videos to teach a growing community of iOS creators. Thank you, Jakob Haq, you definitely rock! Check out his channel here.

Produce like a Pro on YouTube

Master level mixing techniques and tips

Produce Like a Pro’s fame may be “new” on YouTube, but Warren Huart is most well-known for being a professional engineer and producer for over 20 years. Having worked on ridiculously famous music from bands like The Fray, Disturbed and Korn, his expertise from a life spent making hits continues to be mixed into his daily life as a YouTuber, with video tutorial content delivered weekly, covering new gear, software, and live stream interviews with audio companies and music professionals to help spread the craft. We love him because his personality and his mastery of experience comes across as kind, genuinely authentic and relatable, and the mixing and recording techniques he teaches are from a maestro level. Thanks Warren, we think you’re absolutely marvelous! Check out Produce Like a Pro’s channel here.

unfa on YouTube

Because free is for everyone

Not everyone has enough cash flow coming in during quarantine, or any other time, to spend a lot of money on music gear or software to start making music. That’s why we love UNFA, an electronic music producer on YouTube, who delivers content for the underdog – giving information out for free, about the free and open source solutions for music creators. In the featured video above, he even quotes an audio company’s (Image-Line) important note to music creators, that we wholeheartedly believe in, stating that performance is the most important thing for great music to be made, not the gear, DAW or plug-ins you use.  Thanks unfa, you are truly inspiring and you make the world a better place! Check out unfa’s YouTube channel here.

David Wallimann on YouTube

Developing guitar skills to tell your musical story

The instrument most widely sold is the guitar, and if you’ve bought a guitar or are presently in possession of one, you’ll have to start somewhere. So, if you want to learn how to play guitar, progress your songwriting skills or just be inspired with new recording and production gear, David Wallimann’s YouTube channel is a solid choice for inspiration and learning. We love his calm, soothing and spontaneous teaching style that can only be compared to Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting” tutorials – guiding you with a tender and sweet confidence to tell your “musical story” and “embrace your mistakes” as new melodic ideas. Thanks David, we think your guitar videos are just divine! Check out David Wallimann’s channel here.


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