Bm-800 Condenser Microphone Review 2023: Is It For You?

Bm-800 Condenser Microphone Review 2023 Is It For You
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Are you on the hunt for a reliable and affordable condenser microphone for your recordings? Look no further than the BM 800 condenser microphone.

This microphone has become popular in the music business because of how well it sounds and how cheap it is.

In this BM-800 condenser microphone review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the device. Also sharing our thoughts on its performance, durability, and overall value.

Let’s dive in.

What is the BM-800 Microphone?

What is the BM-800 Microphone

The BM-800 Micr by ZINGYOU is an XLR cardioid condenser microphone. The microphone is very popular even though it isn’t so well-known. It is also a top seller on Amazon with impressive reviews.

The BM800 is a complete solution for your home studio setup. This condenser microphone picks up the sound without any noise to eliminate background sounds with a wide range.

The BM800 microphone has a flat frequency response between 20Hz and 20KHz. The equivalent noise level is 16dBA. This makes it ideal for condenser microphones. It can also handle sounds up to 132dB. This microphone’s frequency range is perfect for studio recording.

This condenser microphone works well for both vocals or instrumentals. The best microphone has a well-balanced bass response, which means it makes great sound.


Earamble Professional Microphones offer many positive features, including cool and high-quality features. These are based on user experience.

Clear and crisp sound. Many users have tested and reviewed the Earamble Professional Mic. They are positive about its ability to record high-quality sound and ready-to-play recordings. The microphone produces a clear and warm sound. It does have a detailed midrange, which is where the sound is best, and a smooth high end for instrumentals.

Quick setup. Once you attach the suspension arm to the desk, you can adjust the mic and arm in various directions to suit your needs.

Budget microphone. You will receive a professional-quality audio recording microphone for your home-based studio at a reasonable price.

The condenser is in one direction. Some condenser mics pick up more background sounds but Earamble is uni-directional. It records your voice loudly and clearly. This is similar to a voice recording device dictaphone.

Professional Design. It’s not only capable of recording, but it also looks great. If you are making a youtube channel, having it visible on camera gives your youtube videos a professional look.

Many users of the study mic have dropped it, and it still works perfectly.


Earamble BM 800 condenser microphone has many great features, but some users have had negative experiences with the product.

Low-quality parts. Even though a lot of people like that it can record, the build quality is average, and some may even find it fragile. Some users said that the clips’ rubber bands broke quickly and that the metal wasn’t the best quality.

It is not for recording music. It is more effective at recording broadcasts than music, according to some. Without a phaser or pop filter, you can’t get all of the details and depth of a program.

Recording quality is poor. Low recording.

Features and Benefits of Bm-800 Condenser Microphone Review

Features and Benefits of Bm-800 Condenser Microphone Review

Condenser mics, such as the BM-800, can capture more information at lower levels than dynamic mics. The BM-800 microphone is a great choice for people with a limited budget. Although it works well without a pre-amp, the results are even better with one.

  • Professional Recording Equipment: Equipped with Zingyou BM-800 microphone,
  • Sensitive Capture: The Zingyou BM-800 features a thin material diaphragm
  • Great in both Vocal and Instruments: Wide frequency response makes it an ideal
  • Low Noise

1. Simple to use and set up

The budget microphone is easy to use. The setting up of the microphone takes only a few minutes.

It is highly recommended to use Phantom Power to run the BM800 condenser mic. You will therefore be able to capture audio without having to increase the input gain. This will reduce background noise and produce better audio.

2. Noise Reduction

The microphone has a sturdy shock mount- a noise cancellation system that removes additional noise from your studio. The pop filter will give the microphone a natural appearance. Because it doesn’t generate too much background noise, the microphone is very steady.

3. Stability

The microphone is very sturdy and does not produce any self-noise when placed on a table or stand. It is very versatile in its ability to move around on the table.

4. Frequency

BM 800 condenser mic Frequency

The frequency response range of the microphone is 20Hz-20kHz. This was confirmed during testing. The microphone can pick up both very high- and low-frequency sounds. It also has a sensitivity of -34dB 3dB.

The output impedance of the mic is constant at 150/30 percent. The mic still sounds excellent, even when it is weak or without phantom powers. The mic picks up finer details than other microphones and leaves very little background noise.

Although the mic may not be as soft as other mics, it still provides a lot of warmth and depth for its low price. A pre-amp would make the results even better. It is one of the budget microphones.

