Bragi Dash Vs Headphone: Which Is Better And Why? [Explained]

Bragi Dash Vs Headphone Which Is Better And Why

The Bragi Dash Vs Headphone are two different products that serve slightly different purposes. Keep reading our post about Bragi, Hooke Audio will show you important things to know for deciding on which device best suits your needs.

The Bragi Dash is a pair of true earbuds that can be used to listen to music, make phone calls, or track your fitness with an included heart rate monitor.

The Headphone is designed as a high-quality set of headphones that allow you to listen to music without wires getting in the way. Both devices have their benefits and drawbacks.

What is the difference between a Bragi Dash vs Headphone?

 If you’re looking to buy either one of these wearable tech devices, here’s what you need to know:

 The Bragi Dash

What is the difference between a Bragi Dash vs Headphone?

 The Bragi Dash is a wireless earphone with activity-tracking features such as a heart rate monitor that can also pair up with other fitness devices. It has 4GB internal storage and allows users to listen to music, takes calls without being connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Pairing Bragi The Dash takes a little more effort than the automatic pairing process found in most Bluetooth headphones. You’ll find different versions of the pair in the Bluetooth pairing menu. To successfully pair the device, you will need to listen to the voice prompts and press the earpieces.

It’s not a problem as you only need to pair once. The pairing option isn’t perfect.

After the initial pairing, the earpieces will automatically connect when they are worn in your ears. They also pause the music when you take them out and go into sleep mode if you stay idle for a while.

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Design and smart Features

Although they are lighter and thinner, these earbuds look very similar to The Dash. These earbuds are made of black plastic and have vented mic slots that allow you to hear what’s around you.

This mode is called Transparency Mode, and it’s one of the few lifestyle features that Bragi The Dash retains.

You will need to adjust to the 3-key control center on the right earpiece to enable Transparency Mode.

It is designed to be similar to the 3-button system found on most inline headphones. There are plus and minus keys that adjust volume, as well as a power/multifunction key.

However, this key does not work as well.

Audio Performance

Bragi The Dash uses an audio transparency mode. You can control it in the mobile app or use swipes on your left earpiece. This mode allows you to hear what’s going on around you.

You might experience a slight delay in ambient Audio. If you tap on a keyboard, the ambient Audio will play the initial strike, which could be silenced, and then the ambient microphone’s signal a few milliseconds later.

Additionally, the microphone is much more readable than you might expect for a phone without a cable.

Bragi Dash emits high-frequency in-ear hiss that is not annoying nor loud but can be heard. This sounds very similar to noise-canceling headphones. The Dash does not have active noise cancellation circuitry.

The earpieces passively reduce ambient sound by reducing the volume of the monitor microphones when they are turned off.

The robust low-frequency response of The Dash when it is playing tracks with intense sub-bass content. Its drivers don’t distort at high, unhealthy listening levels.

You’ll still get a strong bass response if you lower the volume. It isn’t exaggerated, as the earbuds aren’t capable of producing deep lows like many exercise-focused earphones.

Dash’s music doesn’t have deep bass. The drums sound almost flat compared to the way they do with heavily bass-boosted headphones.

The treble response is distinctive, with each aspect having a crisp and clear sheen. The high-mids and highs can sometimes seem overly sculpted. You can also hear some sculpting in the low-mids, which sound more boosted and give Callahan’s baritone vocals an additional richness.

This produces a clear and distortion-free sound signature. It’s clear that Bragi The Dash doesn’t offer a flat response.


  • The Bragi Dash is a fully-featured, waterproof earbud with accurate heart rate monitoring and powerful bass with smooth mids and highs.
  • It also comes equipped with touch-sensitive earspeakers for easy operation of the device without having to remove your hands from anywhere else on the body.
  • The headphones can play music off of internal memory, or you may connect it to Bragi’s fitness app so as not only to listen but track how well you are doing in comparison to others who have taken similar workouts before!


 Many people use the Bragi Dash to listen to and store music. However, many are upset with how quickly their battery dies out after only a few hours of wear.

  • Many people have been disappointed by the short-lived batteries that come from these headphones because they seem unable to last more than four or five hours before needing an important charge for continued listening enjoyment without interruption.

The Headphone 

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The Headphone is similar in feature set but smaller in size than the Dash. However, the Headphone does not have Reminders To Move, which will remind you when you are sedentary for too long, nor does it include a rep counting feature that monitors your reps while working out.


Hold the power key down for 3 seconds to pair your device with another one. Next, choose from the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.

