Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer 2023: Top Brands Review

Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer 2023 Top Brands Review
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Speakers are the device that converts electrical energy to sound. There are plenty of speakers, but all are categorized in two: dynamic or passive speakers. And if you are investing in the Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer, this is a great place for you.

In this article; Hookeaudio will show you the factors for selecting a high-quality set of car speakers. Additionally, there are specifications that you should consider before purchasing the car speakers.

Top Rated Best Car Speaker For Bass Without Subwoofer Brands

Top Rated Best Car Speaker For Bass Without Subwoofer Brands

1. Infinity KAPPA86CFX

Best 6×8 car speakers for bass

Infinity makes some fantastic speakers for bass performance.

These KAPPA car speakers for bass are great because they will give you a memorable sound experience once it’s installed speaker in your car. These car speakers for bass are great for bass, even without a subwoofer. These speakers have high volumes.

This best car speaker has an amount of output of 300 Watts and an RMS rating of 100 Watts. This 6-inch 2-way car multi-element speaker is sensitive at 94 dB. The effective impedance is 2.5 Ohms. Its voice coil has a diameter of 30mm.

The frequency response ranges from 40 Hz to 25 kHz. You will enjoy a pleasant sound experience in your car thanks to the excellent low-frequency handling. As they are a little more expensive than other speakers, they offer a fantastic low-frequency response.

These car speakers feature a glass fiber woofer with Plus One technology. Even when the volume is increased, this glass fiber woofer will keep its shape so that you can still hear the sound clearly at a high volume output. You don’t need to use much power to drive the glass woofer because it weighs less.

Soft-dome 1-inch tweeters can handle high frequencies exceptionally efficiently. These tweeters are edge-driven, which means that they can handle more power and still put out smooth mid-range tones.

Infinity UniPivot lets you aim tweeters at your personal listening preference to achieve excellent stereo imaging, even when your speakers are in your stock speakers.

Infinity KAPPA86CFX are the Best car speakers for bass and sound quality and provide great value for money. It has a great user experience at the store.

  • 6-inch 2-way car speakers
  • Peak power handling 300 Watts
  • RMS power rating 100 Watts
  • Sensitivity 94dB
  • Impedance 2.5 Ohms
  • Infinity UniPivot
  • The voice coil’s diameter is 30mm
  •  40 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Glass fiber woofers with plus one technology
  • Edge-driven 1-inch soft-dome tweeters
  • Top-mount depth 2.3 inches
  • Mounting height: 0.635 inches
  • Two bottom mount adapter rings
  • Two foam gaskets with adhesive backing
  • Rubber woofer surround


  • Provide good low-frequency
  • High-quality sound
  • Easy installation
  • Value for money
  • Even if you turn up the volume, it will still produce a good sound
  • Weighs less
  • It doesn’t take a lot of power
  • Tweeters enable efficient high-frequency communication.
  • UniPivot lets you aim tweeters at your ears
  • Bass output is greater


  • A bit more expensive

2. Kicker Black OEM replacement marine 6.5”4 Ohm coaxial speaker

These car speakers for bass don’t come with any accessories or a retail box. They will be shipped in plain brown packaging. This speaker is a quality product at an affordable price.

These coaxial speakers come in a four-piece set and have a sensitivity of 90 decibels. If you are searching for the Best door speaker for bass, then Kicker Black OEM is for you.

  • They only have 50 RMS Watts and 1/3 tweeters, so that highs won’t be as significant.
  • Pair of Kicker OEM Replacement Charcoal Gray 6″/6.5″ 4-Ohm Coaxial Marine Sound Speakers
  • 390 Watts Peak Power per Pair / 195 W Peak Power Each Speaker
  • 130 Watts RMS Power per Pair / 65 WMS for Each Speaker
  • Vivid Multi-Color LED Accent Illumination (the optional 41kmlc led control is required and sold separately).


  • Great bass response, superb mids, and lows
  • They are beautiful speakers that were very easy to replace.
  • Cool LED lights.
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent sound


  • Incapable of producing wide dynamic range and poor low-frequency response
  • Controller to change the light color. Very cheap controller
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3. BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers

This BOSS CH6530 is one of the Best car speakers without subwoofer. It provides excellent service regardless of how much you spend.

