What Is Brooklinn Khoury Net Worth 2023: Discover the Skateboarding Sensation’s Earnings & Life Journey!

Brooklinn Khoury Net Worth 2023 Discover the Skateboarding Sensation's Earnings & Life Journey!

Have you ever wondered about the financial worth of a rising skateboarding star? Well, you’re in the right spot! Here, we’ll delve into the intriguing details of Brooklinn Khoury net worth in 2023 and provide insights into her incredible journey from the streets of Southern California to becoming an internet sensation.

Quick Facts

Real NameBrooklinn Khoury
Popular NameBrooklinn
Birth DateApril 20, 1999
Age24 years old (as of 2023)
ParentsEphrem Khoury, Melissa Demenagos
SiblingsSam and George
Birth PlaceSouthern California, United States
EducationGraduate from Tesoro High School
Marital StatusDating
Sexual OrientationBisexual
GirlfriendChloe Lukasiak
Net Worth$2-3 million USD (approx.)
Source of WealthSkateboarding, Modeling, Social Media Influencing
Height5 ft 6
Weight55 kg

What is the Net Worth of Brooklinn Khoury in 2023?

What is the Net Worth of Brooklinn Khoury in 2023

Brooklinn Khoury’s net worth in 2023 stands impressively at an estimated $2-3 million USD. This figure isn’t just a testament to her skateboarding prowess but also her keen business sense. Brooklinn’s journey from the skateparks to the online world, leveraging her brand on social platforms, modeling, and other ventures, has undoubtedly paid off.

Brooklinn Khoury Overview and Wiki

Brooklinn Khoury Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Brooklinn Khoury’s roots trace back to the sunny locales of Southern California. Born to Ephrem Khoury and Melissa Demenagos, she shares her childhood with her brothers, Sam and George. Khoury’s educational journey saw her graduate from the renowned Tesoro High School. With a rich Lebanese and Greek ancestry, her ethnicity is as diverse as her talents.


Brooklinn Khoury’s name resonates powerfully within the contemporary skateboarding scene. This Southern California native embarked on her skateboarding journey in 2016, teaching herself the nuances of the sport.

One of Brooklinn’s earliest and most prominent achievements was catching the discerning eye of international brands. DC Shoes, a behemoth in the sportswear world, recognized her potential and enlisted her to represent their women’s skateboarding team.

However, Brooklinn’s prowess isn’t limited to the skateboarding ramps. As a digital age celebrity, she astutely harnessed the power of social media, amassing over 500,000 followers on Instagram. Through this platform, she not only showcases her skateboarding skills but also chronicles her life’s highs and lows.

A significant chapter in her digital storytelling was her recovery journey from a grievous dog attack in 2020. Demonstrating incredible resilience, Brooklinn shared her reconstructive surgery process, inspiring thousands with her courage and positive outlook.

Outside the skate parks and digital realms, Brooklinn explored her creative avenues in music. She marked her entry into the music world by releasing a single titled “Waiting For You” in collaboration with Nate Harlan. Her versatility didn’t end there; she also graced a music video by the acclaimed artist, Doja Cat.

Personal Life

Life’s not just about skating for Brooklinn. Off the ramps, she’s known for her relationship with American actress and dancer, Chloe Lukasiak. The duo met on Hinge, adding a sprinkle of modern love to her life story. A survivor of a traumatic dog attack in 2020, Brooklinn’s resilience and her subsequent recovery journey have been an inspiration to many.

Brooklinn Khoury List News 2023

2023 looks promising for Brooklinn. The latest buzz around her involves what’s hoped to be her final reconstructive surgery, stemming from the dog attack. Fans and followers worldwide are cheering for her, resonating with her spirit and determination.

Social Media

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FAQs about Brooklinn Khoury

FAQs about Brooklinn Khoury

How has Brooklinn Khoury shared her recovery journey?

Brooklinn Khoury has been very open about her recovery process, documenting her numerous reconstructive surgeries and sharing her experiences on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Who performed Brooklinn Khoury’s reconstructive surgeries?

All of Brooklinn Khoury’s reconstructive surgeries were performed by Dr. Nicholas Do.

When did Brooklinn Khoury undergo her final reconstructive surgery?

Brooklinn Khoury underwent her final reconstructive surgery in February 2023, where her surgeon recreated her upper lip, including the Cupid’s bow and central columns.

What are some of the challenges Brooklinn Khoury faces after her surgeries?

Brooklinn Khoury has shared that she will likely never regain movement in her upper lip, making tasks like drinking from a can difficult. She also has to shave her upper lip frequently as the skin used for reconstruction was taken from the inner side of her arm.

What is Brooklinn Khoury’s plan for her upper lip after her final surgery?

Brooklinn Khoury plans to get her upper lip tattooed so it would match the color of her lower lip when she isn’t wearing makeup.

When was Brooklinn Khoury cleared to start participating in sports again?

Less than two months after her final surgery in February 2023, Brooklinn Khoury was cleared to start participating in sports again in March 2023.

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Brooklinn Khoury’s impressive net worth in 2023 is a testament to her skill, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. From the skatepark ramps to the buzzing world of social media, Brooklinn’s story offers inspiration and shows how passion combined with hard work can pave the way to financial success and personal fulfillment.

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