It may be difficult to switch them on later without accidentally setting them to repair. This is why you should use a one-second hold. Waiting for the solid LED to turn on is the trick, then pull the pressure immediately. Although this works, it would be better to have a switch.

After pairing your device, the earbuds will automatically connect when the device is powered on. They’ll also power down when the device’s charging.

Design and smart Features

It is essential to spend some time to find the right ear tip size for you. You can purchase it in black or white.

Taps and swipes can be used to control the earbuds. You can also control them by pressing your finger on the earpiece surface. You can also use shaking your head or nodding to take or reject an incoming call.

The control process is also smooth. It can take some time to learn which control each one is for and which ear to use. The left ear is mainly used for fitness tracking.

However, the right ear is used to adjust audio playback, change volume (that works independently of the master volume level on your device), and monitor navigation.

Audio Performance

The Audio is rich and complete, but it also sounds very pulpy in the lower midrange and bass. It’s clear and comparatively detailed in the middle. The sound is also capable, though it can seem slightly rolled off at the top register, making it duller and less engaging.

The soundstage is very well separated but a bit compact. You can hear clear timbres and stereo placement even when your earbuds emit a multitude of sounds.

The stereo image is solid and transparent, which we don’t get with other true wireless earbuds. Overall, The Headphone sound signature is very accessible.

If they have to make some quarrels, we will be driven to the treble area that doesn’t offer the same sparkle and airy presence as more expensive buds. You might also find that the upper midrange can sound a bit strident and buzzy at times while still allowing for lighter recordings of electric guitar or piano.

Although bass heads might wish for more authority, we found the balance used here to be excellent. It keeps everything in line while still delivering power and vibrancy low down when necessary.


  • The Headphone is built to stay put as you go about your day with a lightweight design and comfortable wear.
  • It also offers an unbeatable true wireless connection that allows for hours of listening without interruption– perfect for traveling or working on the go!
  • Plus, it even features its mic so you can take calls with ease during short breaks in between meetings.
  • Finally, this Headphone comes complete with six long-lasting hours of battery life (so when your playlist needs some juice, no worries!), all at a price anyone could love ($20-$25).


  • The charging case has no integrated battery for on-the-move recharging

Which Product Should You Buy For Your Needs?


  • If you are not into sports activities and want a good pair of headphones for your everyday audio needs, then the Headphone is the better choice.
  • If you prefer smaller-sized things, or you’re more used to earbuds – then the Headphone would be more comfortable for you.
  • On the flip side, the Headphone delivers great battery life (≥8hrs) when actively used for audio playback and almost three days on standby. However, this is at normal volume levels (which can be adjusted), so keep that in mind while deciding your purchase.

Bragi Dash

  • Suppose you do find yourself regularly going in for fitness activities or work out at a gym often. In that case, it is recommended that you go with the Dash as it gives more accurate readings than a typical headband might give.

The additional features such as Reminders To Move and reps counting help keep you motivated even when working out, which can be a big deciding factor when buying a fitness device.

  •  Another major factor you will have to consider is the battery life of both these devices. The Dash has a good standby time. However, if it is frequently paired with other devices for use in calls or music playback, the battery might run out fast.

Bragi Dash Pro – What accomplish?

Bragi the dash is truly a wireless smart earphone. Pairing the Bragi dash pro is easy if you only use your Bragi dash pro to stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music streaming service. It works the same way as pairing Bluetooth headphones.

After they are fully charged, proximity sensors detect when they have been removed from their charging case. They then turn on when you put them in your ear. Open your Bluetooth settings on the smartphone, search for the Bragi dash pro name and hit connect.

You can tweak the settings and activate sports tracking mode by downloading the Bragi app. You will need to put the earbuds back in their cases and connect the micro USB cable to your computer to update Bragi’s OS.

To get the latest features and fixes to your Bragi dash pro earbuds, you will need to download the Bragi Dash Installer program.

Activity tracking

The Dash and Bragi dash pro have a variety of motion sensors in their buds. These include accelerometers and GPS. They can record distance, steps, average pace, calories, and calories if you are running with them.

Bragi dash pro can measure your breathing rate while swimming. It will also track your cadence and duration when you cycle. The Pro and Dash will both automatically track your workouts. Although this is a great idea, we found it to be a bit temperamental in practice.

The optical heart rate sensor works the same way as Jabra’s headphones for heart rate monitoring Sport. It can also record motion. You can see how intense your workouts are across all three sports.

Unfortunately, the Bragi dash pro doesn’t have a GPS, and data can’t be accessed through third-party apps such as Strava or Runkeeper. To improve your tracking accuracy, you can enable the app to share location data.

