Top Wireless Microphones in 2020 for Musicians


Top Wireless Microphones in 2020 for Musicians

If you’re a musician, eventually you’re going to need a wireless microphone at some point in your career, whether it’s a performance-based need, or to record sounds in a non-studio environment. If you’re a vocalist, you’ll want to be able to perform the music on stage and have the audience hear it exactly the way you recorded it in the first place… so we’ve polled some of our musician friends to see which handheld, headset and lavalier wireless microphones are the best to use for live performances, podcasting, streaming on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook (and just for recording in general), and here are some of their favorites!

Shure BLX24/SM58 wireless microphone

Shure BLX24/SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System $349 US

Need a rock-solid wireless handheld mic system? The SM line, with SM58 as its flagship, is the music industry standard for live performances. These cardioid dynamic mics are the first choice of many vocalists throughout the globe when it comes to performing on stage. The BLX24/SM58 supplies top-notch sound and hassle-free operation for live performances. The Shure BLX24/SM58 delivers first-class performance, with 14 hours of continuous use with two AA batteries and a 300-foot transmission radius. This wireless mic system is also super easy to set up – with 1-touch QuickScan frequency selection. This Shure mic wireless setup includes: BLX2/SM58 handheld transmitter, BLX4 receiver, PS24US power supply, (2) AA batteries and Mic clip.


Shure AD2/K9N Wireless Handheld MicrophoneShure AD2/K9N Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter $1649 US

Need a SUPER ROCK SOLID wireless microphone system for the stage? Equipped with Shure’s revered KSM9 mic capsule, the Axient AD2 handheld transmitter delivers world-class sound and maximum reliability — even in the most congested wireless environments. Two operation modes optimize performance for any application: Standard mode provides maximum coverage, while High Density mode allows for greatly enhanced channel counts. Axient AD2 handheld transmitters can be powered with AA batteries or with Shure’s SB900A rechargeable battery for up to 9.5 hours of performance. You can count on the Shure Axient AD2 handheld transmitter in the most mission-critical applications.



Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset MicrophoneCountryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone (Audio Technica compatible) $365 US

Want to dance and ditch the handheld for an almost invisible head-set mic? Isomax E6 Wireless EarSets are the answer; perfect for stage, church, DJs, or any other type of live or streaming performance, where visual image and audibility are of the utmost importance. Offering the highest possible sound quality without the bulk and appearance of conventional headsets, the Isomax E6 wireless is the smallest and lightest profession headset in the world. Isomax E6 EarSets clip around your ear, not around your head. They never interfere with your hairstyle, headphones or hat. Compatible with Audio Technica wireless systems, the Isomax E6 is the ideal choice when you need a headset but you don’t want to see one.


Sennheiser EW 100 G4-835-S Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Sennheiser EW 100 G4-835-S Wireless Handheld Microphone System $599 US

Want a hassle-free wireless experience, with pro performance and ease of use? With the Sennheiser ew 135 G4, you get it. This wireless system’s SKM 100 G4-S handheld transmitter features a tight cardioid pattern, so it picks up the vocalist in front of it while eliminating feedback – making it a perfect wireless system for vocal performances. The ew 135 G4 also includes an EM 100 G4 rackmount receiver, which offers 1,680 tunable UHF frequencies across a 42MHz bandwidth for interference-free reception. This system is highly expandable — you can link up to 12 receivers for simultaneous setup. And you’ll benefit from a 330-foot transmission range and up to 8 hours of operation. Beyond that, the ew 135 G4 is backward-compatible with previous evolution systems, ensuring that your past investment continues to pay off into the future. Complete with the extras you need -the ew 135 G4 comes complete with a microphone clip, a rack kit, a linking cable, and two AA batteries. You don’t need additional components.


Sennheiser AVX-Combo SET Wireless Handheld and Lavalier System for VideoSennheiser AVX-Combo SET Wireless Handheld and Lavalier System for Video $999 US

Need both a handheld and a lavalier microphone setup? Then check out Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless microphone system! Great for recording videos and streaming,  Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless microphone is the easy solution to getting great audio. If you’re running an HD or DSLR camera to get the best quality picture you can, why are you compromising your shots with mic cables or worse, trying to get decent audio with your camera’s onboard mic? With a receiver that plugs right into your camera’s XLR audio connections (or 1/8″ input using the included adapter) and virtually no set-up, Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless makes recording easy.



Samson Airline MicroSamson AirLine Micro Wireless Microphone System $249 US

A great option for low-level vocals, podcasting and streaming – the Samson AirLine Micro wireless microphone system hides behind your ear without causing discomfort while wearing it over long periods. The AirLine Micro features a water-resistant omnidirectional mic capsule. The AH2 transmitter has a single button that controls the volume level, mute function, and powers the unit on and off. By using a single button, you won’t have to worry about fumbling with the ear set in the middle of a performance. When you want to mute your mic, a single touch will do the job.

The included AR2 receiver has a USB DC power input and a 3.5mm unbalanced mic/line level output. It has telescopic antennas to allow you to optimize their positions for crystal clear sound. The AH2 transmitter and AR2 receiver are equipped with lithium ion batteries that can be used for up to 6 hours before needing to be recharged. AirLine Micro wireless earset system comes with the AR2D docking station. It provides a secure base for your AR2 receiver and can charge it while you’re performing.


Rode Wireless Go Microphone and Receiver

Rode Wireless Go Microphone $199 US

Compact Wireless Microphone System, Transmitter and Receiver

The Wireless GO’s quick clip-on capabilities make it perfect for live vocal performance streamers, just clip it on to your shirt and the mic will capture your voice. The Receiver is just as compact,  Its dual-purpose mount sits snug in your camera’s shoe mount, or clips easily onto your camera strap or an item of clothing. The supplied 3.5mm TRS output cable plugs into your camera’s or laptop’s audio input or, with the relevant available RØDE adaptors, into your recorder, GoPro, iPhone or Android.


Hooke Verse 3D recording mic system

Hooke Audio’s Hooke Verse 3D Microphone System $159

Need a wireless setup for recording live performances – that works with all of your iOS or Android devices? The Hooke Verse is a portable, wireless mic system that allows you to record binaural audio for your vocals and guitar without any extra fancy equipment. The wireless headphones/microphones connect via Bluetooth (although they have a USB cable that converts to 1/8” if needed). You can wear the Verse, monitor while you are recording using the headphones, and use your own head as the binaural centerpiece to make your very own 3D audio recordings. The Hooke Verse microphone system is compatible with iPhone, Android, GoPro, DSLR camera and Mac/PC.


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