GoPro or Hooke Verse? Which Sounds Better?

GoPro cameras are the leading product for on-the-go video recording. As we have talked about before, while the cameras are great at recording video, there is something left to be said about the audio that they record. It can be worked on. With advances in technology, we are able to connect external microphones and other pieces of technology to each other. We can also connect the Hooke Verse to GoPros and record sound as well. So that just begs the question, what sounds better? GoPro or Hooke Verse?

External microphones are a great way to use our favorite pieces of technology together. While GoPro has a list of microphones on their website that they know work with their GoPros, that list isn’t it. It is not totally comprehensive. There are other options available for people, they just know from experience which external microphones work with their product. We found that the Hooke Verse works great with GoPros, connected either wirelessly or by bluetooth. So it really just depends on how great your sound is, what it sounds like coming from your source. 

As advances in technology have advanced over the last few years and even decades, there has become a standard in order to be able to connect different pieces of equipment. It is usually by some form of USB (mac, micro or regular) or another easy connection, like 3.5 port. Easy, right? It is, however not all GoPro models have that port on the devices. There are some models that will need an adapter in order to connect to an external microphone.

The  Hooke Verse is great because you can either connect it with the port, or you can connect it via bluetooth technology. The Hooke Verse also lets you record in our 3D audio technology, meaning you are able to capture sound just how it is in the space around you. No matter where you are or what you are recording, it is a great way to be able to record your adventures.

Which does beg the question what sounds better? We have already discussed that while the GoPro is a great device all on its own, the audio sounds a bit muddled. Some people have used the term “helicopter effect” when describing the sound. Why is that? Usually products come from the idea to do one thing. There is one main goal when making a product, and then there are the things that might be natural to go with that, details and specifications that make sense. But all the other specifications might not get as much attention as that one detail. So for GoPros, that idea is portable video. And because it’s a camera, sound is naturally a detail that goes along with it, but it wasn’t the main focus of the product. Time goes on and products can be edited or upgraded as newer models come out, giving companies the chance to fix other details too. But their focus is likely to be most concerned with upgrading that one idea, while also fixing other minor bugs and modifications.

Using a GoPro in any circumstance is great, and a lot of people use them for travel and adventure videos. They are compact, portable and hold on easily if you have the right stand (or even steady hands). Let’s check out how this GoPro video sounds.

The visuals are cool but there is that “helicopter effect” on the audio, right? Do you hear the breeze and how it cuts through everything, how things don’t sound how you know they must sound in real life? Like there is a film over your ears. That is the audio capability of the GoPro camera, and while it is good for everything else that the camera provides you, as sound people, we want people to be able to get the best sound possible.

Check out what the audio is like when paired with a Hooke Verse.

Not only can you go hands-free when you pair it with a GoPro, but can you hear the difference? It feels like you are there in the space with the snowboarder, can feel it as he leaves tracks in the snowbanks. While it is a short video, it does leave more to the question, GoPro or Hooke Verse?

Here is another video to give you more insight into how the two sound paired together.

How cool is that, right? Not only can you see the quality of the GoPro camera, but the audio is crisp, clear, and just how you would hear it if you were walking in the recorder’s footsteps. That is the power of the Hooke Verse.

GoPro is the leading compact and portable action camera. It has become to well-used that everyone knows what you mean when you say it. People know the quality that they get when they buy a GoPro, they know what to expect. While the video is great and the audio is fine just as it is, as people who care about sound, we want users to get the best out of their technology, just like any other tech person. Equipment is made to work together. So why not do just that?

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