Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review 2022: Is It For You?

Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review 2022 Is It For You
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When we typically think of headphones we think of the earbuds that wrap around our ear hooks. Bose offers a newer model of earbuds to optimize the quality without the wires and weight which cause discomfort.

Bose wireless sport headphones are a great choice for those who need a versatile set of headphones. These headphones work well for people who want to stay active and enjoy their music or podcast as they work out at the gym, for example.

These durable headphones have an unique design that is lightweight and comfortable, even as you switch between activities.

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones for active listeners, read Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review to know more about this product before deciding to buy it.

Who Is It For?

This product is for anyone who wants a pair of Sport open earbuds that is lightweight, comfortable, and offers the best possible sound and call quality.

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds offer a wire-free design that makes them ideal for runners and other athletes. Geared toward runners and bikers who want their ears open to the world for safety reasons.

These Bose headphones are wireless so they’re less likely to get tangled because they don’t block your ear canals.

Bose sport open earbuds review

They have an completely open design so they are breathable, making them suitable for sports. The sound is decent but the deep bass is not very pronounced. We also found that the earbuds don’t stay in place while running.

They may be a decent choice for athletes but there are several other models that offer impressively full sound, detailed audio performance, and superior fit.

The form factor is great for runners, cyclists, and gym-goers. The Bose Open earbuds are light enough to wear comfortably for long periods of time. They’re also water-resistant so they won’t get damaged if you sweat.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review

Pros And Cons


  • Good battery life
  • Open design has its merits
  • Reliable controls


  • Design hampers sound quality
  • No ANC or noise isolation
  • Hard plastic construction
  • No charging case
  • No customization options

Brice and Availability

Bose Sport Open Earbuds are currently $199 at Best Buy and directly from Bose. They are priced lower than rivals like Beats Powerbeats Pro ($250) but higher than the Bose Sport Earbuds (180).

Build And Design

The earbuds are the first to use Bose’s OpenAudio technology. The Bose frames are sleek, light, and portable, the quality is worth nothing. They come with a clip and carrying case for easy storage. They also come with two different-sized earbud covers to accommodate different size ears.

The left earbud button is the only one with a button that is used to control music playback, voice assistance, and voice prompts and to answer calls. They are very comfortable to wear for hours, even with the buds fully seated in the ear hooks.

The wire is thick enough to prevent tangling but thin enough not to create discomfort while wearing them.

The Bose frames and feel of the Bose Sport Open Earbuds are what you would expect from a premium brand. The logo on the left earbud is subtle but noticeable.

Build And Design of Sport Open earbuds

The clip and carrying case is the same color as the earbuds, but they both stand out on the desk. The oval back of the earbud has the Bose logo along with an Open which gives the impression that the earbuds are not fully closed.

The Bose Open Sport earbuds look a bit like snails, with bulbous thick ear hooks and rounded housings. They dangle from the top of your ears and are careful not to touch your ear canal.

It’s a bit of an odd sensation, but it works. The whole setup is actually very comfortable. They have no touch controls.

If you wear glasses, they do not really poke into your ears and may fit just fine.

The Sport Open buds come with a nice-looking charging case that you can attach to the earbuds when not in use.


The Bose Music app lets little in the way of special features, but Bose is known for dropping substantial updates to its headsets after the Bose products go on sale.

It is entirely possible that future Bose Open Sport Earbuds may come with active noise cancellation, transparency mode, Ambient Aware, or other features that aren’t even on the market yet.

This is where Bose really separates itself from most others in the business. At this point, they are unrivaled in the smart headphone market.

The unit ships with just over 50GB of storage.

Bose Music app downloads can be put on the device, but if you are streaming video, this is the only method of doing so. It’s as easy as putting music on your phone and syncing it to the Bose.

The unit has 8GB of RAM, so it does have a bit of a stutter if you have a lot of music on the device at the same time.


If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that have a tight seal, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds are not for you. They do not come with a noise-cancelling or noise-isolating design.

Bose says the advanced microphone system is designed to focus only on your voice and reduce the sound of wind and other noise around.

The Sport Open earbuds do seal around your ears and block some outside noise, but it’s pretty much the same as any other pair of earbuds. They provide a decent amount of ambient noise isolation as well.

Although the noise isolation performance of open-ear headphones is poor, it’s not surprising.

These Sport Open Earbuds don’t cover your ears, which allows you to be aware of the AC unit, ambient chatter, and the rumble of bus engines. what is going on around you while you are doing outdoor exercise. This allows you to hear the hum of an AC unit.

Call Quality And Connection

These buds are great for indoor calls (I was able to get some fantastic clarity with Zoom calls), but they need to be used in a quiet environment.

The right earbud has a two-mic array that focuses on your voice and reduces background noise. This doesn’t work because my friends can hear everything around me.

It was worse to jump on calls outside because the wind and water resistance of these buds was low, and it struggled in drafty conditions to clear my voice.

The connection of Bose Sport Open Earbuds is so perfect that the best sound and call quality is one of the best I have ever heard. For a better connection, you have to have your iPhone or any other device right next to you so the Bluetooth is not interrupted.

The connection is all Bluetooth, which works well on iPhone and Android devices as well. Like the ANC feature, it’s very responsive and easy to use.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds Reviews: Call Quality And Connection

You can change tracks by slowly tapping on the earphones or you can answer and making calls with the tap of a button. The range is about 30 feet from one device, which is pretty good for a Bluetooth connection. The earbuds will turn on, pair with each other, and enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

Use the volume controls on the connected Bluetooth device, such as the multifunction button on your smartphone or the volume slider in a music app.

