Best Hooke Verse Videos – June 2019

From country music to virtual RUNNING tours, to ASMR, to waterfalls, we were absolutely blown away by the videos our amazing Hooke Verse customers “Hooked” this last month, all captured in stunning immersive 3D audio with Hooke Verse.

Check out our favorite videos from Hooke Verse customers in May 2019 below.


Note: To hear these videos in 3D audio, watch with headphones on!

1. David Quinn “Let Me Die With My Boots On” : Hooke Live Sessions


2. Run with Binaural Audio (Listen with headphones!)

3. ASMR Candid Binaural Scissor and Paper Sounds | 60 fps

4. Tchad Blake & Hooke Audio: Mixing In Binaural 3D Audio


5. Hooke Verse & Boya BY-M1 | Which is better? | ASMR & Mukbang | No Talking | Eng Sub

6. Sneezy “Church In The Morning” : Hooke Live Sessions

7. Binaural 3D sound – Hooke Verse – Waterfall

7. Earphone untuk Recording 3D Audio! Hooke Verse Unboxing!


8. V.V. Lightbody “Baby, Honestly” : Hooke Live Sessions


9. Hooke Verse – 3D Audio Recording/Playback Headphones (demo)

10. Modern Shag “Feel Luv” : Hooke Live Sessions

For hundreds of more videos captured in binaural 3d audio, make sure to check out the Hooke Audio YouTube channel!

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