Best Bluetooth Subwoofer For Car: Top Brand Reviews 2023

Best Bluetooth Subwoofer For Car: Top Brand Reviews 2023
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If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth subwoofer for car, you’ve come to the right place. This article goes over some of the best options on the market and how to choose the perfect one. There are a number of Bluetooth subwoofers that will work well in a car. In this article, Hooke Audio will go over a few options and what makes them a good choice.

Top Best Bluetooth Subwoofer For Car

Top Best Portable Bluetooth Subwoofer For Car

1. JBL BassPro Go Portable Bluetooth Subwoofer

Are you searching for the best portable Bluetooth subwoofer? If so, this is a great option. JBL is one of the most respected companies in audio device manufacturing, such as subwoofers or woofers. This manufacturer has created a Bluetooth subwoofer that is a true monster. This can be installed in your car to instantly create a monster vehicle.

It is a costly addition to your car’s audio system. It doesn’t have to be used for one purpose, as it can serve multiple purposes. The JBL BassPro Go has many great features, especially in terms of functionality. You can use it as both a portable Bluetooth subwoofer and speaker.

It packs a huge punch considering its size. It’s not small, but it’s also not too large. You can switch between the portable speaker option, which allows you to use two devices per side, and it also plays through the middle driver when disabled.

It is very noticeable in the low frequencies of the frequency when it is playing through Bluetooth subwoofer mode. That’s the essence of a subwoofer. You only need great bass.

A stereo system that is paired with the right stereo can produce a powerful sound when it’s in your trunk or in the car.

The price tag is around $500. The features and sound quality are amazing, regardless of the price. You can pair it with other JBL-supported devices if you have more pocket space. You should also consider the Pair function of other devices.

If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that doubles as an outdoor person or beachgoer, this option is great. You can explore other options at JBL.

2. JBL Basspro Micro Home Theater System

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers And Subwoofers

The installation of the JBL car audio subwoofer range starts at $400. It is still a lot cheaper than its bigger brother. The price tag is still reduced by $150 dollars. It is a great deal because it doesn’t compromise anything.

This Bluetooth speaker is a beast of power and packs a powerful punch. It can operate at frequencies between 35 and 120Hz. You can reach all the “basses” you could imagine. You can also get deep bass sound from the unit at 140W RMS. There is also a bass boost option that allows you to adjust your volume to 65 Hz.

The amplifier base and hardware are included to attach it and dock it to your vehicle. The amplifier base is dockable to make installation easy. You also get 2 RCA adapters.

This is a great driver that you can install in your vehicle or truck. It is a great Bluetooth subwoofer that can be installed in your car or truck because it doesn’t require any special installation.

The JBL Basspro Micro is a powerful machine that will make you look good. You can pair it with a good set of wireless subwoofers. You have a set that will get people talking about it when you ride down the street with your tailgaters. Enjoy your spending!

3. Power Acoustik RZ5‐2500DSP Bluetooth Subwoofer

Studio-quality audio for those who want the best from their car. This will give you the most excellent quality for this price. This will give you studio-quality audio wherever you drive.

The Acoustik Acoustik RZ5 2500DSP is a very affordable $183. It comes with Max 5-Channel Class D Amp, DSP, and Bluetooth. This gives you the freedom to maximize your car’s listening experience.

All these features are packed into a compact 4.75-inch chassis design. This is a great choice if you are looking for an amplifier that’s small and discreet. It also has an extremely user-friendly DSP that allows you to fine-tune any of your favorite music.

You want to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to car amps. The Power Acoustik RZ5 2500DSP is the best choice.

4. Kenwood KSC-PSW8 250W Max

Best portable bluetooth speakers

The Kenwood KSC PSW8 includes a class D amplifier. It is compact and portable, making it a very useful solution. They require very little space inside because they have smaller power transformers.

This compact size makes it easy to slide under your seats. You can save lots of space by putting the subwoofer under your seat. The great subwoofer is right under your feet, so you can feel the powerful bass reinforcement without taking up too much space.

