Top Canadian Comedians of 2024: Age, Net Worth, Rank

Top Canadian Comedians of 2024 Age Net Worth Rank

Ever wondered who the kings and queens of Canadian comedy are? Well, you’re in luck! Hookeaudio is here to introduce you to the top Canadian comedians who have been splitting sides and warming hearts across the globe.

These humor heavyweights have mastered the art of making us laugh, and now, it’s time to meet the jesters of the Great White North!

Who Are the 2024 Top Canadian Comedians ?

From legends of sketch and screen to icons of character comedy, these top Canadian comedians of 2024 have not only filled our lives with laughter but have also carved out impressive careers in the world of entertainment.

Their talent, persistence, and unique Canadian perspective continue to keep the world laughing and celebrating the rich comedic heritage of the Great White North!

NameAgeEstimated Net Worth (in millions)
Dan Aykroyd71$200M
Jim Carrey61$180M
Mike Myers60$175M
Martin Short73$25M
John Candy73$15M
David Foley60$10M
Bruce McCulloch62$4M
Scott Thompson64$3M
Kevin McDonald62$2M
Mark McKinney64$2M
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Who Are the 2024 Top Canadian Comedians

Dan Aykroyd – Hollywood’s Comedy Gem: $200 Million

Leading the pack is Dan Aykroyd, the Canadian powerhouse of comedy. From Ghostbusters to The Blues Brothers, Aykroyd’s legendary performances and entrepreneurial spirit have amassed him a fortune of $200 million.

His humor and business acumen continue to leave an indelible mark on humor world and entertainment.

Jim Carrey – The Master of Faces: $180 Million

Jim Carrey, the flexible-faced comedian known for his wild antics and dramatic range, stands tall with a net worth of $180 million. From Ace Ventura to dramatic roles, Carrey’s versatility and relentless energy have made him a beloved figure in comedic art across borders.

Mike Myers – The International Man of Mystery: $175 Million

Mike Myers, the man behind Austin Powers and Wayne’s World, has charmed his way into our hearts and laughs with a net worth of $175 million.

Myers continues to be a symbol of Canada’s comedic excellence, bringing his unique brand of humor to audiences worldwide.

Martin Short – The SNL Alum with Endless Talent: $25 Million

Martin Short, known for his stint on Saturday Night Live and SCTV, has a net worth of $25 million. His boundless energy and array of characters have made him a staple in North American comedy, showcasing the best of Canadian wit and charm.

John Candy – The Beloved Comic Spirit: $15 Million (At Time of Passing)

John Candy, remembered and revered for his warmth and larger-than-life performances, left a legacy worth $15 million. His work continues to influence comedians and actors, embodying the gentle giant of comedy with a heart as big as his laughs.

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Dave Foley – The Kids in the Hall Cornerstone: $10 Million

David Foley, a key member of Kids in the Hall, stands with a net worth of $10 million. His sharp, observant humor and versatility have made him a respected figure in comedy, representing Canadian humor’s depth and diversity.

Bruce McCulloch – Sketch Comedy’s Dark Horse: $4 Million

Bruce McCulloch, another Kids in the Hall alum, has a net worth of $4 million. Known for his offbeat and sometimes dark humor, McCulloch continues to impact the comedic scene with his unique storytelling and directorial ventures.

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Scott Thompson – The Daring Comic Voice: $3 Million

Scott Thompson, celebrated for his bold and barrier-breaking comedy, has a net worth of $3 million. His work on Kids in the Hall and beyond continues to inspire with its courage and candor, making him a beloved figure in the humor community.

Mark McKinney – The Subtle Satirist: $2 Million

Mark McKinney, with his dry wit and impeccable timing, has earned a net worth of $2 million. His work, especially on Kids in the Hall, showcases the subtle genius of Canadian humor, making the mundane magnificent.

Kevin McDonald – The Quirky Comedic Mind: $2 Million

Last but not least, Kevin McDonald, known for his quirky and endearing characters, rounds out the list with a net worth of $2 million. His contributions to Kids in the Hall and voice work continue to delight fans with his distinctive style and comedic flair.


So, there you have it—a lineup of the most hilarious, heartwarming, and downright side-splitting top Canadian comedians! From stand-up stages to the silver screen, these comedy crusaders have left no stone unturned in their quest to keep us chuckling.

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Keep an eye on these funny folks, as they continue to redefine humor and spread joy far and wide. Remember, when it comes to laughter, Canada’s got the goods!