These boss audio systems have received many positive reviews from users. Most of the reviews are focused on its sound quality, loudness, clarity, and brightness. This boss audio system is an excellent choice if you’re looking to replace the speaker in your factory car speakers.

The best thing about this car speaker? Its piezoelectric speaker, which is designed to resist overloads.

  • Brand – Boss Audio
  • Item Weight – 2.5 Pounds
  • Grills included
  • Stamped basket
  • Rubber surround


  • Easy installation
  • The speaker’s durable cone materials ensure that it lasts a long time
  • Its voice coil will allow for longer playtimes


  • None

4. Polk Audio DB692 Speaker

Polk Audio is another best car speaker brand for making great speakers.

These car speakers for bass feature polypropylene cones that are supported by a rubber. This solid sound experience and smooth cone excursion. They also provide a robust bass response.

  • High-performance audio update that makes a sound signature that is better than OEM factory systems
  • Marine certified with IP55 rating (water and dirt-resistant) and tested to ensure free from salt fog and UV rays.
  • Cone made of Polypropylene, UV-tolerant, and waterproof with outer and inner surrounds.
  • Easy drop-in installation of any vehicle, including cars, boats, and ATVs.
  • Cut out Diameter 5.97 “H x 8.8″ W Bottom Mount – 3.83″ Top Mount – 3.25”


  • They have an IP55 marine certification
  • They can withstand water and dust.
  • Great sound quality
  • Punchy bass


  • It also has a weak low-frequency response.

5. Kicker 43DSC6704 Car Speakers

Kicker 43DSC6704 coaxial speaker is among the Best speakers without subwoofer. It can handle the amount of power the high output of 240 Watts and an RMS power rating of 60 Watts.

It is a polypropylene-woofer with a ribbed polyester foam surround, a PEI balanced silk dome tweeter, and a frequency range of 40 Hz to 20kHz. It has a reasonable 90 dB sensitivity and a musical taste low impedance at 4-Ohm.

The kicker high-sensitivity speakers can be used as a replacement for factory stereo speakers. It will deliver a great music experience. The best bass car speakers with no subwoofer will deliver a clear, impressive sound that is unlike anything you have heard before.

This 2-way design creates dynamic sound by directing high frequencies to a PEI dome tweeter and low frequencies to a polypropylene subwoofer. These car speakers for bass can be fitted to almost all cars and replace factory speakers.

These midrange drivers deliver the sound and power you have always wanted with stiff polypropylene cones and UV-treated foam surrounds. These external speakers can be installed in almost any vehicle without drilling holes.

The factory head unit doesn’t have a DS motor so that the susceptible DS motor will deliver more volume. The PEI dome tweeter produces crisp, clean music.

The Kicker 43DSC6704 car speaker is one of our top picks. Although the bass transmission is less than average, you can expect it to provide value for money based on its price.

The store has excellent reviews and excellent ratings. It’s a budget-friendly speaker that provides crisp and clear music and is durable. If you need the best 6 3/4 car speakers, It is exactly what you wish

  • Coaxial Speakers – 6.75″
  • Peak power handling 240 Watts
  • RMS power handling 60 Watts
  • Woofer made of Polypropylene
  • Polyester foam surround
  • PEI balanced dome speaker
  •  40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • High sensitivity rating 90dB
  • Impedance 4-Ohm
  • Mounting depth 2 inches
  • Grilles included
  • 4-red plastic butt connectors
  • Eight-speed clips


  • It is easy to install
  • Sheerness
  • Budget-friendly
  • It can be used to fit many different types of doors.
  • Performs at its best
  • Use factory head unit to work efficiently
  • Sound great


  • Bass may be less

6. Pioneer TS-A1680F Component Speaker

Pioneer is another established brand that sells a variety of car audio components. They were established in 1938 and had been producing high-quality products since then.

Pioneer TS-1680F component speakers are an excellent choice for those on a budget. These are some of the Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer.

The Pioneer 6-1/2′” component speakers are incredibly well-designed. The multilayer mica-matrix woofer cones of the Pioneer 6-1/2″ speakers are well designed and deliver a punchy sound.

An elastic polymer surround also supports them. These speakers feature 1-5/8″ Polyetherimide cone midrange drivers that allow very clear mids and treble. Pioneer’s PET dome tweeters (3/8″) add high frequency sounds details to make music exciting.

Pioneer TS-1680F speakers have a sensitivity rating that is 88dB. They can also handle 80 watts continuously. These speakers can reach as low as 36Hz or as high as 25kHz.

