Can You Lay A Subwoofer On Its Side? Top Full Guide 2022

Can You Lay A Subwoofer On Its Side? Top Full Guide 2022

A subwoofer is essential if you want the best sound quality from your system. Nevertheless, you realize you might not be able to fit it upright and wonder if it can be laid on its side. Read on this article to answer the question Can you lay a subwoofer on its side?

Down Firing Vs Front Firing Subwoofers

Down Firing Vs Front Firing Subwoofers

Subwoofers can be either front-firing or down-firing. The sound will come from either the subwoofer’s bottom or its side.

You can see that the driver’s placement determines firing direction by looking at these examples. The Klipsch Sub-120 is clearly a front-firing subwoofer. However, the T/5i Subwoofer, also on Amazon, is down-firing. This is because we don’t see the subwoofer driver.

A front-firing sub can’t be used with a down-firing one. Front-firing subwoofers vibrate the air. Subwoofers with down-firing are intended to vibrate the floor.

These functions can be switched, and subwoofers that are down-firing will be too powerful or too muffled. You must ensure that your subwoofer’s functionality is maintained. A down-firing subwoofer should be placed close to the listening area. These subs are usually placed right next to or behind the seating area.

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Can You Lay A Subwoofer On Its Side?

Sometimes it’s okay to place a subwoofer sideways. Many subwoofers have a passive radiator on the bottom. These models cannot be placed on their sides. No matter what model you have, subwoofers placed on their sides can produce excessive vibrations and sound boomy at higher volumes.

However, front-firing subwoofers can be placed on their sides provided that the speaker faces the listening area. You can place it on its side but only one axis can be rotated. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases.

Subwoofers that are front-firing must face the listening area. For example, if you place it on its side, the speaker will face sideways. This will reduce the bass that you hear.

Your sound will be muffled if you have a front-firing or down-firing subwoofer. The speaker is not calibrated to allow floor amplification. It is possible that the speaker does not rest above the floor, making amplifying the sound impossible.

Although they are meant to be part of your TV console’s front-firing subwoofers, it doesn’t mean that they have to. They should be at the same distance as your other speakers. Some TV consoles may be larger than others.

Subwoofers can sometimes be placed on their sides to make them more comfortable.

When You Can’t Put A Subwoofer On Its Side

It is virtually impossible to place a down-firing Subwoofer on its side while maintaining the same sound quality it was designed for. It is impossible to place a down-firing subwoofer on its sides.

Subwoofers that are down-firing are meant to be in the listening area and not part of your TV console. It doesn’t need to be on the side, and there is no reason to do so.

Bass frequencies are slower and require more power to transmit. Subwoofer placement and orientation are crucial to your overall sound profile.

Subwoofers that are down-firing cannot be placed on their sides. They are designed to amplify the bass by using the floor. They will amplify the bass more effectively if they are oriented on their sides.

Because of sub vibrations on the floor, subwoofers that are down-firing may use a different frequency response (or frequency range) than a front-firing one. If you place a down-firing sub sideways, it can cause distortion in your sound.

How to Place a Subwoofer on its Side

You will eventually be able to hook your subwoofer up once you have found the right place. You might find it doesn’t work in the best position. You might find that your desk is too small and need to place the subwoofer sideways to ensure it’s close to the speakers.

Although the placement of your subwoofer in the room will affect its sound quality, it is not the only thing that matters. Even if your subwoofer is the most powerful in the world, it won’t make a difference if the sound balance isn’t right.

When setting up your subwoofer think about how big it should be and whether you can make it smaller if possible. Also, be sure to place your subwoofer correctly so it doesn’t fall apart. You may need extra protection depending on where you are.

Take Into Account the Shape

Some subwoofers can be placed on their side, while others are able to stand upright. If the cables are positioned in an awkward way, the subwoofer will not need to be placed on its side.

If your subwoofer isn’t perfect, it may not fit exactly where you need it to. The device may work if it is turned to the side. It is important to ensure that the subwoofer is stable and that it doesn’t get damaged by being placed in a small area.

Take into Account The Size

You may also need to consider the size. For amplifying desk speakers, a smaller subwoofer will be a better choice. The Polk Audio PSW111 is an 8-inch cubic subwoofer that’s ideal for home theater or other areas.

If you have a home studio you might need a larger model. The Subwoofer is a smaller cube and can be used in larger spaces. Although it is not always the best, it can help you decide whether a subwoofer should be placed on its side.

Take into Account the Design

A subwoofer’s design can have an impact on where it should be placed and whether it should be placed on the side. A cubic subwoofer, for example, would be simpler to adjust as the center would remain the same.

A rectangular subwoofer would have a different weight distribution. You don’t want the subwoofer to rest on top of the speaker diaphragm or bass reflex port.

Even if there is enough space for it to be placed on the side or up, think about how this might impact the design and how it can affect the sound.

Think About the Sound You Want

You probably want the best sound possible, which is why subwoofers are so popular. However, the definition of “best sound” is subjective so you will need to define what it means for you.

You might like music with a strong bass line. This means that you need to hear all frequencies. Perhaps you have an HDTV system and want all frequencies to be heard equally.

Also, consider whether you want more bass or want to increase the quality. Although you will get more bass if your subwoofer is placed near a corner, it will not improve the quality of its sound. You may be able to hear it better if your subwoofer is further away from the wall.

What To Do If You Can’t Place Your Subwoofer On Its Side

There are a few options if you feel that your subwoofer cannot be placed on its side due to the design, size, or shape of your room. You can try other locations in the room where you want to place your gear.

You may find it works well in places you didn’t think of. The subwoofer can be placed where you normally sit. This will help you find the perfect spot. Turn it on, and then move around until you find the right spot.

This spot is ideal for subwoofers.

A blanket can be used if your subwoofer is too heavy to place on its side due to vibration concerns. The blanket will absorb some sound and keep it from becoming too loud by covering it.

You may need to purchase a new subwoofer if the worst happens. Before you decide on a model, think about where it might be placed and what its dimensions will be. To find out if the subwoofer has what you are looking for, read reviews.

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