Bragi Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Bragi Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

The Bragi Earbuds are an excellent product for those looking to get a high-quality pair of earbuds without having to pay an arm and a leg.

They have been designed with the user in mind by providing them with top-notch sound quality, durability, and comfort. For those who want more than just basic earbuds, this is a good option as it also provides you with fitness tracking capabilities such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

This makes it perfect for those looking to listen to their favorite music and track their progress while working out at the same time!

In this Bragi Earbuds review, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide whether or not these are the fitting earbuds for you. Let’s get started!

Pro And Cons


  • High-quality sound quality
  • Multi-functional artificial Intelligence
  • Simultaneous translation into 40 languages
  • Built-in MP3
  • Bluetooth connection
  • The physical variable meter


  • Battery life is concise.

Bragi Dash Pro Review- Earbuds of the Future

These wireless swimming helmets are genuinely innovative. The way these helmets were introduced on the market is innovative. The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter Crowdfunding was used to fund the initial funding of the project.

The crowdfunding funds helped the German entrepreneurs to raise $ 3,390 551 from 15,998 investors. Bragi Dash Pro earphones were many years ahead of Apple when it introduced truly wireless earbuds.

This is how they were able to create one of the most advanced earbuds ever made.

Bragi Dash Pro - Earbuds of the Future

It boasts 150 microcomponents, a 32-bit ARM CPU, 4GB memory, Bluetooth 4.0, aptX, a 22bit DAC analog-digital convertor, and 27 sensors.

It has its own BOS operating platform that supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is supported by sensors, an integrated microphone, and other devices.

Vanguard Design

These wireless intelligent earphones have an advanced design and are completely wireless. The Bragi, The Dash team, tested several anatomical models before coming up with the current one. They are available in black and white and other metallic colors like gold, bronze, and gray.

These wireless swimming helmets have a cutting-edge look thanks to their soft silicone tips, which insert into the In-Ear canal.

The tips are available in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small. They are so comfortable to fit into the ear’s contours that they can be used for surfing.

Comfortable, Practical

They are incredibly light. The headsets weigh in at 8 grams. This is an excellent weight considering all the components.

They are incredibly lightweight and can be worn for hours with little fatigue. You can say that the designer of this device went to great lengths in designing it almost to fit our bodies.

The cables do not jump over the ears or neck. They also have touch-sensitive controls integrated into the earbuds. If we don’t want to touch them, there is a wide range of gestural commands. They emit a slight sound to let us know if they are appropriately placed on our ears.

Freedom: An MP3 player that doesn’t require a smartphone

We would argue that technology is liberating. Why do we say this about The Dash? Let’s look at it. Bluetooth headsets will not function without a smartphone to store music. The Dash smart earbuds can store approximately 1,000 songs thanks to their 4GB internal memory.

What did you get? Two outstanding achievements of the Bragi Dash Pro earbuds creators are freedom of movement and no need to carry your phone.

How Bragi The Dash interacts with signals in the environment

These wireless earbuds are intelligent because they have many sensors. These helmets can monitor heart rate, calories burned during exercise, duration of workouts, bike ride, distance traveled, pace, temperature, blood oxygen saturation, and other parameters.

Professional runners need to be faster. It is essential to measure its audio performance to understand its evolution. Smart wireless earbuds can measure the rhythm, which indicates how many steps are taken per minute or the stride (the distance covered in each step).

How Bragi The Dash interacts with signals in the environment

On the other hand, if we train at an altitude higher than sea level, it will interest us in knowing our blood’s oxygen saturation. This indicates how efficiently we are breathing.

This feature can also be helpful for running and other activities at low altitudes. This measure is handy for keeping our respiratory efficiency under control.

Sixth Sense

The Bragi Dash Pro’s senses are the magnetometer and heart sensor and the accelerometer, thermometer, microphone, and gyroscope.

Two types of microphones are available: one is calibrated to cancel out the sounds of the environment while you’re having a phone conversation; the other is used to record the ambient sound.