You can pair them with aftermarket speakers for your car radio or an external amplifier to improve the sound quality. If you are searching for the Best car speakers without sub, it is worth trying.

  • The Pioneer TS-1676R speakers are a great addition to your stereo system.
  • Cone for IMPP woofer reinforced with carbon and MICA
  • Speaker material with elastic surround
  • Dual 11mm PET dome tweeters
  • Rubber magnet boot cover
  • Voice coil with high heat resistance
  • 11.2 oz. 11.2 oz.


  • Great sounding speakers
  • The bass is much more clear
  • More power


  • There’s not much to be noted.
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7. Rockford Fosgate 2 R169X2 Coaxial Speakers

Rockford Fosgate is one of the Best Car Speakers For Bass Without Subwoofer. They offer a variety of speakers. These car speakers are the best for bass, even without a subwoofer.

The Rockford Fosgate R169X2 full-range coaxial speaker is the best. This pair of full-range speakers measure 6 “x9”. The peak power handling of the speakers is 130 Watts, and its RMS power is 65. It has a frequency response between 48Hz and 20kHz.

The whole kit comes with mounting brackets and high-pass crossovers. The sturdy, rigid platform of the stamped basket enhances the music experience. The Santoprene rubber surround is weather-resistant and can withstand many different types of conditions.

These car speakers for bass will improve your music experience, especially if you replace your factory speakers. The ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) hides the crossover within the basket. This gives it a cleaner look.

These car speakers will enrich your music experience and make your moments more enjoyable than ever.

Rockford Fosgate R169X2 car speakers for bass are the best under 50. These Rockford Fosgate full-range speakers are highly durable and offer a great user experience.

The store has many positive reviews and ratings. However, you must know that the product will be a good value for money. These are great alternatives to factory-installed car speakers.

  • Full-range 6″ x 9″ speakers
  • 2-way full-range speaker
  • Maximum power rating 130 Watts
  • RMS power handling 65 Watts
  • Sensitivity 90dB
  • Impedance 4-Ohm
  • 48 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Crossovers with integrated tweeters
  • The crossover is hidden by ICC within the basket
  • Polypropylene cone
  • Flush Mounted Silk Dome Tweeter – 0.5″
  • Includes grilles
  • Mounting hardware
  • Santoprene rubber surround
  • Basket made of stamped steel
  • Weight 5 pounds approx


  • It is easy to install
  • High-quality material
  • Clean look
  • Coaxial speakers
  • Durable
  •  Good quality of sound


  • It may not be capable of supporting the lowest tones.

8. Polk Audio DB652

The Polk Audio DB652 marine car speaker is one of the Best replacement car speakers for bass. This pair of coaxial speakers are marine-certified.

They can deliver a peak power output of 300 Watts and a maximum power output of 100 Watts. This power is sufficient to produce high-quality bass.

Cone woofer with Polypropylene, UV-tolerant material, and waterproof rubber surrounds. This enhances deep bass and provides stiffness to protect it from heat, moisture, and time.

The 0.75-inch tweeter is made from mixed liquid cool silk and polymer, with strong magnets made from neodymium. This ensures a proper frequency response. The response range is 40 Hz to 22 kHz. Speakers rarely have a low-frequency response.

You can have subtle responses without having to crank up your volume. The hardware is made from stainless steel, which provides long-lasting durability.

The package includes the best car speakers without subwoofers, grilles, and installation hardware. Low mass 2-layer, high melting temperature two layers allow for reliability and extended playtimes.

Polk Audio DB652 car sound system has been certified marine-grade, meaning it can withstand harsh environments and water.

Polk Audio DB 652 car sound system is one of the most popular marine speakers. These coaxial speakers are also the best car speaker under 100. The store has excellent reviews and ratings, which shows that it offers a fantastic user experience.

These car speakers for bass will make great music. However, you should confirm that your car doors are sufficiently wide before purchasing.