5. Using an amp

A microphone pre-amp is necessary for condenser mics. It will give 48 volts to your microphone to get the best out of it. If you plan to use the microphone for podcasting music, or singing, it is a smart idea.

We don’t believe that pre-amps are necessary if you only use the microphone to chat with friends.

6. Switches

The microphone has switches that allow you to control bass, pad, or attenuation. You have more control over the sound the microphone produces if it has more switches. You can also bass roll-off switch and attenuation.

7. Applications

The BM 800 Microphone can be used for vocal and instrumental performances. It is an all-rounder microphone that can be used for both vocal and instrumental performances.

8. Built to Last

BM 800 Built to Last

This microphone has a metal body made from Aluminum Alloy. It is both durable and reliable. According to the BM-800 Condenser microphone review, it is also very comfortable to hold in your hand.

The BTSKY BM-800 is an excellent board microphone. The package includes a shock-mounting bracket as well as a foam cover.

The microphone’s metal body appears solid and durable built quality.

It will not come apart in a strong breeze. There are many options for looks. However, they all share the same minimalist aesthetic. It’s a nice touch to have the anodized blue accented with silver.

9. Design

The BM 800 Condenser Microphone is a premium product. Although the body looks made of aluminum, the gold-plated mesh section was made of steel. We discovered this when we tested it using a magnet. It is slightly heavier than the average microphone, which adds to its overall premium build quality.

The BM-800 microphone is unidirectional, so you need to aim it in the right direction to get a sound recording. It requires phantom power and can be connected to your audio interface via an XLR connection.

Before you buy this mic, make sure you have all the necessary gear. Other options exist, such as using batteries.

The thing you get in the box

It is essential to be able to see what is in the box. It would help if you did not miss anything in the microphone.

These are the main items you’ll find in your box with a mic.

  • Arm Stand
  • Shock Mount
  • Pop Filter
  • Foam filter

This is an excellent deal for the price. It is almost like getting a complete microphone setup. A pass filter is optional, but it might be necessary. With detailed assemble video and Instruction document.


FAQs about Bm 800 condenser microphone

Is BM800 MIC good audio quality?

The Earamble Bluetooth BM800 mic is great for recording audio, vocal performance. This mic is affordable and high-quality. It is user-friendly, long-range, universally compatible, and produces high-quality recordings.

Does the BM800 microphone need phantom power?

It does not. The BM800 electret uses an insulating layer to carry a permanent charger, which makes it more energy-efficient. To improve the audio output, however, we recommend using Phantom Power.

Can you plug a condenser mic into an amp?

The BM800 doesn’t require phantom power so that you can connect it with an amplifier. This is not true for most condenser microphones, as they require phantom power to function.

Is the BM 800 a USB microphone?

Yes, the BM 800 USB microphone is available.

Is a condenser mic good for vocals?

Condenser mics are the best choice for live vocals. They can pick up high frequencies and are sensitive to all types of sounds.

Because of their high sensitivity, they are great for recording studio setups. They pick up sounds that dynamic mics cannot pick up.

Can I put a microphone in AUX input?

You can connect a high-impedance, non-balanced mic to your Aux Input if it is not balanced. This is not the way pre-amps were designed to work. You might experience poor-quality signals as a result.

How do I connect my BM-800 microphone to my laptop?

You will first need a USB sound card and a Phantom powerbox. The next step is to get three connectors.

  • Chord to connect the phantom adapter with the power supply
  • The USB adaptor for the phantom-power cable
  • Microphone to the Phantom Power Connector

After you have all the information, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect chord 3 from the microphone to phantom power
  • Step 2: Connect chord two from your USB dedicated sound card to the Phantom Power
  • Step 3: Connect the chord one from the Phantom Power to the Outlet or Power Source
  • Step 4: Turn on the phantom energy
  • Step 5: Connect your USB sound card to the USB port on your computer

Last words

I’ve covered nearly everything you need to know about the BM800 Condenser Microphone. It will provide if you pay attention to the specifics while buying.

The BM-800 Condenser microphone is the best microphone budget-friendly for studios. This microphone is excellent for vocals and instrumentals.

The BM800 microphone is also among the most affordable mics under $50. You can find more budget-friendly options by checking out these studio microphones for under $100.

Are you able to answer any questions about this microphone? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.


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