It is omnidirectional, has a sensitivity range of -43dB +/-3 dB (1Khz), 0 dB =1V / PA), and is also calibrated to passive noise cancellation of the surrounding environment.

The Bragi Dash Pro also can combine its signals with those of phones, such as GPS. This allows it to monitor and record training via its application or a third-party app.

Gesture And Touch Commands

Despite its small size, the Bragi Dash Pro has almost the same tactile and gestural commands as the mobile.

These sports music earbuds have touch sensors at the bottom of each earbud. The suitable sensor can be used for music and calls, while the left sensor can be used for activities and some cool features like audio transparency.

A song will start playing if it is touched lightly with your finger. If it is touched twice, it advances the track. If it’s touched three times, it goes back.

Slide your finger forward to increase volume. If you wish to decrease volume, slide your fingers backward.

To activate the monitoring and registration of your physical activity, you need to keep the left earpiece pressing. With light touches, you can switch between running or cycling modes. Two taps to The Dash will display the pulse, duration, steps, and other variables.

You must enable gesture commands in your mobile application to use them. Once activated, move your head according to the programming. The accelerometer and gyroscope then will send the commands to the device and equipment that are paired with a Bluetooth connection.

One of the best features is the ability to program gesture commands from within the application.

With wireless earbuds in the ear, we can move the head affirmatively to answer calls. If we move the head to the sides, we can reject calls.

Artificial Intelligence – It Listens To The Environment And Communicates

These wireless sports headsets communicate with the outside world using artificial intelligence.

The Bragi Dash pro speaks to its user via the built-in speakers and through the LED lights, which light up in different colors to indicate charge level: red, green, yellow, or yellow.

Artificial Intelligence

The color code is arranged in the following order: Blue indicates a fully charged Dash, while red indicates a low charge.

Bragi Dash Truly Aquatic Earbuds

The Bragi Dash Pro is a submersible earbud for swimmers. They can be submerged without fear. They conform to the IPX7 waterproof standard. This means that you can submerge them up to 1 meter. Yes. You can swim for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Wireless helmets are ideal for triathletes who can use them in running, cycling, swimming, and other disciplines. They are considered the best triathlon headphones due to their technical specifications, weight, functionality, and lack of cables.

They can be used for any water sport, including water polo and surfing. Be careful not to get lost. These earphones can be used for any water sport or to relax by the ocean listening to your favorite music. These earphones can be described as the best wireless intelligent and aquatic earphones available.

Battery And Charger

One of the downsides to the Bragi Dash battery life is its inability to last for more than 5 hours. Because of their size and functionality, they are equipped with an aluminum-plastic charging case that acts as a portable charger.

The battery can last approximately 2 hours if the sensors monitor our activity while we are playing music.

Charger Case In Different Colors

The charger can also be used as a charging case to hold Bragi’s The Dash truly wireless headphones. It is available in different metallic colors, including gold, silver-gray, black, white, and bronze.

The charging case includes an adjustable strap that can attach to your arm, belt, wallet, or other surfaces. The battery case is made from an aluminum lid and a body of plastic. It has a 2,200mAh battery which can support up to five total charges of the wireless earbuds.

Sound quality

Bragi Dash earphones feature two Knowles speakers (Bluetooth profile A2P Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) that allow for communication between the earphones and other devices. Audio is also encoded using AAC and SBC Advanced Audio Coding.

The Dash wireless headphones reproduce the sound with excellent audio quality. If you prefer to concentrate your attention on the music, ambient noise can be nearly completely blocked.

Sound quality

These wireless earphones are rated higher than Apple’s AirPods by experts. They are of good audio performance, but they lack volume. We don’t recommend them if you are an audiophile looking for exceptional audio quality.

Bragi also has an audio transparency function. This function lets ambient noise through the microphones. It is beneficial for situations where we need to be aware and safe, such as running or cycling on roads.


We must mention that Bragi The Dash works with all mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The latest version of Bragi is available in all mobile app stores, including iTunes, Google, Windows Store, and Windows Store.

The operating system of Bragi Dash Pro is like any other earbuds. There are regular software updates, and new functions are added. Software errors can also be corrected.