Listening to music

The Bragi dash pro will offer a much better music experience than Dash’s previous generation. The Bragi dash pro will contribute 5 hours of extra battery life compared to the original Dash; you will also have a more full and bass-filled listening experience.

Both have 4GB storage for storing tracks. This must be done through your computer. You can also use them for swimming due to their waterproof design. Before you dive into the pool, make sure that you have the correct sleeves.

You might feel a bit slow when you first use them. If you do, then you will get more power.

You don’t want to drown out your surroundings while working out using the Dash buds. There’s an audio transparency mode that will allow you to hear what’s around you. You can also listen to music while having a conversation.

Translation live

One of the best things about wearables is their potential to provide a real-time translation. Imagine talking to someone in another tongue and having it translated automatically for you.

This is how it works with Dash and Bragi Dash Pro. Your phone, the iTranslate Pro subscription, and the $14.99 iTranslate Pro app are required. It’s not difficult to set it up once you have all that.

After you have your Bragi dash pro put on, open the app and then select the Bluetooth button. This will take you back to Bragi to connect. It can be a little tedious.

There are two ways you can translate once everything is set up. One person can wear the buds, hold the phone open, and it will crack. You can also go bud to bud. This second option requires that both parties have a pair of Bagi Dash Pro. Although this is a great idea, it is unlikely to be practical if you travel to foreign countries and talk to locals.

Bragi dash pro worked well in our tests. Although it was difficult to set up, and sometimes it missed some things, it allowed us to communicate with our friends seamlessly.

3D audio

Bragi dash pro is committed to rolling out software updates to enhance Dash’s capabilities. One prominent feature that is coming soon will be 360-degree 3D Audio. This feature uses the audio transparency feature to transform it into a mixed reality feature.

Starkey, a hearing aid manufacturer that custom fits Tailored by Starkey Dash Pros, is developing the feature. It creates a sense that there is a directional sound around you. This would make it an excellent fit for watching movies, virtual realities, or navigation.

Touch and gestures allow you to control the system.

Bragi dash pro uses optical touch sensors to control music playback, activate sports tracking modes, and launch smartphone assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. There are no cables required to attach an inline remote.

Bragi dash pro also has a new set of control options, which the company calls the Kinetic User Interface. This allows users to use gestures that do not require touching the buds.

You can use your head gestures to navigate Bragi dash pro menus, skip music tracks, or answer calls by shaking your head. Although these are more work than they’re worth, it works and can be used.

Ask your assistant

You can tap your cheek to activate Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa with the Dash Pro and Dash Pro’s MyTap feature.

Alexa is the latest update to both the old and new buds. You can now use Alexa and her many skills to call an Uber or listen to Amazon Prime Music.

Other Important Details About Both Devices

 Both of these true wireless earphones come with water resistance. However, the Bragi dash pro does not have an IPX6 rating, making it more suited for swimming or showering. The Bragi dash pro can be submerged up to 1m depth and remains functional.

 Both these devices are quite good at reducing outside ambient noise which is a plus point, especially when commuting on your bus/train or during a workout session.

Bragi Dash and Bragi Dash pro are also good if you have problems keeping track of your phone because there is no need to carry it around if you’re running low on battery. You can connect it to one of these devices’ 4GB internal storage and listen to the music directly from them.

 The Headphone is compatible with android users with a 3.5mm audio jack. However, for Apple users, an additional lightning connector will be required for use with the device.

 Bragi Headphone Vs Bragi Dash: Which one has better sound quality?

 The Dash offers a higher frequency response than the Headphone and is best suited for people who enjoy listening to bass-driven music. However, the Headphone sounds more balanced in its audio delivery – this could be due to its smaller size.

In terms of clarity, both devices perform well, and there will not be any issues with that.

Bragi Headphone Vs Bragi Dash Which one has better sound quality

These Bragi devices come highly recommended due to their sleekness and functionalities, which are currently not seen on most other smart wearables and headphones out there in the market.

If you have any questions about either device or feedback that you would like to turn into a discussion – please comment below! And if you found this article helpful, you may also find some useful tips To Increase Your earphones’ life.


The Bragi dash wireless headphones and headphones have both great sound quality and offer many features. Though they have some differences in their specs, the two devices from the German company have a lot to offer consumers who want more than just standard sound quality.

Whether you’re looking for truly wireless earbuds or Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation, HookeAudio thinks there is something on this list for everyone! So when it comes time to invest in new audio equipment, be sure to take advantage of these two options – you won’t regret it!

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