What is Borgore Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Borgore Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

In the music industry, there are artists who make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy. One such artist is Yosef Asaf Borger, better known by his stage name Borgore. With his unique blend of genres and his contribution to the music scene, it’s no wonder that people are curious about his net worth.

In this article, we will delve into Borgore net worth, career, and achievements.

Quick Facts

Real NameYosef Asaf Borger
Popular NameBorgore
Birth DateOctober 20, 1987
Age36 years old
ParentsNot Available
SiblingsBrother named Tax
Birth PlaceHolon, Israel
EducationTrained in jazz from a young age
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationNot Available
DatingNot dating anyone currently
Net WorthOver $3 million
Source of WealthMusic industry, Founder of Buygore Records
Height175 cm

What is Borgore Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Net Worth of Borgore and Salary in 2023

Borgore has built a successful career in the music industry, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. As of 2023, his estimated net worth was over $3 million. However, it’s important to note that net worth can fluctuate due to various factors such as album sales, live performances, brand endorsements, and investments.

In 2023, Borgore’s earning is expected to have grown further, thanks to his continued success and entrepreneurial endeavors. As an influential DJ and producer, he commands high fees for his performances at festivals and events around the world.

Additionally, his record label, Buygore Records, has seen success with its releases and signings, contributing to his income. While an exact figure for his net worth in 2023 is not available, it is safe to assume that it has increased since 2021.

Borgore Overview and Wiki

Borgore Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Borgore, born Yosef Asaf Borger, was raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a Jewish family. From a young age, he received training in jazz, which helped develop his musical skills and laid the groundwork for his future career. His passion for music led him to explore different genres and experiment with his sound.


Borgore’s journey in the music industry began at a young age. He received formal training in jazz, which laid the foundation for his musical skills. Initially, he played drums for the Israeli deathcore band Shabira before venturing into electronic music as a solo artist.

With his unique sound, often described as Gorestep, Borgore gained recognition for his incorporation of triplet drum patterns and heavy metal influences in his tracks. His music has been compared to horror movies, farm animals, and sex due to its intense and energetic nature. Over the years, Borgore has released tracks under renowned record labels such as Dim Mak Records, Spinnin’ Records, Sumerian Records, Shift Recordings, and his own label, Buygore.

One of Borgore’s notable releases was the single Decisions, featuring backup vocals by Miley Cyrus, which gained significant popularity. This collaboration showcased his ability to bring together diverse genres and artists. Additionally, he has explored different sounds throughout his career, shifting from dubstep to trap and house music.

His talent and creativity have earned him worldwide acclaim, leading to collaborations with renowned artists such as Waka Flocka Flame. His music resonates with a wide audience, contributing to his success as a performer and producer.


Borgore’s contributions to the music industry have not gone unnoticed, and he has received recognition for his talent and achievements. While an extensive list of awards is not available, his influence and impact on the electronic music scene are evident.

Through his music releases and live performances, Borgore has garnered a loyal fan base worldwide. His ability to push boundaries and experiment with different genres has made him a respected figure in the EDM community. While accolades may not define an artist’s worth, they serve as a testament to their talent and contribution to the industry.

Personal Life

As of now, Borgore is single, and details about his personal life and romantic relationships are not available publicly. He tends to keep his personal life private, focusing on his music and professional endeavors.

Borgore List News 2023

He announced in January 2023 that he would be releasing a new album, The Cult of Borgore, in the spring. The album is said to be a return to Borgore’s roots in dubstep and electro house.

He launched his own record label, Borgore Records, in February 2023. The label will release music from Borgore himself, as well as from other artists that he believes in.

Social Media

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FAQs about Borgore

FAQs about Borgore

What is Borgore’s most notable collaboration?

One of his most notable collaborations was with Miley Cyrus on the single Decisions. This collaboration showcased his ability to bridge different genres and garnered significant attention.

Has Borgore won any awards?

While an extensive list of awards is not available, Yosef has received recognition for his talent and contributions to the music industry.

How has Borgore’s musical style evolved over the years?

Yosef initially gained popularity as a dubstep artist before transitioning to a more trap and house sound. His willingness to experiment with different genres has allowed him to evolve creatively.

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Borgore’s journey in the music industry as a DJ, producer, and founder of Buygore Records has been nothing short of remarkable. With his unique sound and ability to blend genres, he has carved a niche for himself in the EDM scene. Through his talent and creativity, he has amassed a considerable net worth, expected to have increased further since 2021.

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