The Best Place to Purchase a Podcast Microphone

The best place to purchase a podcast microphone also depends on what you need from it. While the basis and purpose of a microphone is the same, there are many things to consider when buying your podcast microphone. Buying a podcast microphone shouldn’t be something that you rush into. There is a little bit of research to be done so that you are getting exactly what you need from it and the best quality for what you are buying. What kind of podcast are you doing? Is it going to be outside or inside? What do you need performance-wise from your microphone? How sturdy does it need to be? What kind of microphone should it be? What kind of specifications do you need from it, or think you need from it? How much are you willing to spend on your equipment? What outlets do you have access to in regards of purchasing? All of these questions will help determine all the information you need to think about when you want to find the best place to purchase a podcast microphone.


Think About It

As all important things, before you make any rash decision purchases, you have to think about what exactly you are buying, what you will need from it. What are the specifications that you are looking for it to give you? Does it have to do anything special, or do you need something a little more standard? Most importantly, what are you using your equipment for and what kind of microphone are you looking for?


2D Podcasts vs. 3D Podcasts

The kind of work and podcast that you will be doing will determine the kind of podcast microphone that you need. The kind of podcast that you are doing is one of the most important factors in researching your equipment.


Most podcasts are in 2D stereo sound, and for those you will need a standard microphone. You will have to choose between a condenser and a dynamic to get the sound that you want. To see about how to pick a microphone for a (2D) podcast, check out this article to help you out.

Something that has to still be touched upon is recording a binaural podcast. 3D sound is a very niche thing that is on the up and coming, and people are starting to take notice and advantage of that. 3D sound really puts you in the space of where the sounds were recorded and add a better presence to your podcasting experience. While there are many stereo podcasts out there, there are not as many binaural podcasts. You will need a special microphone to record binaural audio as well. If this is something that interests you, you can check out our podcast microphone here, as well as links to see about recording a binaural podcast.

Best Microphone For Podcasting – Hooke Verse Binaural Mic

Suppliers & Stores

Purchasing your microphone is easy once you have an idea of what you want. There are plenty of ways to reach out to suppliers and check out their products, as they will have all of the information available online for your browsing pleasure. It’s always best to go to the source first and get all of the information that you need before making the purchase. There are tons of online sites like the actual company websites (like Sennheiser, AKG, and Shure just to name a couple) as well as sites that have lots of equipment for deals from the actual suppliers. Sites like Amazon and Sweetwater are a godsend for musicians, producers and artists who are on a budget and want to get the best equipment for a great price.


There are also probably some people you know that will be looking to get rid of some equipment. You probably have some friends, coworkers or teachers that have some decent equipment and are selling them either through themselves or by posting about it online. Finding out what your friends and colleagues are looking to sell is much easier nowadays because of the internet and a little thing called Facebook Marketplace. There are groups and forums that you also might be part of that might be selling stuff as well. All of these places are options for you to think about when you are looking to buy some equipment.

In regards to online forums and groups, just be wary–while it is not nice to think about, there are some people out there who will scam you and charge you an insane amount of money for something that is a) not what you asked for or b) doesn’t work at all. Buying from people in an online marketplace might not be the best idea, but if it is someone reliable and trustworthy, then feel free to take that chance.


Buying equipment is a easy decision once you know what you want and what you need. Once all the preliminary stuff is figured out and you know what microphone you need, finding out the best place to buy it will be easier. Do your research and check out the best deals to get you exactly what you want. Who knows, you might stumble on some pretty amazing things as well when you aren’t even thinking about it.


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