Blue Spark Microphone Review: Top Full Guide 2024

Blue Spark Microphone Review Top Full Guide 2024
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The Blue Spark is a microphone made for podcasting and vocal recording for those with tight budgets. This might be the perfect mic for those looking for a cheap microphone to record podcasts and vocals.

There is not as much bass as other mics, but it sounds as clear as a more expensive microphone. Blue Spark Microphone Review below will help you to make a great decision.

The sound quality of the mic is superior to other consumer mics; it has an unmistakable sound. If you are using it for podcasting, it can easily do the job without any issues. It is not recommended to use it for vocals, or you might have distortion.

It does a great job of picking up a full range of sounds from a distance and making a clear recording of your voice.

See the blog review below of hooke audio to find out more about this great mic. If you are looking for a microphone to record clear podcasts, do not miss reading this guide.

What’s inside the Blue Spark SL Microphone Box?

What's inside the Blue Spark SL Microphone Box

This section will answer all your questions about the contents of the box.

Wooden Storage Box

You will notice a classic quality the first moment you open this microphone. It feels unique with the wooden box. The microphone’s wooden storage box feels professional and royal.

It has an elegant design of a wooden storage container.

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That’s the product you bought. This exceptional Spark  Microphone comes in a wooden storage box.

Shock Mount

This is very nice. The shock mount comes with a 5-8 inch adapter. A shock mount is a great tool that makes our job easier. It can also reduce vibrations and noise at the desk. Everybody should have a shock mount for their microphones. Blue is offering it to you at a low price. It is a great buy.


You got this. If you want to know how it works, you can read it. Even though you have everything you need, it’s not necessary to understand all the details.

These stickers will come with some Blue stickers that you can use as you wish.

Pros And Cons


  • Qualitative Construction
  • Noise cancellation: -29 dB out a signal
  • Vocals have a natural and smooth sound
  • The black version
  • Sounds cool with electric instrumentals
  • Durable
  • Switchable – 100Hz high pass filters


  • Sometimes capture ambient noise


Overview Of Blue Microphones Spark

Spark is a variation on the standard Blue cosmetic theme. The capsule is placed in a saucer-shaped container that supports the main mic body.

The capacitor capsule features a large-diaphragm cardioid-pattern and is paired with Class-A discrete, Class-A FET circuitry. It is approximately an inch in size, although it isn’t specified in the specifications.

The mic’s sensitivity is comparable to other side-address capacitor microphones at 28mV/Pa. It can also tolerate SPLs up to 128dB, which should be sufficient for most of its intended uses. Spark has a meager noise figure at 10dB A-weighted and only requires 48V Phantom power to operate.

The frequency response curve indicates that the overall frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz and is within +-5dB of 15kHz. The response curve is flat but not very dramatic.

There’s a slight dip in the mid-range, with only a few dBs of lift in the 5-12kHz range and a minor bump at 1kHz. It sounds natural and can flatter and enhance vocals in a subtle way.

Blue calls the Blue Microphones Spark a Focus Control. This Focus control allows users to choose between two tonal characters. The mic’s usual mode (with the switch out) has a few dBs of lift around 80Hz, as shown in the frequency-response graphic.

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Engaging Focus, however, rolls off the low end below 120Hz. This is different from a standard low-cut switch. The only noticeable difference is that the low end is slightly amplified when the cut switch has been removed. The mic body’s lower circular recess houses the switch.

Spark’s large-diaphragm and side-address layout make it an excellent choice for vocal recording. In a project studio mic locker, the Spark condenser microphone can be used for multiple tasks.

It works well over drums, acoustic guitars, pianos, and other traditional instruments. However, you wouldn’t usually use this mic to get close to individual drums.

The kit has a few physical features that should be noted, including the shockmount and pop shield. Although extremely neat and discreet, the pop shield is not as effective as a bigger pop screen placed just a few inches away.

A few times, even though the shield was fitted. This is why you might need a separate pop filter for some singers. It was also difficult to tighten and maintain the shockmount swivel joint with the small thumbscrew.

If you don’t tighten it enough, the mic will likely droop during a performance. The shockmount is well-made, secure, and just as effective as an elastic suspension.

How does the Blue Spark Mic sound quality? Is it of good quality?

How does the Blue Spark Mic sound quality Is it of good quality

Simply put, this microphone sounds fantastic!

This condenser microphone produces a crisp, clear sound and enough resonance to make your vocal recordings sound natural and rich. Blue Spark SL will make your audio more detailed and defined. It also preserves the environment’s feel.

Many artists have reported feeling a sense that there is contained space around their voices, which adds to the real and natural sound. The mic captures a wide range of sound without compressing it like many dynamic mics.

Blue microphones sound great, and they feel just as good. This is what has earned Blue a reputation. The Blue Spark SL XLR condenser microphone isn’t cheap in appearance or feel.

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Spark SL’s metal structure feels sturdy, while the Blackout version’s matte-black finish and anodized accents give your home studio a contemporary, elegant look. It will feel like you have gotten your money’s value when you take the mic out and set it up for a session.

Blue includes a matching shockmount for mic use and a storage case for when it’s not.

The wood case is elegant and secures your mic if it needs to be taken with you on the road.

This shock mount is matte black and comes with a mic. Many artists find this a great touch. The shock mount is not only elegant but also offers some practical benefits.

Recordings that are recorded after a shock mount is installed will sound cleaner and more professional.

The shock mount dampens vibrations from your movements and those traveling through the mic’s surface. It also reduces mechanical vibrations.

This reduces background noise and makes the music sound better! If you love to move and get involved in the music, you won’t need to restrain yourself.

