Blues Band “People Vs. Larsen” Comes To Life In 3D Audio

How many times have you heard the phrase “you just had to be there” used to describe an epic concert?

Do you ever wonder why people say that? Maybe it’s because if they ever tried to capture it, the result would sound like a dump truck driving through a nitro glycerin plant. Today we have the ability to capture HD video and 360 video on our phones, but when it comes to recording sound, we’re stuck in the 1980s. This is a problem for the bands out there who really show up at live performances but can’t be properly represented on digital mediums like streaming sites and studio recordings. For those artists we like to say, “you just have to be there to experience”. But what if we could bring that “being their” experience to the technology of today?

Be Hear

Put on headphones and feel like you’re there in our latest Hooke Live Session featuring People Vs. Larsen.

Hear how the music comes to life when you can freely and openly move between the musicians? Like putting a sonic magnifying glass to each instrument, you have the ability to experience up close and personally what each instrument is doing. An experience traditional recording tech can not reproduce. In fact, let me show you.

The same video below was captured using traditional recording tech. Over 12 mics, a massive ADC and ProTools rig. Here’s the thing, it sounds awesome and I think the engineer did a great job capturing the energy and dynamics of the performance. There are just two major differences between these two videos.

  1. Using traditional recording tech, this video required a camera op, an audio engineer, 2 hour set up, one hour strike, 10+ mics, lots of cable and hours of mastering. Using the Hooke Verse, this video required one camera op and their ears. That’s it. The video you hear via Hooke Audio is completely unprocessed and direct from the Verse into our camera man’s camera. Simple as that.
  2. Immersion. Where traditional recording tech leaves the performance flat, Hooke Verse allows the viewer to move within the space and understand every nuance of both the room and the performers. An experience unlike any other.

People Vs. Larsen & Hooke Audio Binaural 3D Audio

I first met People Vs. Larsen when I was mixing bands at Punchdrunk Theatre Company’s “Sleep No More” in Chelsea back in 2013. Perhaps the first thing that caught my ear most about the group was their ability to read a room.

When the crowd was small, they could react to it. When it was big and boisterous, they could play out and scream right back. Every show was unique, possessing individual moments of pure musical genius and inventiveness. Which was difficult because as they were playing the same songs 2 to 3 times a week.  I thought to myself, “here was a REAL live band”, a group of guys who could really wale and change it up every night through their deep understanding of the music they were breathing.


Capturing the “Being There” Feeling

The brainchild of People Vs. Larsen, Tom Larsen is a guitarist and singer who thrives when given the opportunity to wail. It’s where he comes alive and heavily due to the trusted backbone of his entire sound, Zildjian artist and Post Modern Jukebox drummer Dave Tedeschi. But in order to capture and fully experience every gift he’s giving you during a performance, you have to be there. You have to feel how his voice reflects off the walls in the space or how the stomping of his feet affects the aggressiveness in which he sways the wammy bar. In other words, your ears are a big reason People Vs. Larsen sounds so good live.

Recording the Blues in 3D Audio

People Vs. Larsen was a huge inspiration behind inventing the Hooke Verse. I wanted every one in the World to hear what I was hearing twice a week in a small dark room in Chelsea. But in order to do that, I knew I’d need a way to bottle everything Tom was giving me in a way that could be easily replicated through a square screen.

Introducing Binaural Audio

Binaural audio or Binaural 3D audio is audio captured identically to the way we hear the world. When audio is captured with a binaural microphone like the Hooke Verse, it is capturing the exact location of every sound source and where it is in relation to the recordist upon capture. The best past? Binaural 3D audio can be experienced on any pair of headphones or speakers, no special algorithms or hardware required. Perfect for a band like People Vs. Larsen.

The Future of Audio

It’s now easier than ever for filmmakers, podcasters, and musicians to change the way they record the World in binaural audio. And for artists like People Vs. Larsen, binaural audio is the perfect way to replicate that “being there” sound to an online, square screen world. The future is bright and it’s in binaural!

From One Ear To Another,
Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio

And to hear more of People Vs. Larsen and other bands captured in binaural 3D audio, see below:

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