The Best Hooke 3D Audio Vids from 2019

Ear in Review: The Best Hooke 3D Audio Vids from 2019


I’ve always been excited by the idea of making something that some one much smarter and crazier than me could use in ways I never dreamed of. A product of the GoPro generation, I am constantly enthralled by a creator’s ability to spin something magical out of one simple product. It remains my greatest joy to watch all of the amazing videos Hooke Verse customers have created in binaural 3D audio. 2019 was no exception. From music videos, to podcasts, to ASMR, to walking tours, I have been absolutely blown away by all of the amazing work you’ve created with Hooke Verse. As a thank you for your continued support of Hooke Audio’s mission, I wanted to showcase some of our favorite Hooke Verse vids for our “Ear in Review: 2019”. Note: make sure to watch these vids with headphones on to experience binaural 3D audio.

From One Ear To Another, RECORD ON and thank you for the continued support!

Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio


1. Daughtry “As You Are”

Recorded in one take, the cameraman is wearing Hooke Verse so you not only see but hear from his perspective. It straight up feels like you’re onstage with Daughtry and the result is breathtaking.


2. UP 4014 & 844 Double Header

Listen to that whistle! Such an insane soundscape and captured beautifully in binaural.


3. Binaural Strings | Ramana Balachandhran on the Veena

Ramana Balachandhran presents his composition, a Thillana in the Raga Shudhsarang, on the Veena. He is wearing the Verse in this recording which makes the video feel like you yourself are playing the Veena! Beautiful.


4. Engine – Si Viene La Muerte – Live Session

An awesome one shot one take music video for Engine recorded in binaural audio with Hooke Verse.


5. Melbourne, Rush Hour, Australia

I’ve never been to Melbourne, but after watching this I feel like I have! Walking through Melbourne City during afternoon rush hour, Spring 2019.


6. A short walk on the Holy Mountain

Hooke Verse on a moped! A short walk on the Holy Mountain Arunachala, in Thiruvannamalai, India. So cool.


7. Pietro Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana – Intermezzo

A great classical music sound is heavily dependent upon the space in which you are experiencing it. To capture it in binaural is to capture it just like it sounded in the beautifully acoustically treated space.


8. Hooke Audio Drum Test – All Sounds from the Headphones Mics.

Ever think about why the stereo pair is such a commonly used drum micing technique? We’re trying to capture the sound from the exact perspective of the drummer and get the entire stereo mix of the set. Why put the mics above the head? Your ear is the ultimate mic! Put a record button on it! Love this from Jake Antelis.


9. NHJFO Concert De Binding Zuid Scharwoude


10. Mesa Arizona, Main St., Station in Binaural 3D Audio

11. Growing Up by Rebecca Loebe Live at The Saxon Pub in Austin, TX


12. ASMR Hooke Verse Hooke Audio Set Up Audio Test 3D Binaural MicHeadset Unboxing

13. Hooke Audio and the Handpan: first experience


14. Finalglide in BINAURAL AUDIO

15. Puerto Vallarta using Hooke Verse bluetooth in-ear binaural microphone.

16. Bangkok (Queens Park) afternoon walk


17. Playing with a Hooke Verse at the Seattle Space Needle with Erin

18. Hamsa Handpan, Winter Winds Bewitch Me, 3D audio

19. 2D audio vs Hooke 3D audio

20. Wat Suwan Khuha / Wat Bang Riang in 3D Audio

21. Walk NYC Unnarrated: Downtown Flushing, Roosevelt Ave and Union St under light rain, binaural audio


22. Run with Binaural Audio


2020 is set to be an exciting year for us at Hooke Audio. We are launching Hooke Verse 2.0 (which you can pre order here: as well as some other exciting products. I can’t wait to see AND HEAR what you record in 2020. Thanks for an unforgettable year.

From One Ear To Another,
Anthony Mattana
Hooke Audio Founder, CEO

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