Despite its lightweight, the Blue Spark SL XLR is very reliable and robust. Although the microphone is just 0.75 pounds in weight, many users feel it feels more sleek than fragile.

You don’t have to worry about it: Even though the mic is slimmer, it will still hold up under regular use. The shock mount is also well-constructed and performs its function well, providing consistent stability.

Spark’s small size is a plus when recording an acoustic guitar amp or other instruments. With a small mic stand, it can be put exactly where you want it.

Firing Up

Firing Up

The Spark’s vocals were well-balanced and had just enough presence. However, Focus was set to normal, and it occasionally started to pop filter on its own, careless plosives. Unless an external pop filter was used, this was not a problem. It will vary depending on which singer it is. The sound quality was not bad.

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For example, the low end sounded warm and full without sounding muddy. To reduce low-end sensitivity, press the Focus button. This made any tendency to pop disappear. The reduced low-end contribution allowed the high frequencies and mid-range to shine through more.

Although if Spark’s sound quality could be due to Rupert Neve Portico’s preamp, the sound was very similar to that of the M-Audio mic preamps.

However, the Spark produced vocal sounds that were almost identical and slightly less focused. Because they represent the preamps that will be used with this mic, we continued to use the M-Audio interface. Acoustic guitar and drum overhead were also excellent.

The warm low end was balanced with a clear top that wasn’t harsh or strident. The mic picked up all the subtle tone nuances of the dharbuka and hand percussion when the fingers were lightly pressed.

This is probably due to the mic’s gentle presence peaks. It is this lack of excessive coloration that makes the mic so versatile.

Who is the Blue Spark mic best suited to?

This reliable Blue mic is excellent for everyone, from podcasters to streamers to indie musicians!

Both guitarists and vocalists will agree that the microphone captures all the essential details of their music while recording crisply.

Recording through this best mic will not let you down. You can express yourself through your voice, acoustic guitars, and instruments.

This microphone is especially suitable for artists just starting to recording and don’t want too much. The Blue Spark SL is a very affordable microphone compared to other mic brands. It also has a high audio quality that is well above the average price of 200 dollars.

This mic is hard to beat when it comes to the professional-sounding audio, beautiful construction, and overall value that you get for the money!

Is there something you should know before buying?

Is there something you should know before buying

This vocal mic is intended to be used in enclosed spaces.

The Blue Spark SL XLR microphone is a cardioid condenser microphone. Any condenser mic of this type will pick up ambient noise if it is present. This cardioid polar pattern helps to counter the tendency of this mic to pick up background noises.

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However, many users report that the Blue Spark SL XLR’s high sensitivity is still significantly different from other condenser mics.

This is not to say that this is bad!

This mic’s sensitivity is a double-edged weapon that can be used in your favor. You will need to ensure you have a quiet, contained area to record a clean sound. However, the mic produces a high-quality sound.

In a recording studio with acoustic foam, the mic’s sensitivity will be a benefit rather than a drawback.

You can reduce background noise if you don’t have enough space or you haven’t yet set up your foam.

Regardless of your preference, you will find the mic’s sound quality well worth all the effort.

What other essential details should you know about the Blue Spark SL XLR?

What other essential details should you know about the Blue Spark SL XLR

The Blue condenser mic is highly user-friendly, and it comes with switches that make it easy for you to take full advantage of.

The handy -20db pad button is there to smoothen your home recording and keep it sharp if you get too loud. You can also get a 100Hz high pass filter to help reduce any rumble during recording sessions.

These onboard controls allow you to adjust settings and follow the flow of the program.

The Blue Spark SL cardioid condenser microphone also has an XLR connector and USB compatibility. This microphone is ideal for those who don’t want to choose between professional XLR recording and computer connectivity.

Blue’s Class-A JFET electronic parts are used in the Blue Spark SL. They are well-known for their reliability and high-quality performance. The large diaphragm and condenser capsule work nicely with these electronic parts to make a clear, detailed sound.

Blue spent a lot of time thinking about the details of this condenser microphone to make it a great product.

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Can the Blue be used for vocals?

It is indeed perfect. The condenser microphone is s very naturally and smooth for vocals. It gives the vocals a more realistic and natural feel thanks to the 100Hz high pass filter. You can also listen to the audio samples of the vocals.

Which Blue Microphones is best?

Many Blue Microphones are on the market. They are all excellent at what they do. Blue Yeti USB microphone, Blue yeti Pro USB microphone, Blue Snowball mic are some of the most popular microphones by Blue.

In order to know more info, please check

Does Blue Spark SL need phantom power?

Does Blue Spark SL need phantom power

Yes! It is the condenser mic. For connectivity, you will need a phantom power supply at 48v.

Is it simple to use?

Yes. This condenser microphone is straightforward to use.

Does it sound good?

Yes. It sounds great! You can listen to the audio samples on our blog.

Does Spark SL have a comfortable design?

Yes. Its design is eye-catching and has an all-metal body. It’s also very durable.


If you are looking for an affordable and straightforward mic, then the Blue Spark Mic is a perfect choice. It provides great sound recording without having to break the bank while still delivering excellent results.

One of the main strengths of this mic is that it is versatile. It can be used to record many different types of great sound while also being very easy to use.

It comes with different settings that allow you to pick out different sounds you are looking for while also changing the recording level. This mic is great at picking up noises from far away, which makes it perfect for podcasting.

If you are looking for a microphone that can deliver great sound without costing too much, you should consider the Blue Spark Microphone. It is one of the best condenser mics that money can buy and is the perfect mic for anyone who wants to record their podcast or video.


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