  • 2-way coaxial speaker with a 6.5-inch diameter
  • 300 Watts peak power
  • RMS power handling 100 Watts
  • Cone filled Polypropylene and other UV-tolerant materials
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • Tweeter 0.75 inches
  • Tweeters made of liquid-cooled silk
  • Neodymium magnets
  • 40 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Sensitivity 92dB
  • Impedance 4-Ohm
  • Dynamic balance driver technology
  • Marine certified
  • Kapton 2-layer voice coil has high melting temperatures
  • Swivel mount tweeters
  • Mounting depth 2 inches


  • In stressed environments, rubber surround will not break down
  • Mounting hardware is stainless steel
  • For a more comfortable fit, use adaptor rings
  • Dynamic balance driver to ensure distortion-free sound
  • Cones are solid but lightweight
  • Marine certified means it can withstand extreme environments on the water.
  • 2-layer Kapton ensures reliability
  • A swivel mount tweeter allows for the aiming of sound


  • If your front door is less than 2 inches, it won’t fit.
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9. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

This car speaker is perfect for bass without a subwoofer and can be installed in any car. It boasts critical features such as 91 dB of sensitivity, 45 WMS power, and a high pass filter.

These features combine to give you the best sound quality and audio performance. This speaker is packed with great features and will provide excellent value for money.

It is a speaker that is loud and clear. The polypropylene cone is rigid, lightweight, and durable. If you are looking for the best car speakers under 100, these three-way coaxial speakers are for you.

  • Product Name – Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime
  • Brand – Rockford Fosgate
  • Item Weight – 3.5 Pounds
  • Silk dome piezo tweeter
  • 3-way car speaker
  • 4-ohm impedance


  • It includes all necessary mounting hardware and grille
  • Installation is straightforward


  • At some point, the bass may become less prominent.
Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5' 350...
1,096 Reviews

10. Pyle PL63BL

The Pyle PL63BL full range mounting hardware car speaker is one of the Best Cheap Car Speakers for Bass. It’s a 3-way speaker that has a built-in polypropylene woofer and produces powerful bass.

The higher power handling is 360 Watts, and the RMS power is 180W.

The best car speakers without a subwoofer feature a blue poly injection polypropylene woofer cone that gives them a unique appearance and provides stiffness.

The 1-inch ASV voice coil was designed for high-wattage and high-temperature situations. These oversized voice coils can withstand high temperatures, allowing for longer playtimes.

This 3-way sound speaker features a 1-inch neodymium dome for midrange and a 0.75-inch piezo tweeter to provide high-frequency treble.

This speaker produces a clear, loud, and smooth sound. The speaker system operates on a 4-Ohm impedance, frequencies from 95 Hz through 20 kHz.

Pyle PL63BL speaker boxes come with grilles, speaker cables, and mounting brackets. The speakers have a mounting depth of 1.9 inches. The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround protects your speakers and extends their life.

One of the Best car speakers without amp, the Pyle PL63BL, is affordable and offers excellent value. These are great 3-way speakers for a reasonable price.

The store has received many positive reviews and ratings. It’s easy to install and durable. This is an excellent replacement for less efficient factory speakers.

  • Peak power handling 360 Watts
  • RMS power handling 180 Watts
  • 20 oz magnet structure
  • Pair of 6 “x6.”
  • 1-inch ASV voice coil
  • Impedance 4-Ohm
  • Sensitivity 89dB
  • Midrange 0.75-inch piezo tweeters
  • 95 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Eye-catching blue injection cone
  • It is non-fatiguing rubber made of butyl rubber
  • Mounting depth 1.9 inches


  • 1-inch ASV voice coil can withstand harsh environments
  • Include grilles, speaker cables, and mounting hardware
  • Piezo tweeter provides smooth response and loud sound
  • Longer playtimes
  • Budget-friendly
  • A rubber surround achieves stiffening
  • Attractive cone design
  • Low distortion


  • The Low-frequency response is not very good ( 95 Hz).

What to Consider When Getting a Car Speaker for Bass Without Subwoofer

What to Consider When Getting a Car Speaker for Bass Without Subwoofer

Music can make us feel good no matter where we are driving. You won’t enjoy the music if your car speakers are not well-designed.

Many cars have poor-quality, factory-fitted speakers. However, it is possible to upgrade these speakers if necessary.

This buying guide will discuss how to choose the right car speaker that can provide bass without a subwoofer.

Performance, technology, size, and other small details can make a big difference.

Types of Speaker

There are two types of speakers today: full-range or component speakers. It would help if you chose which speaker would best fit your vehicle.

Installation of full-range speakers is easy. They also have crossovers, tweeters, and mid-range and high-frequency woofers. On the other hand, component speakers are made to be used with an external speaker, a woofer cone, and tweeters.

