Hooke Lav: a wireless microphone for LiveStreams, ASMR, Video and Music Creation

Hooke Lav: a wireless microphone for LiveStreams, ASMR, Video Content, Music Creation and much, much more!

Hooke Lav: the first truly wireless, wearable, Bluetooth, lavalier microphone for content creation with one-click! This portable, low profile, Bluetooth mic captures professional audio to any iPhone, iPad, Android, pro video camera or computer at the touch of a button. The stylish, clip-on gives you professional quality audio recording in the studio, on the go and out in the wild. Hooke Lav delivers studio-quality sound and captures dropout-free audio; great for musicians and guitarists, ASMR, Vlogs, podcasts, interviews, e-learning, online teaching, fitness instruction, Zoom meetings, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Livestreaming. Also, Hooke Lav is the only wireless microphone to send high quality audio over Bluetooth with low-latency!  Hooke Lav records while eliminating wind noise, and is equipped with 8GB of internal storage, backing-up every capture in real time, so your audio is seamless even when Bluetooth is not.

Hooke Lav uses digital, omnidirectional microphones to capture the highest-quality, noise-free sound in both the loudest and quietest environments. When you play it back, it sounds like the audio is happening right in front of you. With Hooke Lav, you don’t have to be a sound engineer to access high-quality audio equipment!

-The Hooke Audio app for iOS and Android is the only app on the market that lets a device stream rich, dual channel, high quality audio (20Hz – 20 kHz) over Bluetooth to Android and iOS with no latency. The Hooke Audio app also doubles as a field recorder. Put your device in your pocket and record audio on the fly! Share your videos and sound recordings via email, social media and text message straight from the app. No special speakers or algorithms required.

-Duet Mode is perfect for interviews, podcasts and more. Place Hooke Lav mics on two different interviewees and record their vocals respectively, and both recordings will transmit to the smartphone in real-time, mixed together with the video automatically.

-Solo Mode is great for musicians, songwriters and lecturers, record your sessions wirelessly using the Hooke Audio app and share your content with ease.

-Island Mode lets you record hands-free, without connecting to a phone or camera. You can “unplug” from the world and still record your thoughts, songs and sounds with just a clip and a click! Hooke Lav stores the capture onboard until you’re able to connect and upload to a mobile device.

-Transmit and Receive: Tap into powerful, hands-free recording by using two Hooke Lavs to override internal mics. Record with two Hooke Lavs for LiveStreaming to your favorite apps like Facebook and Instagram. You won’t do everything on a mobile device…that’s why we created Receiver Mode, allowing one LAV to receive audio from the other and transmit it directly into the audio jack of any camera. Syncing your sound directly to picture.

Determine how many Hooke Lavs you’ll need based on what you’re recording.

Hooke Lav - one or two?

Learn more about the Hooke Lav from Hooke Audio, and pre-order your discounted Hooke Lav today while it’s still hot on IndieGogo.

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