Roger Abbott

Raymond Ablack

Aaron Abrams

David Acer

Marty Adams

Matt Alaeddine

Aisha Alfa

Todd Allen

Aba Amuquandoh

Trey Anthony

Nicole Arbour

Will Arnett

Lauren Ash

Brandon Ash-Mohammed

Dan Aykroyd

Peter Aykroyd

Yank Azman

Brent Butt

Rachid Badouri

Ali Badshah

Ian Bagg

Bob Bainborough

Rupan Bal

Boyd Banks

John Barbour

Irwin Barker

Alexandre Barrette

Michel Barrette

Jay Baruchel

Eric Bauza

Jennifer Baxter

Samantha Bee

Tracey Bell

Ryan Belleville

Paul Bellini

Carolyn Bennett

Vincent Bilodeau

Tricia Black

Ben Blue

Joe Bodolai

Michael Boncoeur

Ian Boothby

Trevor Boris

Pierre Brassard

David Andrew Brent

Mark Breslin

Dave Broadfoot

Lois Bromfield

Valri Bromfield

Martin Bronstein

Claire Brosseau

Aisha Brown

Aurora Browne

Kyle Brownrigg

Sophie Buddle

Mike Bullard

Pat Bullard

Howard Busgang

Ernie Butler

Jim Carrey

Inga Cadranel

Craig Campbell

Jarrett Campbell

Tommy Campbell

John Candy

Bill Carr

Jim Carrey

Maggie Cassella

John Catucci

Michael Cera

Paul Chato

Martha Chaves

Boris Cherniak

Jonas Chernick

Graham Chittenden

Tommy Chong

Michel Choquette

Adam Christie

Vince Matthew Chung

Gay Claitman

Carla Collins

Penelope Corrin

Michel Courtemanche

Susan Coyne

Gavin Crawford

Stéphane Crête

Mark Critch

Jonathan Crombie

Neil Crone

Steven Crowder

Katie Crown

Peter Cullen

Seán Cullen

James Cunningham

Ola Dada

Anesti Danelis

Roman Danylo

Tracy Dawson

Ivan Decker


Gerry Dee

Jason Deline

Eddie Della Siepe

Charles Demers

D.J. Demers

Darrell Dennis

Yvon Deschamps

Seán Devlin

Chris Diamantopoulos

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J.R. Digs

Debra DiGiovanni

Dini Dimakos

Melissa DiMarco

David Dineen-Porter

Jon Dore

Ryan Doucette

Zabrina Douglas

Harry Doupe

Nigel Downer

Jo-Anna Downey

André Ducharme

Rick Ducommun

Jack Duffy

Robin Duke

Steve Dylan

Sam Easton

Derek Edwards

Ophira Eisenberg

Laurie Elliott

Lorne Elliott

Anke Engelke

Ennis Esmer

Fred Ewanuick


Darrell Faria

Anthony Q. Farrell

Mark Farrell

Marypat Farrell

Scott Faulconbridge

Don Ferguson

Nathan Fielder

Jebb Fink

Chris Finn

Joe Flaherty

Dave Foley

Virginie Fortin

Mark Forward

Heidi Foss

Glen Foster

Michael J. Fox

Kevin Foxx

Stewart Francis

Matt Frewer

Ajay Fry

Pier-Luc Funk

woman standing at red carpet

Luba Goy at Canada’s Walk of Fame

André-Philippe Gagnon

Mayce Galoni

Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Kevin Gillese

Courtney Gilmour

Nadia Giosia

Stephen Kramer Glickman

Shirley Gnome

Amy Goodmurphy

Mickaël Gouin

Luba Goy

Janet van de Graaf

Todd Graham

Brooks Gray

David Granirer

Deven Green

Rick Green

Tom Green

Kathy Greenwood

Adam Growe

Kristeen von Hagen

Dean Haglund

Geri Hall

Barbara Hamilton[5]: 26

Allana Harkin

Don Harron

Jonny Harris

Phil Hartman

Ellie Harvie

Ali Hassan

Dakota Ray Hebert

John Hemphill

Ed Hill

Matt Hill

Darryl Hinds

Salma Hindy

Karen Hines

Norm Hiscock

Shawn Hitchins

Jessica Holmes

Jeremy Hotz

Kenny Hotz

Louis-José Houde

Albert Howell

Patrick Huard

Bruce Hunter

Emma Hunter

Jennifer Irwin

Steve Ivings

Sabrina Jalees

Ron James

Andrea Jin

Sandy Jobin-Bevans

Becky Johnson

Andy Jones

Cathy Jones

Daryn Jones

Jason Jones

Jenny Jones

Rick Jones

Ron Josol

Anthony Kavanagh

Edward Kay

Graham Kay

Peter Kelamis

Susan Kent

Steven Joel Kerzner

Deborah Kimmett

Simon King

Paul Kligman

Rebecca Kohler

Elvira Kurt

Kris LaBelle

Jon Lajoie

Jeremy Lalonde

Maurice LaMarche

Lisa Lambert

Mado Lamotte

Laura Landauer

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Bruno Landry

Murray Langston, a.k.a. The Unknown Comic

Jean Lapointe

Gilles Latulippe

Michel Lauzière

Craig Lauzon

Tony Law

Chas Lawther

Patrick Ledwell

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Claude Legault

Julie Lemieux

