Why are 3D Audio Songs so popular in Bollywood right now?

Music is something that brings us all together. It is universal and is enjoyed by anyone and everyone. As something that is so universal, it is really great to see just how other people are enjoying their music and what they are getting in to. There are no restrictions on music, no rules on who can enjoy what and how people can enjoy them. Recently, 3D audio has seen a large increase in popularity in Bollywood within the last couple of months. While we were well aware of some of the reach that 3D audio has here in the States, it took some research to see that it is going pretty viral in Bollywood. But still, it begs the question: why are 3D audio songs so popular in Bollywood right now?

The (3D) Sounds of Bollywood

Bollywood (otherwise known as Hindi cinema) is located in Mumbai, India, and is the equivalent to our Hollywood. They release tons of movies each year and are one of the greatest entertainment industries out there, while here in America, we release fewer movies, but they have very big budgets and productions. While our systems are vastly different, these things still connect us to each other, because entertainment like music and movies are a universal language, metaphorically.

Recently, there has been a spike in popularity amongst 3D audio songs, along with artists remixing old classics for new films. There is apparently an internal debate happening in regards to remixing songs or keeping them as classics. Some people don’t understand the remixes–why put out something that is just a layered or edited version of something previously released, when you can write something new and fresh? One singer, Sonu Nigam, says that the audience takes what you give it, and there is a responsibility in providing music to an audience, that “the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the people who are either creating or recreating music.” Which is true in a sense–as artists and musicians, we are the creator of the content that we are putting out in the world. We are the force behind the people, behind the notes and phrases that get played out in the world. There is a responsibility to give people “what they want,” something that they can enjoy and feel connected to, and maybe even what they need.

There is an untouched and silent responsibility to teach people and to support the world, whether you are remixing old songs or creating new ones.

Apparently, artists in India have been remixing songs in the last few months and the rise in popularity of these fresh mixes have also brought up the idea of 3D audio. It takes some research, too. If you just simply google “3d songs in Bollywood” nothing much comes up, just a lot of videos. There is a lot of content out there, but no real explanation as to why it is happening. This video was released July 7, 2018 which seems to be the start of the spike, and now has over 6 million views.


The description says that it’s 3D audio, but it seems to be more artificial than true 3D audio. If you listen closely, you will be able to see if it is true 3D or artificial.

This video seems to be the start of the spike in interest in 3D audio in India and Bollywood. Through some light research and googling, it seems that there have been 3D audio songs released before this one, but this song has the highest views out of all of them. It is possible that while people are watching online, they can go back and listen to suggested videos that YouTube brings up, which would explain the increase in views in previously released videos. But it’s hard to properly guess where the views come from when you can’t check out the statistics of the specific videos.

If you do a basic Google search for 3d audio songs, this is first one to pop up:

Because it’s a popular video that is ranked, it shows the hashtags beneath the video as a way to track popular videos that share the same hashtag. If you click on it, what is brought up is a page full of videos that share the hashtag #3dmusicindia. If you scroll through the page, the release date ranges from six months ago to four days ago. There is a wide increase in views in videos that have been released within the last two months, with views ranging in the thousands and upwards.

A New Market

While there isn’t much written on a subject like this, it doesn’t stop the interest of the people. Other forms of information spreading are totally viable in a situation like this–either by word of mouth or means of technology–but because we are located in a different country, it’s still hard to properly guess how it really spread like wildfire.

We are subject to the communities we are based in, getting information from friends and family and colleagues. For example, my Facebook newsfeed is going to look completely different from my mother’s, or from my sibling’s. That is the beauty of it–that we are each getting our own little environment to express ourselves and share things with others. While we get to be connected to each other in ways like this, we are still not having the exact same experience as each other. Everything that you see and share is based on who you are friends with, who you are connected with online. It’s the same worldwide, and that is how information spreads through different regions and countries: one person shares something, and then another and another until it has been seen across the globe.

Sound Matters

Maybe 3D audio is so popular because of the new way to experience music, to feel that higher connection that it gives its viewers. Maybe people think it’s just cool (which it is), maybe people are fascinated by it. The world keeps turning and people are finding new ways to remix old songs, new ways to challenge what we already know and have heard. Even if we don’t quite know why it is happening, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it or celebrate that new ways are spreading. For now, we can just sit back and watch as the music unfolds before us.

Keep listening and keep on creating
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