Bose Solo Soundbar Series II Review: Is It For You? 2023

Bose Solo Soundbar Series II Review 2023 Is It For You

The Bose Solo Soundbar Series II is a loudspeaker system that offers the best sound quality you can find in a small package. With an ultra-slim design and a large, 10-inch woofer, the Bose Solo immerses you in rich, powerful audio without taking up a lot of space or being difficult to transport.

This is the answer if you are looking for a small but powerful soundbar to get an excellent sound home theatre system. This Bose Solo Soundbar Series II review article will provide an overview of the sound quality of this speaker system.

Don’t worry about the small price tag, since this product is a wise investment since it can be used in any room of your house.

Unboxing and First Looks

This soundbar is a pedestal design. The chassis is made of sturdy, matte-grey plastic and can support TVs up to 40 pounds. This will cover most models with a 37-inch screen and some lighter 42-inch models.

The soundbar’s front has a metal grille that extends to the sides. Bose did not include a display on the show. You will have to find it.

The best soundbar comes with a power cord and an optical audio cable: an RCA cable, a universal remote control, and an instruction guide. In the next section, we will examine how this soundbar connects with your devices.


  • Crisp & clear dialogue
  • Rich Bass
  • Soundbar of small size, but powerful
  • Elegant design
  • Handy Dialogue & Bass modes
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, AUX & Optical Wired Inputs
  • Built-in Dolby encoder
  • 2 Speakers
  • 8.6 x 54.9x 7.1 cm Dimensions

Bose Solo Soundbar Series II Specs

Bose Solo Soundbar Serie II Reviews


Bose Solo series II soundbars are elegantly designed with a matte-finish top. It is smaller in dimensions than other soundbars yet produces a great surround sound and decent bass. The Bose soundbars dimensions are 8.6×54.9×7.1cm, making it more discreet than other soundbars in a similar price range.

Its top measures approximately 7 cm. I do not doubt that it is your living room or bedroom. This rich bass soundbar can settle in any space with ease. It can be placed under your TV and left alone.

It can be wall-mounted, but it doesn’t need a Tv stand. The Bose series II soundbars includes two anchors that can be attached to walls. It’s best to place it under your smart TV.

However, if your TV is more significant than 50 inches, you can choose a larger soundbars. The soundbars will look smaller compared to the TV.

You can still use the Bose Solo Series 2 soundbar on any TV. However, I prefer this soundbar for mid-range TVs—most TVs between 32 and 43 inches.

The Solo soundbar series 2 comes with universal remote control for controlling it. A 1.5m optical cable and a power supply cable are also included in the package. It reminds me of my Dell Laptop power supply cables.

Sound & Bass

This soundbar could be the perfect solution if you’re tired of hearing unnatural sounds coming from your TV. Bose Solo Series II soundbar produces crisp and clear sound through its speakers.

Bose did not reveal the maximum output of the soundbar’s two speakers located behind the steel grill. However, they claim that the speaker array provides rich and enhanced bass without a subwoofer.

It isn’t heavy or loud, but it works well for music and movies with high beats. Dolby Decoding technology is used to enhance voice clarity and analog audio quality. It’s designed to deliver more prosperous, richer audios.

Base Solo 15’s sound stage is made up of five drivers. Three are located in the middle, where they fire sound forward. A driver is also located on the side of each soundbar. The side-firing driver creates a large sound stage together. Even scenes filled with spatial sound effects, crisp, clear dialogue stands out.

The soundbars is best used in a small space.

Bose Solo Soundbar Series II Sound & Bass

It includes a pair of speakers that deliver good sound quality. Although the power output isn’t as powerful as the mid-range smart TVs (20W), it can make a big difference in the quality and sound.

The Bose does not have a subwoofer and is not compatible with external subwoofers. It also lacks an LED display that can show the volume and bass settings.

The soundbar attempts to surround sound with a clever arrangement.

The Bose Solo series II soundbar does not have any buttons for controlling the matte-finished top. Instead, a remote is included with the package. Although the soundbar remote includes bass controls in addition to volume controls, it is not direct. To adjust the bass, you must press the BASS button.