These Bluetooth 4.1-compatible wireless earbuds are available in black. The Bluetooth connectivity issues that plagued the previous model seem to be solved with this model.

Total Compatibility

The Bragi Dash Pro is fully compatible with the iPhone. Compatible with iPhones from the third generation, Android mobile terminals with Bluetooth connection, 4.1. The Dash Pro is not compatible with Blackberry or Windows Phones.

They haven’t lost out on the complete compatibility of their iOS devices with Apple’s Health app. It is also compatible with significant fitness apps such as MapMyRun and Runkeeper, Endomondo, and Runtastic.

However, the Dash intelligent headphones can be used to invoke Siri, Google Now, and Cortana. We can also use voice commands with them.

The Dash, as it’s commonly called, is compatible with all types of sports. You can surf, ski, play tennis, or wear them to soccer practice.

Bragi Mobile App

You can download the mobile application we have already mentioned from the leading app stores. It comes with many functions. Bragi app offers tutorial videos, customizing functions, calibration of devices, and many other functions.

After calibrating your device and setting up the configurable options, you can use the application to transfer music to your device or view the activity log.

It has several menus that allow you to navigate through the functions. They are easy to use and understand.

Bragi app has added a virtual trainer to his earphones, which gives us information about our performance. Its purpose is to encourage and maximize the sports performance of the user.

Bragi Mobile App

The Bragi, The Dash Pro, is an excellent choice for athletes, as they offer a complete set of earphones that include a personal trainer and thousands of workouts.

Compatibility with iTranslate is another fantastic feature. It can listen to a person speak in one language and simultaneously translate it into our mother tongue.

This facility allows us to communicate in over 40 languages. The Bragi’s voice synthesizer can be used in eight languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and French.

Fitness tracking

The Dash Pro is a successor to its predecessor. It offers a wide range of features that you won’t find in ordinary earphones. All these features can be controlled and activated through the Android app or iPhone app.

It can automatically track your start time when you start running or biking. It uses motion and heart rate sensors to determine when you have started. You don’t even have to bring your phone. The Dash Pro can sync your data with your smartphone to save your workouts.

These features don’t only apply to running or cycling. The latest Bragi earphones can automatically track lengths and track swimming. It can monitor steps, cadence, heart rate, speed, pace, duration, breaths, and swimming distance.

An audio prompt provides updates every five minutes during running to show you how many steps have been taken, how long it took, and what your heart rate is.

Once you are done, the system will stop tracking and notify you. As long as your earphones remain in your ears, it takes minimal effort.

This feature was reliable in that it started tracking automatically during runs. However, it wasn’t exact. For example, it often started after 10-30 seconds had passed since we began our run.

It also had a heart rate and distance measurement that differed from the data gathered by a smartwatch with a GPS wristband. This was the Garmin Fenix 5.

The Dash Pro does not have GPS and must rely on the motion sensor data to calculate distance. For example, on a 4.5k run, the Dash Pro measured 5.8k. Heart-rate data was 12 beats per minute slower than the Garmin average.

If you are a cyclist or runner who needs to track your sessions accurately, a device with too much error is not the right choice. It’s difficult to recommend the Dash Pro for serious fitness tracking. It’s helpful to have one device and not have to worry about another.


Bragi, The Dash Pro, is, without doubt, one of the most popular earbuds. This is an intelligent wireless earphone. Bragi is water-resistant. These earbuds can be worn while swimming.


It is an excellent option to purchase Bragi The Dash Pro Bluetooth headphones. Amazon has the lowest price and best selection of Bragi The Dash Pro Earbuds.


Bragi earbuds are not for everyone, as some people prefer over-ear headphones or earphones. The quality of the sound is decent, but there are better options out there.

The Bragi earbuds don’t last very long and can break easily. The price of these earbuds is not worth the price, and there are better products on the market.

Overall, the Bragi earbuds are decent, but there are better options out there.

If you don’t mind the sound quality and want more than just basic earbuds, this is an excellent choice for you. Thank you so much for reading the blog post of Hooke Audio.

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