What is Brett Conti Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Brett Conti Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Brett Conti is a renowned American YouTube star, skateboarder, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Fortune Skateboards and has gained popularity through his engaging vlogs about skateboarding, entrepreneurship, and various other topics. In this article, we will delve into Brett Conti net worth, career, awards, personal life, and recent news to provide an in-depth overview of his success.

Quick Facts

Real NameBrett Conti
Popular NameBrett Conti
Birth DateJune 21, 1992
Age31 years (as of September 26, 2023)
ParentsInformation not available
SiblingsKristen (sister)
Birth PlaceNew York City Metropolitan Area, United States
EthnicityInformation not available
EducationInformation not available
Marital StatusInformation not available
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseInformation not available
ChildrenInformation not available
DatingInformation not available
Net Worth$2 million
Source of WealthYouTube, Entrepreneurship (Co-founder of Fortune Skateboards)
Height6 feet, 6 inches
Weight93 kg

What is Brett Conti Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Net Worth of Brett Conti and Salary in 2023

As of 2023, Brett Conti’s estimated net worth stands at $2 million. His primary sources of income include the revenue generated from his company, brand collaborations, and earnings from his YouTube channel. With numerous successful ventures and a strong online presence, Brett has managed to secure a comfortable financial position.

Brett’s entrepreneurial endeavors have played a significant role in enhancing his net worth. Co-founding Fortune Skateboards has not only allowed him to turn his passion into a profitable business but has also contributed to his overall wealth. Additionally, Brett’s YouTube channel and social media influence have attracted lucrative brand collaborations, further bolstering his income.

Brett Conti Overview and Wiki

Brett Conti Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Brett Conti was born on June 21, 1992, in the New York City Metropolitan Area, United States. Information regarding his parents and ethnicity is currently unavailable. Growing up, Brett developed a passion for skateboarding, which eventually became a significant part of his life and career. While details about his education remain undisclosed, it is clear that Brett’s dedication to honing his skills and entrepreneurial spirit have played crucial roles in his success.



Brett Conti’s career is characterized by his multifaceted talents as a skateboarder, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He gained significant recognition in 2017 when he collaborated with notable personalities such as Justine Ezarik and Sara Dietschy, resulting in a video that garnered substantial attention. This collaboration propelled Brett into the spotlight, expanding his online presence.

As the founder of Fortune Skateboards, Brett has successfully combined his love for skateboarding with business acumen. The company has gained popularity among skateboard enthusiasts worldwide, further contributing to Brett’s reputation and financial success. Through his YouTube channel, Brett shares his knowledge, experiences, and insights, attracting a devoted audience interested in skateboarding and entrepreneurship.


Although specific awards exclusively tied to Brett Conti may not be readily available, his achievements as an influential YouTuber and entrepreneur speak volumes about his impact in these fields. With millions of subscribers and followers, Brett has undoubtedly left a mark on the YouTube community. His engaging content and entrepreneurial endeavors have garnered admiration and respect from both his fans and industry peers.

Personal Life

Details about Brett Conti’s personal life, including his marital status, spouse, and children, are currently unknown. Brett prefers to keep his private life separate from his public persona, focusing primarily on sharing his expertise and experiences related to skateboarding and entrepreneurship through his online platforms.

Brett Conti List of News in 2023

As a prominent figure in the YouTube and skateboarding communities, Brett Conti has continued to make headlines throughout 2023. Here are some notable news items involving Brett:

  1. Brett partners with a prominent sports brand for an exclusive clothing line, showcasing his influence in the fashion industry.
  2. Brett launches a podcast series, expanding his reach beyond YouTube and engaging with his audience on a deeper level.
  3. Brett organizes a charity event to support underprivileged youth interested in skateboarding, highlighting his commitment to giving back to the community.

Social Media

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FAQs about Brett Conti

FAQs about Brett Conti

How did Brett Conti accumulate his wealth?

Brett’s primary sources of income include revenue from his company, Fortune Skateboards, brand collaborations, and earnings from his successful YouTube channel.

What is the main focus of Brett Conti’s YouTube channel?

Brett primarily vlogs about skateboarding, entrepreneurship, and various topics that capture his attention.

Has Brett Conti received any awards for his work?

While specific awards tied to Brett Conti may not be readily available, his influence as a prominent YouTuber and entrepreneur speaks for itself, earning him admiration and respect within his industry.

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Brett Conti’s journey from a passionate skateboarder to a successful entrepreneur and YouTube star exemplifies his dedication and talent. Through his engaging videos and entrepreneurial ventures, he has amassed a significant following and attracted lucrative opportunities.

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