It might seem not very clear at first, but you soon get used to it.


Connectivity is a critical factor in soundbar selection. It determines the soundbar’s flexibility. Soundbars with more inputs (5 or more) are considered more flexible than soundbars with fewer inputs.

Bose Solo series two soundbars offer wired audio transfer connectivity via the digital optical port and AUX for new smart TVs. It provides coaxial communication for older TVs with a digital coaxial port.

The Bluetooth technology used by the Bose Solo series II soundbar for wireless playback connectivity is Bluetooth. It can be connected to any smart device.

This sound bar connects faster than any other soundbar and has no compatibility issues or lags, regardless of whether it’s your smartphone, smart TV, or laptop.

It can be used as a wireless speaker with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection or as a TV sound system. When connected, the optical connection works excellent with your smart TV. The AUX connection also seems to work well, but I prefer the optical IN.

The soundbar can be set to auto-awake, which wakes it up when it receives a call from most televisions. My previous soundbar didn’t do this:


The price is the most anticipated part of this soundbar. Bose Solo series II soundbars are priced at around PS179.

Although the price tag is more expensive than other soundbars with the same specs, this soundbar will be able to serve you well in your living room.

There are other soundbars available that can compete with the Bose series II soundbar. You can see them in the next section.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The analysis of Bose Solo Soundbar highlights its elegant design that will seamlessly fit into any living space. It measures only 7cm high and 55cm long.
  • This Solo soundbar Series II can be installed in a matter of minutes. The power cable and optical audio cables are connected to your TV. Both lines come with your sound system.
  • You can anchor it to the wall bracket using the Bose Solo soundbar II Test. There are also anchors that you can use. A small remote control can also be found in the box to control the soundbar.
  • You can adjust the parameters of the soundbar using the remote control. Because it uses artificial intelligence, the dialogue mode is the most prominent. It allows you to hear and understand conversations clearly on the screen.
  • You can adjust the bass level by pressing the BAS button.
  • You can connect your soundbar via Bluetooth to any TV, in addition to the optical cable. You can connect your smartphone and tablet to Series II to hear your music through Series II speakers.
  • The soundbar’s two speakers can output 30W. Although it isn’t much more than mid-range televisions, usually 20W, it is sufficient to make a significant difference.


  • It is missing some details, such as the HDMI ARC connection and microphone system, and subwoofer, for its price.
  • The soundbar’s red light system does not indicate the level of your soundbar.


Is the Bose Solo soundbar Series II Bluetooth enabled?

It has Bluetooth, which allows wireless connection to your smartphone, latest smart TVs, or laptop via Bluetooth. Bluetooth will enable you to stream music wirelessly directly from your smartphone.

Is the Bose Solo soundbar Series II Bluetooth enabled

What is the wattage of Bose Solo Soundbar Series II?

It’s a mystery. Bose Solo soundbar did not include the maximum output wattage for the Bose Solo series II soundbar in any media, and there is no mention of it on their website or manual. Few online influencers have claimed that the Bose Solo series II soundbar can deliver 30W at maximum.

How can I connect my Bose Solo soundbar 2 to my TV?

  • Connect the other end of the optical into your smart TV
  • Connect the optical IN end to Bose Solo soundbar Series II soundbar
  • Both the TV speakers and soundbar should be turned on
  • Verify that the small LED lights are green.

Do you look for a way to connect Bose soundbar to the TV?

Is it possible to add a subwoofer for the Bose Solo soundbar series II?

Bose does not currently support external subwoofers.


This Bose Solo Soundbar Series II has a balanced and neutral sound, with a fantastic frequency response range. The bass is mighty, and it fills the room but without sounding overpowering.

This system sounds as good as high-end home theatre systems without the expensive price tag. If you are in the market for a soundbar, the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II is worth a try.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article. Hooke Audio hopes you have found it exciting and that you feel that it is valuable information about Bose Solo Soundbar Series II.


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