The device has an 81 decibels sensitivity. The device produces a booming bass that comes from under your seat. The amplifier harness can be pulled to the front of your seat, making it easier to EQ your noise.

The rotary frequency controller adjusts the cutoff frequency for the low-pass filter from 50Hz to 125Hz. You can adjust the rotary frequency control to your preference. This is especially true if you have certain size head speakers that aid in the build.

5. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Best Portable Bluetooth Subwoofer

Bose’s sound quality is now in a smaller package that you can carry around with you. Bose portable Bluetooth speakers are a great company with excellent customer service. You won’t regret it.

Bose products are the best in audio devices. Bose is most well-known for its HiFi audio devices. The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speakers can also deliver excellent results. The SoundLink II II is a step above its predecessor and has set the standard for portable wireless speakers.

The SoundLink Mini II’s compact audio drivers are the first thing you think of when looking at it. They can produce sound on a wide range of frequencies and, surprisingly enough, they do so quickly. While the speaker retains the classic look of its predecessors, it adds a micro-perforated grille. Although the product is physically identical to its predecessors, it is lighter in raw weight. The product is 1.5 pounds in weight, which is enough to offset the vibrations from the bass drivers. These can, however, get quite loud when the media player’s equalizer is turned to maximum. The SoundLink can deliver crisp highs and rich lows as with all products in this price range.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II offers similar performance as its predecessors, but it also has several enhancements that improve its usability. One example of these features is the USB charging capabilities. This allows users to charge their phones, tablets, or other devices using a USB cable. The SoundLink Mini II also has speakerphone capabilities that allow the user to make and receive hands-free calls. The battery life of the SoundLink Mini II has been improved over previous versions. It can play music for up to 10 hours continuously, compared to the predecessors’ 7 hours.

The product comes with voice prompts that guide you through the process. This is useful for people who don’t know how to start, despite the ease of pairing it with any device. This feature can be annoying for some users. It is also difficult to turn off. Bose deserves credit for trying to help even the least experienced users.

6. JBL A1500HI 1500W 12″ Subwoofer

Best Bluetooth Subwoofer

The next one is extremely well-priced. Although this is a driver, it cannot be used as a standalone subwoofer. However, if you have a bit of setup with your stereo, wirelessly can be used with all audio systems. This driver is 12 inches in size and packs a huge punch for your truck or car stereo.

The JBL A1500H Polypropylene Woofer Cone provides maximum woofer efficiency due to its lightweight material. The price is very reasonable at less than $100, provided that it doesn’t come with a complete kit. It can be paired with any stereo system to provide the full sound experience with its powerful drivers and deep bass.

The frequency response is between 23Hz and 450Hz. It is recommended that the frequency range is between 23Hz and 450Hz. It can get quite high, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your sound system is in danger.

It has a progressive spider structure. This indicates that this bass can be turned up with zero distortion. It can also limit excursion. If you want to get crazy with your bass, this is the best option. You won’t have to worry about distortion noise from any source.

7. Echo Sub Subwoofer

Best portable Bluetooth speakers

To work, the Echo Sub must be connected to a compatible Echo device. It can be connected to an Echo device and produces a down-firing, 100W deep bass sound through the six-inch portable woofer. This is the best option if you’re looking for a Bluetooth subwoofer to pair with your phone.

8. Audiotek 10 Inches Peak Power

The topic of small things making huge waves. Audiotek’s 10 inches 400 Watt peak power delivers great sound in a little form factor. This thread is not about Bluetooth subwoofers, but the audio quality and big sounds. This one checks all the boxes.

The remote harness is included. The remote’s only rotary knob is the volume rocker. It might not offer a lot of control options. You can switch between the high-level and low-level RCA outputs on the device.

The subwoofer’s small size allows it to easily slip under the seats. The best thing about the sub-seat car speaker is its simplicity of installation.


