Quickly Record an Idea with Hooke Lav Wireless Microphone


Hooke Lav: The Portable Microphone for Singers and Guitarists Who Want to Quickly Record an Idea

There is literally nothing worse than having a hit song or guitar riff in your head, and then finally get home hours later to have forgotten the melody or the lyrics!!! All songwriters and musicians will have “striking moments” of inspiration, and usually be in a spot where they either can’t record until they get home, or don’t have the easiest situation to be able to record while the ideas are still fresh. If you’re a musician, guitarist, vocalist, music producer, or podcaster, you are going to love Hooke Audio’s new wireless lavalier microphone, the Hooke Lav. The Hooke Lav is affordable, super simple to set up and can be used with just about anything, or to be very specific – your iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop computer – and won’t dilute your creative spark!

Professional Grade Sound Recording, Wirelessly

Your content is only as good as it sounds. That’s why we created Hooke Lav: the first truly wireless, wearable Bluetooth microphone. Hooke Lav is a portable, low profile mic that captures pro grade sound to any phone, camera or computer at the touch of a button. Thanks to our proprietary Bluetooth recording codec, Hooke Lav captures 16bit/48kHz, single or dual-channel audio with no latency – to any device. Enjoy pristine, dropout-out free recording every time!

100% Fail-Safe Recording with Hooke Lav’s 8 GB of onboard Storage!

In your audio capture, there’s no room for mistakes. That’s why Hooke Lav is equipped with 8 GB of internal storage
and backs up every capture in real-time, ensuring that your recording is secure and your sound is seamless.

Hooke Lav wireless lavalier microphone
Hooke Lav wireless lavalier microphone features

Check out more of the features of the Hooke Lav, and reserve your unit at the discounted price on KickStarter today! Get your Hooke Lav at the introductory price before the campaign ends in 4 days!

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