Sylvia Lennick

Gaston Leroux

Guy A. Lepage

Caroline Lesley

Dan Lett

Dan Levy

Eugene Levy

Alan Shane Lewis

Natalie Lisinska

Mark Little

Rich Little

Chris Locke

Kayla Lorette

Gilson Lubin

Marla Lukofsky

Doris Lussier

Brittany Lyseng

potato-faced man in suit

Mike Myers at the Tribeca Film Festival

Norm Macdonald

Bette MacDonald

Mike MacDonald

Norm Macdonald

Shane MacDougall

Cory Mack

Meredith MacNeill

Michael Magee[5]: 23–33

Bobby Mair

Shaun Majumder

Greg Malone

Jay Malone

Howie Mandel

Dylan Mandlsohn

Chanty Marostica

Andrea Martin

Bob Martin

Mae Martin

Boman Bomanizer Martinez-Reid

Paul Mather

Martin Matte

Amy Matysio

Tim McAuliffe

Peter McBain

Trent McClellan

Jordan McCloskey

Kelly McCormack

Bruce McCulloch

Stuart McLean[citation needed]

Clare McConnell

Drew McCreadie

Kevin McDonald

Wade McElwain

Jeff McEnery

Bonnie McFarlane

Kathleen McGee

Debra McGrath

Stacey McGunnigle

Terry McGurrin

Don McKellar

Patrick McKenna

Duncan McKenzie

Mark McKinney

Ryan McMahon

Wendel Meldrum

Mark Meer

Rick Mercer

Claudine Mercier

Jean-François Mercier

Lisa Merchant

Dave Merheje

Darcy Michael

Lorne Michaels

Dominique Michel

Gabrielle Miller

Rick Miller

Colin Mochrie

Alice Moran

Doug Morency

Rick Moranis

John Morgan

Jordi Morgan

Maynard Morrison

Kirby Morrow

James Mullinger

Mike Myers


Briane Nasimok

Zarqa Nawaz

Nick Nemeroff

Phil Nichol

Leslie Nielsen

Rebecca Northan

Alex Nussbaum

Dave Nystrom

Catherine O’Hara

Paul O’Sullivan

Peter Oldring

Rose Ouellette

Chris Owens

Candy Palmater performing The Candy Show

Candy Palmater

Laurent Paquin

Ron Pardo

Alan Park

Pardis Parker

Steve Patterson

Teresa Pavlinek

Nikki Payne

Christina Pazsitzky

Gary Pearson

Ron Pederson

Keith Pedro

Renee Percy

Matthew Perry

François Pérusse

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Russell Peters

Eric Peterson

Martin Petit

Kathleen Phillips

Andrew Phung

Andrew Pifko

Jackie Pirico

Nestor Pistor

Sarah Polley

Ann Pornel

Tim Progosh

Quick Dick McDick

Paul Rabliauskas

Rosemary Radcliffe

Lara Rae

Simon Rakoff

Aaron Read

Dan Redican

Jus Reign

Ryan Reynolds

Nick Reynoldson

Caroline Rhea

Spencer Rice

Edward Riche

Jennifer Robertson

Nancy Robertson

Kenny Robinson

Seth Rogen

Darrin Rose

Evany Rosen

Jamillah Ross

Stéphane Rousseau

Stéphane E. Roy

Les Rubie

Mag Ruffman

Katherine Ryan

Richard Ryder

Man in cowboy hat holding microphone and leaning on microphone stand.

Ron Sparks at the YYComedy Festival

Ed Sahely

Mort Sahl

Tabitha St. Germain

Josh Saltzman

Sugar Sammy

Jacob Samuel

Jay Sankey

Will Sasso

Leo Scherman

Ken Scott

Monty Scott

Derek Seguin

Jeff Seymour

Tommy Sexton

Sandra Shamas

Steven Shehori

Martin Short

Frank Shuster

Kris Siddiqi

Erica Sigurdson

Arthur Simeon

Tim Sims

Lilly Singh

Ian Sirota

Richard Z. Sirois

Lee Smart

DeAnne Smith

Morag Smith

Steve Smith

Naomi Snieckus


Ron Sparks

Winston Spear

Tom Stade

Tim Steeves

David Steinberg

Gavin Stephens

Ryan Stiles

Raymond Storey

Janine Sutto

man dressed in black, grinning maniacally

Scott Thompson

Gordie Tapp

Carolyn Taylor

Alan Thicke

Dave Thomas

Greg Thomey

Scott Thompson

Pat Thornton

Jacob Tierney

Steph Tolev

Jackie Torrens

Jonathan Torrens

Angelo Tsarouchas

Eric Tunney

Billy Van

Taz VanRassel

Michael Venus

Ron Vaudry

Kevin Vidal

Mary Walsh

Dave Ward

Mike Ward

Morgan Waters

Matt Watts

Johnny Wayne

Dave Weasel

George Westerholm

Jennifer Whalen

Jason John Whitehead

Peter Wildman

Elyse Willems

Harland Williams

Paul K. Willis

Mike Wilmot

Jonathan Wilson

  1. Trevor Wilson

Mark Wilson

John Wing, Jr.

Daniel Woodrow

Glenn Wool

Matt Wright

Scott Yaphe

Alan Young

Fraser Young

Andrew Younghusband

Hannan Younis

Pete Zedlacher

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