9. BOSS Audio Systems MC900B Subwoofer

Best Portable Bluetooth Subwoofer

The device can be easily mounted on your dash and used to transform your stereo and subwoofer into a wireless system. This device has built-in power so you don’t need a head unit to connect. Simply plug in your speakers and you are good to go.

Bluetooth remote control included lets you stream music from your Bluetooth device, and you can use apps such as Spotify or any other streaming platform. This lets you replace your Dash unit and connect to your smartphone.

It’s a 4-channel amplifier. It can connect up to 4 external speakers and subwoofers. You can choose any of the under-seat subwoofers that you like and get to work with your amp.

It also has USB charging, which allows you to charge your phone.

You can easily replace the dash to unlock the process of creating a wireless subwoofer system for your car.

10. Anker SoundCore

Best Bluetooth Subwoofer Options

The SoundCore is a reliable portable  Bluetooth speaker that you will be able to rely on, thanks to its dual drivers and small size.

Another fantastic device for a surprisingly low price. These speakers will be a great deal at this price. We simply cannot find better audio in this price range. The SoundCore can drive with superior sound quality to speakers of higher price.

The Anker SoundCore can deliver Hi-Fi stereo audio through its dual high-performance drivers and its patented spiral bass port. It produces a music sound that is unmistakable. The crystal clear highs, booming lows, and excellent fidelity allow each song to be heard with exceptional clarity. This Bluetooth speaker can play audio for up to 24 hours. That’s more than a full day or 500 songs. The speaker’s powerful power-leading technology by Anker allows for a huge amount of playback time. It is able to extract every last bit of energy from its high-capacity LiIon battery.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with any device, further complementing its high-quality components. The Bluetooth 4.0 protocol’s EDR technology is excellent. This allows you to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth with high fidelity and almost-lossless quality. The speaker’s Bluetooth transmitter is powerful enough to pair with any compatible device within a range of up to 66 feet.

The SoundCore can play Hi-Fi music and also has a speakerphone that allows you to make and receive calls hands-free.

11. DOSS SoundBox XL

Best portable Bluetooth speakers

This might not be the best or most immersive way to drive your car, but it is the closest. This can be an alternative. It’s a Bluetooth speaker with a main Subwoofer, and two passive radiators each.

It is designed to deliver powerful bass. The driver’s size can also be used as a subwoofer substitute without taking up too much space. The DOSS SoundBox XL is a great option if you need to improve the car’s silence.

These two radiators, along with the 12W subwoofer, are not to be underestimated. These will provide plenty of power for your car audio. Simply pair it wirelessly with your smartphone to start bouncing. There are no wires.

This little monster packs a punch that is way beyond its weight. It also features advanced Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. You can also wirelessly connect it with another device. You can easily attach them to one another to create a DIY solution for your car’s stereo system.


Portable Bluetooth Subwoofer Buing Guide

Bluetooth Subwoofer Guide

We now know which brands are best to choose when searching for portable Bluetooth speakers. Let’s go deeper and discuss the key elements to consider in order to make the best purchase. It’s a good idea to look at each feature in detail if you aren’t sure which speaker to purchase. Even if the speaker isn’t manufactured by a well-respected brand, it will still be high-quality.

Frequency Response

Frequency response is a measurement unit that measures the frequency at which audio equipment can reproduce audio. This number is often listed on the box of the product or on the company website. It is measured in Hertz (Hz) and expressed in ranges rather than in units. A pair of headphones or speakers might have a frequency range response that is between 20Hz and 20,000Hz.

Although the exact ranges can vary depending on the device, they generally refer to the same thing. The range’s first number is the lowest frequency at which the speaker can produce sound. The highest number is, as you can guess, the highest frequency at which it can produce sound. The frequency range of headphones and speakers with smaller drivers will be smaller because it is difficult to produce sound at extreme frequencies using smaller components.

