What is Vero? A Stereo Audio Supporting Instagram Killer

We’ve seen a lot of social media apps come and go in the past decade, but something feels, or should I say “sounds” different about the red hot Vero. For those of you not yet familiar, Vero is a new social media app that according to its founders is “aimed at people who want a safe, genuine reflection of their real-life relationships in an online setting”.

“People naturally seek connection,” the company’s ‘manifesto’ reads. “A false sense of connection left us lonelier than ever.”

“Most social networks reduce everyone to a friend or a follower. This encourages us to only share the parts of our lives we think are the most interesting.”

“When you can control who sees what, you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you.”

How does Vero differ from Facebook and Instagram?

Vero is very much a combination of Facebook and Instagram’s best features. Most notably however is its emphasis on content. Photos and videos seem to be what drive posting the most. The feed looks like an Instagram feed but with more text complimenting each piece in ways that Instagram is just not coded to do.

  1. Vero feed is in chronological order (one aspect many Instagram users long to have back)
  2. Vero doesn’t contain annoying paid-for ads.
  3. Vero allows you to post books, movies and TV shows you’ve been watching.
  4. Vero allows more ways to categorize your “connections”. With options of “close friend”, “friend”, “acquaintance” or “follower”.

Vero’s biggest feature? STEREO AUDIO!

For years now I’ve been griping on the internet about Instagram and Facebook’s inability to support stereo audio. For those of you unaware, stereo audio refers to 2 CHANNEL audio, where as mono refers to one. Facebook and Instagram mobile apps only support mono audio.

Dear Facebook: If You Want To Beat Twitter In Streaming, Support Stereo Audio

I’ve never understood how social media apps which are designed to tell our stories only tell them in mono. We don’t have one ear, we have two! And we’re telling half the story when we share it online in mobile. Stereo audio has been around for over a century, yet it still remains absent from Instagram and Facebook’s mobile applications (you can actually upload stereo audio to Facebook from the desktop site for reasons which are beyond me).

A New World Of Storytelling In Stereo Audio

Watch this video with headphones on. This video was captured in stereo binaural audio with Hooke Verse (also check our Vero page to hear it in stereo straight from the app. Vero is going to need to implement a content sharing feature soon!)

Sound Matters in Storytelling And Vero Gets It.

Novel idea huh? When content is 50/50 a visual and audio experience, you’d think that supporting stereo audio would be a main focus of Instagram and Facebook. Think again.

These apps exist to tell stories, our stories. If they can’t share scent, touch, or taste, then they better do the best job at sharing our sights and sounds in their highest quality. Live Streaming is POV by nature, you the viewers are expected to be transformed into the head of the streamer and both hear and see from their perspective. Both of these apps do a fine job of visually conveying the world to its viewers, however one (Facebook) seems to think we hear the world with one ear instead of two. And even more unsettling is that they assume we don’t care if our concert videos sound like crap (when most of them floating around on Facebook unfortunately do). It’s completely unacceptable, and unfortunately it’s persistent across all of Facebook’s products.

There is a reason that you have two ears instead of one, so that you hear better and take in the sounds around you better. So why don’t our favorite apps do the same thing and utilize stereo audio instead of just using mono? When we basically live in these applications, they should do the best job that they can to deliver us the highest quality of their application.

Vero is the first platform to let you share your great looking AND sounding content.

Last year when I wrote about Periscope beating Facebook Live by supporting stereo audio I said “It’s clear that these social media companies are looking for any opportunity to gain an edge over their competition, and once the video features have gone as far as they can, audio will be next in line to help one company rise above the other.”

That company is here. And the future sounds bright.

From One Ear To Another,

Anthony Mattana
Founder, Hooke Audio

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