Hooke Lav: A Microphone for Every Recording Situation

Hooke Lav, wireless lavalier microphone

Hooke Lav: A Microphone for Every Recording Situation

The First Wearable, Wireless, Bluetooth, No-Latency, Professional Audio Lavalier Microphone for Recording on iPhone, Android and more

The Hooke Lav is a one-of-a-kind, wireless, wearable lavalier or “clip-on” microphone that sends high-quality, mono audio over Bluetooth to any iPhone, Android, tablet, computer or professional camera with zero-latency. Unlike other lavalier or wireless mics that need an additional receiver, the Hooke Lav will pair via Bluetooth to any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled equipment, with zero drop-outs, and delivers the lowest-latency available. The Hooke Lav is also the only wireless lav mic that records professional grade audio over Bluetooth in 24bit/48kHz, delivering the best, high-quality sound for your interviews, vlogs, podcasts and music instrument / vocal recordings.

How easy is it to set up and record with the Hooke Lav?

Check out Anthony Mattana, Hooke Audio’s founder, showing how easy it is to set up and record with the Hooke Lav on iPhone. Great for recording podcasts, vocals, music instruments, and more!

Back the Hooke Lav Kickstarter Campaign – only 12 Days left to get a discount on the Hooke Lav and be one of the first to receive this versatile mic for every recording situation!

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