Stereo Capabilities

Stereo sound is the process by which music and sound are combined so that you hear different sounds from different directions. You might find a song with the guitar mixed to the left so you can hear the melody from the right driver. This is a great way to add more depth to your favorite tracks. Portable wireless speakers may not be able to reproduce stereo sound, so this is not always a good idea.

Portable speakers are a key feature. To reproduce stereo audio properly, there must be a minimum distance between the drivers. This is impossible when you pack 2 drivers into a small package. Additionally, most portable speakers only come with one driver, making it difficult to reproduce stereo audio.

There are many devices that can reproduce stereo sound with one driver. These speakers can be quite expensive due to the new technology involved. However, these speakers can be quite expensive if you want the best quality device.

Bluetooth Version

When searching for portable Bluetooth speakers, it is important to pay attention to the Bluetooth version that they use to pair them. Bluetooth v1 has been almost eliminated, but Bluetooth v2.1 remains very relevant in today’s technology. Bluetooth v4.0 is also available. It includes the EDR profile. This stands for enhanced data rate and is responsible for the improvement in sound quality that Bluetooth speakers have seen over the years.

Extra Features Of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Although not strictly necessary, Bluetooth speakers can be equipped with features that are intended to enhance the user’s experience using the device. These features could include, but not be limited to:

Bluetooth Speakerphone: A speakerphone function is a great option if you plan to use your Bluetooth speaker in the pool or while cooking. It will allow you to make calls and communicate with others via a microphone. Even if you don’t intend to use it in such situations, having the option to pick up your phone and talk to friends or family without using your hands is always a great feature, especially if your hobby is gaming and you can’t keep your fingers off the keyboard and mouse.

Multiple Connectivity: As we mentioned, Bluetooth speakers are unable to produce stereo sound. Some devices allow you to connect multiple devices together to create stereo sound. You can even create your own 5.1 Bluetooth setup by connecting 4 speakers and a subwoofer.

Extended Battery Life: Hi-Fi listening can put a strain on your battery, especially if the volume is high. You won’t need to have a very long battery life if you listen to music on a home theater system. It’s possible to just plug it into an outlet and use it as a portable speaker. If you plan to take the speaker on a weekend camping trip with you, it is a good idea to get a device that claims at least 4 to 5-hours of continuous battery life.

USB Port: Some speakers may also have a USB port. This allows our phones or other media players to drain the battery. This can be useful if your phone doesn’t have a charger or you don’t have enough space at your outlet to charge it. You could just use the USB port on the Bluetooth speaker to charge it.

NFC: NFC was mentioned above. Although it isn’t a major feature, you will be able to pair your phone with the Bluetooth subwoofer by simply tapping. This will allow you to save time and money in order to get your music playing.

Waterproofing: This is the name of the game: If you plan to take your speaker to the pool or beach, make sure it has waterproofing.

3.5mm Input Jack. Despite the fact that this article is about Bluetooth speakers, many models still have a 3.5mm input jack. This allows them to be connected to older media devices such as the iPod Classic. Bluetooth speakers are great for streaming media from your phone. However, if you plan to use them to connect to older devices such as the iPod Classic, you will need a 3.5mm aux cable.

FAQs About Wireless Subwoofer


Can You Put A Bluetooth Subwoofer In A Car?

The all-in-one BassPro Go is a hybrid car subwoofer and Bluetooth speaker that deepens the bass of your in-vehicle audio system before popping out of the car and playing tunes on the move. JBL calls the BassPro Go a first-to-market sound system for use both in and out of the car.

Are Bluetooth Subwoofers Any Good?

Wireless subwoofers are great for many people. It has excellent reliability, connectivity, and may even unlock the potential of your sound system.

Do Wireless Subwoofers Interfere With WiFi?

Yes, it will interfere if you are using the same band. For example, if your WiFi router is using 2.4Ghz and your soundbar is also using the same band, it will interfere with your WiFi.


No matter what type of car you drive, a Bluetooth subwoofer can improve the music that plays from your radio or from your auxiliary device. Hope that you can find the most suitable device to enjoy your driving experience.

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