How Much Should You Spend on Podcast Equipment

In today’s post, we are going to talk about how much you should spend on podcast equipment. Now, there really isn’t a should spend, more of a can spend. But the price is based on what you might need. Equipment can range from fairly priced and relatively inexpensive to very expensive. But the price of the equipment itself, the piece of the equipment, all depends on what you need from it. You don’t need to go overboard and spend more than you have to on a piece of equipment that you might not know how to navigate correctly. So in this article, we will be discussing podcast equipment itself, a little bit of budgeting, and how much you should spend on podcast equipment.

Browsing & Budgeting

Budgeting can be hard, especially when there are other things that you need to take care of in your life. It is a good tool to use to help you figure out just how much money you can spend on pieces of equipment that you need or want to purchase. After you figure out pieces of equipment that you might need, you can start shopping online and browsing. Whether it is a podcast microphone, a podcast mixer, cables, or anything of the sort, you will find lots of options online and in your favorite audio supply stores. When you start browsing, you will see the prices and how they range. Even if you have no idea what the difference in the equipment is, it is obvious that there is one because of the price. The more a product does, the more expensive the equipment will be. The more work and effort that was put into creating the piece of equipment, the more expensive that it will be. The more specifications and details that something has, the higher the price will be. That’s why newer models are always so expensive–because newer models always have new specs to them, more things that they can do and handle.


So how much should I spend?

In short, there is never a right answer for ‘how much should I spend on podcast equipment’? There is not one quota that one has to spend in order to get the right podcast equipment for themselves. Everyone’s situation is different. The first question that you should be asking yourself is, what does your set up look like? Or what do you want it to look like? If you’re struggling, here’s a small tip: there is not right answer. Your setup should be whatever you are comfortable with, however you need it so it works best for you.

Are you an on-the-go kind of podcaster? You will probably need some sort of portable microphone that you can use by itself and also plug into your computer. These will be fairly lightweight, compact, easily portable and not too expensive. Are you really into technology and want to get a nice, clean sound for your podcast? Are you working on it at home and have saved up a little bit of money to spend? There are plenty of set ups that you can choose from that can be pretty inexpensive as well. You can buy older models of microphones and mixers instead of something new and save yourself some cash. Older and new models work the same, even though the specifications may be slightly different, as the newer versions will be more advanced. However, you can still get a great clean sound for a great deal, rather than spending an arm and a leg to get something shiny and new.


For some recommendations on podcast microphones that we have seen used and that work well for their prices, you can check out this link to some podcast microphones that we enjoy.

What are you looking for?

Depending on the kind of podcast you are trying to start up will determine what kind of microphone that you will need. That will then determine the price range that you will be browsing between, and then how much you might be willing to spend on a podcast microphone or a piece of equipment. Budgeting can become easy once you know or have an idea of what you are looking for. After browsing through different pieces and finding specifications that you like, need and will use, the choosing process will become that much easier. When you are budgeting, thinking about what you need in the immediate time frame is crucial. You don’t need to purchase something that you won’t be entirely happy with, or something that you don’t necessarily need. Something to keep in mind is that you will always be able to upgrade, so do not be afraid to start small. There is nothing wrong with that either! Everyone works at their own pace and in their own way. There is no specific pieces that you need to start out with when creating a podcast. There is no one way to do something or to accomplish creating a successful podcast. There might be certain steps that you have to take, but everyone does it in their own way.


In short, budgeting can be hard, but it is a necessary step that can be taken to get you the best results that you need. There is no one specific amount that you need to spend on equipment, because the range of it all is too broad anyway. While prices matter, they aren’t the parts of equipment that you should be entirely concerned about. What really matters is what you need out of your equipment and what it will do for you, which will in the end, determine that price.


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