There is also an audio cable for Apple devices, so you can turn them into wired headphones too.

Battery Life

Bose Sport Open Earbuds are for you if you’re looking for bone conduction headphones without the hassle of carrying around battery life.

A major selling point of these earbuds is their long battery life, which will make these earbuds great for activities like hiking and swimming.

The Bose true wireless earbuds themselves will last for eight hours on one charge, but they can be recharged in an hour with the included USB charger.

The Bose true wireless earbuds can also be fully charged in just 90 minutes with the included AC adapter. You will get about 10 hours of playing time on a single charge, so you can use them for multiple activities.

Bose claims a wireless range of 33 feet, which is a very respectable range for Bluetooth earbuds.

Sound Quality

The sound of Bose Sport Open Earbuds is surprisingly fantastic. The various ranges are all very well balanced and equally audible.

I found that deep bass was punchy without becoming too overwhelming, and the highs were never harsh or tinny. The lows were very well-rounded and deep.

Bose promises that each earbud will be as equally as loud as the other one, and I found that to be true. The sub bass levels of these earbuds were evenly distributed from one side to the other.

Even at a moderate volume control, I could hear each note very well.

Bose Sport Open Earbuds Reviews: Sound Quality

Speaking of volume controls, these earbuds really go loud. Bose is known for its Quiet Comfort technology, which is a passive noise cancellation system. I’ve tested their bone conduction headphones before, and they are amazing. The earbuds are no different.

The active noise cancellation does an excellent job blocking out background sounds, while the sound is pristine. The audio quality is really something special, especially considering how tiny these things are.

The bass is very powerful, and they produce an excellent mid-range. The treble is not over-mixed, and it’s clear that Bose did not sacrifice quality for portability.

The true test of this technology is to turn the higher volumes and see how much other noise the earbuds can filter out.

Let’s just say that this right earbud was very good at taking in ambient sound and blocking it out, and still producing an awesome sound.


The Bose Sport Open earbuds come with a microphone that supports voice commands, which is able to work with both Siri and device’s Voice Assistant.

The right earbud houses a dual-microphone setup is designed to cancel out background noise while maintaining a level of clarity in your voice.

This is what you want out of a microphone, but there are some drawbacks to having one on this small of a device.

The microphone is designed to stable fit into the earbuds, but it’s not always comfortable to place the microphone up against your cheek. This can make things difficult when trying to take phone calls or answering text messages.

While the microphone works as intended, it just can’t be as effective as a traditional mic that sits on your ear.

This is not a dealbreaker for anyone.


Bose Sound Sport earbuds are a type of earbuds that provide excellent audio quality and comfortability. These earbuds are more expensive than some other earbuds, but the features they provide make them worth the price.

They comfortable fit and stay in your ear canal while you exercise and comfortably wear. The cord is also very short which makes them perfect for workouts or any sport.

While Bose’s sport open earbuds can be a bit pricey, they’re worth the money. They’re great for anyone who wants a better pair of earbuds that will perform well for a long time.

Plus, the price you pay for them is still a great deal when compared to other headphones.


Bose Sport Open Earbuds Reviews: Versus



Can You Wear Glasses With Bose Sport Open Earbuds?

The earbud should be placed over your ear. … On the inner surface of each earbud, look for the R (right) and L (left) markings. Before you put on your glasses to get the best fit, take off your glasses.

Once the earbuds feel impressively stable and comfortable, you can put your glasses back.

Are Bose SoundSport Headphones Good?

Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds are a great pair with a reliable connection. Although they can withstand all the stress of working out, their open ear design and poor fit will make them unpopular with casual listeners.

Which One Is Better Bose Sport Earbuds Or Bose SoundSport Free?

Bose Sport Earbuds Truly Wireless earbuds have marginally better audio performance than the Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless for fitness and sport.

Which One Is Better Bose Sport Earbuds Or Bose SoundSport Free?

Sport Earbuds wireless headphones are more suitable for intense training because they have a better fit. The SoundSport Free headphones are semi-open, and they have closed-back headphones.

Do Bose Sport Earbuds Fall Out?

The Bose Sport Earbuds come in three sizes of the Bose StayHear Max Eartips. Each earbud has integrated wings that allow for a snug fit.

While the headphone has never fallen out midrun (and I’m not delicate with them), you should keep in mind that the Sport Earbuds are not going to be super tight.

Read more: How To Wear Earbuds With Wings?

How Can You Use Bose Sport Headphones?

  • Place the earbud in your ear canal so that the ear tip rests gently at the opening.
  • To create a secure seal at your ears, rotate the earbuds back a little.
  • Place the ear tip wing’s top under your ear ridge.
  • To insert the second earbud, repeat steps 1 through 3.


The Bose Sport Open Earbuds are well-reviewed earbuds that are well-suited for fitness enthusiasts and runners. They are wireless, lightweight, and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that can take your workouts to the next level, then these are worth checking out.

Bose is often in the news for its running headphones. It is considered one of the most renowned brands in the industry due to its expertise in creating premium quality headphones.

Thanks for reading! Hooke Audio hopes that you’ve found our Bose Sport Open Earbuds Review useful.

The video below details the product features and specifications of this product.

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