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Top audio and music production podcasts

Excellent Audio and Music Production Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

What’s more inspiring that actually making music? Listening to other people who make music professionally and hearing their success stories (seriously hoping for a shred of information to be passed on that will give you that special edge for your next recording). Whether it’s learning about music history, new guitar pedals, how to mix rock & metal albums, composing for film & television or just needing something to keep it “high vibe” while running the hamster wheel or tirelessly printing stems, here’s a Pod-a-Palooza of some of the best audio and music production podcasts that we think will entertain and inspire you!

No, for real, Pod-A-Palooza first!

April 25 & 26th, 2020 – Pod-A-Palooza is an online podcast festival for the benefit of COVID-19 relief! Donate what you can and listen to over 70 podcasts that joined. All net proceeds of the event will go to GiveDirectly, a nonprofit offering cash relief to vulnerable households in areas affected by COVID-19. But hey. you can listen to Pod-A-Palooza anytime, not just in April 2020Learn more about Pod-a-Palooza today!

Twenty-thousand Hertz, with Dallas TaylorTwenty-thousand Hertz with Dallas Taylor

Where do all of the iconic and memorable sounds come from? Dallas Taylor’s  Twenty-thousand Hertz podcast explains the psychoacoustics, strategy and the history of how the popular sounds and voices have shaped your soul from the moment you were born, are currently shaping your life and more. Check out the Twenty-thousand Hertz podcast covering the songs and sound effects of your life, featuring the most recent podcast, called “Ehh…What’s up, Doc” featuring the voice recordings of Mel Blanc for Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and more. Not only are the podcasts SUPER interesting from a historical perspective – revealing the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds, but Dallas Taylor’s attention to detail and insightful way of reporting comes across as truly documentarian. We also love that the Twenty-thousand Hertz podcast is supporting COVID-19 relief with Pod-a-Palooza. Well done Dallas, thanks for leading the way!

Listen to Twenty-thousand Hertz here.


Song Exploder, with Hrishikesh Hirway

Episode 180: Eric Nam

What’s better than finding out the REAL Meaning of the songs you love from the musicians that made them? Song Exploder is a podcast by creator Hrishikesh Hirway, where musicians break down their songs, piece by piece, to tell the story of how they were made. Guests include Fleetwood Mac, U2, Metallica, Solange, Lorde and 180+ more. Thanks Song Exploder, we appreciate sincerity and taking the time to really care about the artists in a way that touches the hearts of everyone who listens! Check out a recent Song Exploder podcast with Eric Nam, Korean-American Pop Star, and the song “Love Die Young.


Composer Talk, with Matthew Wang

Composer Talk episode #1 with Ryan Elder (Rick & Morty)

Hollywood’s overflowing with rocks stars, but even more so with radio, film & TV music composers and sound designers that ultimately produce the soundtracks of our lives. New on the scene, Composer Talk’s Matthew Wang “Gets Schwifty” in the very first episode with fan-favorite “Rick & Morty” composer, Ryan Elder. We love the genuine, honest “chasing the dream” approach from Matthew Wang, given that he’s a young and talented musician already making it happen as a composer for Film & TV in Los Angeles and serving it up to listeners with authentic enthusiasm for the craft. Thanks Matthew Wang – “Lubba Dub Duhhhb” – means we can’t wait for the next episode! 

Listen to Composer Talk with Matthew Wang and Ryan Elder here.


Gear Club Podcast, with John Agnello & Stewart Lerman

Gear Club Podcast with Sylvia Massey (Prince, Tool and many many more)

If music production history is your thing, then put your headphones on, kick back and hold on because you’re “About to Get into Some Deep Audio Shit!” Hosted by legit relics (fossils?) of the audio world, John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr. Sonic Youth) & 2x Grammy winner – Stewart Lerman (Elvis Costello, David Byrne), Gear Club covers the wondrous archives of studio music production gear and the engineers and producers who’ve made hits for the last 40+ years. Check out this 2019 Gear Club podcast interview from AES with Sylvia Massey, one of the greatest female mixing engineers of all time – on her adventures in the studio with Prince, Tool and more. Thanks Gear Club, for diving deep into the nerdy audio shit we love!

Listen to the GearClub podcast with Sylvia Massey here.


Recording Studio Rock Stars, with Lij Shaw

RSR242 – Glenn Fricker – Spectre Sound Studios Heavy Metal Youtube Channel

We love Lij Shaw and the Recording Studio Rock Stars podcast because they’ve been covering all aspects of rock/metal music and audio production for over 240 episodes. With this podcast, you can expect some of the best coverage from interesting social media stars, mixing giants and audio companies’ software and hardware. Not only that, but they’re genuinely cool guys – giving them the edge for offering listeners a well-rounded mix of content with professional radio delivery sound.  Check out the RSR website and a recent podcast with Glenn Fricker from Spectre Sound Studios – coincidentally, another YouTuber we love for the same thing. Thanks guys, you really do rock!

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