The Future of Audio Is Immersive: New Mac Pros & Playstation 5 To Support Spatial Audio

This week, Apple announced a brand new Mac Pro and with it came a ton of improved features for creation; stronger 3D rendering faster video editing plus the ability to handle over 1000 tracks in Logic. But it also brought some new and improved playback features, namely Dolby Atmos support for spatial audio playback. The Mac Pro isn’t the first device to start supporting spatial audio natively, we’re seeing it featured in the next Playstation 5 console and even in Super Bowl ads. All of this indicates where we are headed in audio, immersive 3d audio recording and playback.


Immersive Audio Begins As A Playback Experience

Just like the Super Bowl was broadcasted in HD before we had the Sony HD handicam, new media formats are always first introduced as playback experiences before arriving in a powerful creation tool to consumers. Immersive 3D audio is no exception. We need to first experience it to be inspired to create with it. In many ways, the device we use to playback our creations (HD TV, stereo speakers, Imax) very much dictates how we create in the first place. I did a talk on how playback technology dictates creation technology at the Taiwan beats future of music conference which you can see here.


Immersive Audio Moves To Creation

There are already dozens of immersive audio tools specifically designed for creating immersive audio, the problem at hand is inspiring creators and storytellers to create this way. We need more stores captured in immersive audio to fuel the next generation of sonic storytellers. Many people say VR has a content issue, that VR continues to struggle in creating valuable immersive content. I would argue this is due to the lack of captivating VR experiences already out there. The launch of the Oculus Quest is changing this however. We’re seeing better VR playback content flood the market and in turn we’re seeing major companies like Apple launch tools to make VR creation easier.

Apple helping developers push augmented reality even further by announcing new AR development features like RealityKit, Reality Composer, and ARKit 3.


The Future of Audio Is Immersive

What are we trying to do with 3D audio?  We are trying to tell stories.  We are trying to make people feel something, to be changed for the better, and to be inspired to live bigger, better, and more enriched than before. Large tech companies are starting to jump on board and provide this new media in a playback format. But what happens when the power is brought to an everyday user? There have been tremendous innovations from people of every walk of life, from all corners of the world.  We are the creators of tomorrow and immersive audio is here to stay.

There is a reason why we have two ears, we need to fill them with what they were intended to be encountered with – life.  This is the future of audio, immersing yourself in it.



From One Ear To Another,

Founder, Hooke Audio

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