The installation of component speakers is easy, but they are expensive. You have to decide which speaker you want to purchase.

Power Handling

Power handling refers to the total power that a speaker can handle or can take. The root means square can be used to measure how many power speakers are designed to handle.

The RMS rating of the speaker is essential. Speakers should have a minimum RMS of 60 watts.


Although this phenomenon is simple to grasp, matching it can be a challenge for many.

Sensitivity is the key to maximum sound quality. If your stereo system is not powerful enough, you will need a speaker that has high sensitivity. It is something you should pay close attention to when choosing a car speaker.

Voice coils

Your speakers’ voice coil is an essential component system. It takes all power and converts it using magnets.

While reading the advertisement, it must not get heated up to provide a great sound experience. Hence, you should look for high-temperature-resistant voice coils.

Frequency range

It refers to the frequency range that speakers emit and which is audible by the human ear. Audio performance is better if the frequency range is more significant.

The most sought-after frequency range is usually between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. You should look for car speakers for bass with a range between 30 Hz and 30 Hz at the lower end if you want a better bass response.


Low impedance is measured in ohms. This indicates how much power the speaker can channel.

Speakers with 4-ohms impedance have been the best and most reliable.

Size of the Speaker

When shopping for car speakers for bass, size is an essential factor to consider. A speaker system should fit in the available space, whether it is on the trunk or door.

You shouldn’t buy a speaker with a height greater than 4 inches if your door is 4 inche

Material for Speakers

Material for Speakers

The material used to make a speaker is what determines speaker’s ability to withstand harsh environments. The woofer cone, which is responsible for deep bass sounds, should be lightweight materials such as polypropylene.


Last but not least, considering the price when looking for car speakers with bass that aren’t subwoofer-compatible.

It is essential to establish a budget for the cost of replacing your car’s speakers. This will allow you to choose the best speaker for your needs within your budget.

Quality of Sound

This is the purpose of speakers. Stereos should have the highest quality sound quality. The frequency range is the most critical aspect.

Your speakers will produce better sound reproduction if they have a more comprehensive frequency range. The speakers can produce sound frequencies between 10 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

Decibels measure the loudness of your car audio speakers. This is the most important thing to consider when buying speakers. This is especially true if you’re an extreme SPL fanatic.

The typical car’s sound systems will be between 90 and 130 decibels. One hundred thirty decibels is the maximum level of loudness that can cause you to feel pain.

You can understand decibels better by adding 3 decibels to any sound volume. You can almost double the volume if you increase +10 decibels.

Watts (W) is the unit of power. A watt is an electrical power measurement. Speakers have a maximum wattage that they can withstand without blowing out.

It is also possible to convert watts into decibels. For example, 30 Watts equals around 105 decibels, and 120 Watts is about 110 decibels.

You must ensure that your external amplifier is not pushing more power into your speakers than they can handle. This can cause speaker damage.

And If you are looking for some ways to test your new car speakers, let us show you easy ways how to test and measure speakers:


FAQs about car speakers for bass without subwoofer

Can I use a subwoofer without amplifiers in a car?

The subwoofer is a speaker that provides deep; rich bass sounds to complement the music or audio that is playing on your car.

The subwoofer is powered by an amplifier and is usually installed in the trunk of your car. Subwoofers can be used with an amplifier and without one.

Why do I need subwoofers in my car?

The essential function of a subwoofer is to create low-frequency sound. This is the only area where the woofer is a more efficient transducer than a tweeter.

Low-frequency sound cannot be created efficiently by a tweeter because the voice coil is too small and doesn’t have enough room to move. A subwoofer’s primary goal is to produce the deep bass response that is lost in most vehicles. These frequencies are typically below 80 Hz.

Can you connect a subwoofer to any speakers?

If you have a home theater system, it is possible to include a subwoofer and a receiver. However, if you do not have a home theater system and only have speakers, you can purchase a subwoofer and connect it to your speakers with a speaker wire.

Make sure that you have an audio input on the back of your subwoofer that’s compatible with the input on your speakers.

Some subwoofers are made with a speaker connection on the back, but most are made to be attached with a small cable that goes through the wall.

You can also use an RCA cable or a stereo Y-cable with an RCA connector on one end and one speaker wire connection on the other.

Can I use an amplifier without a subwoofer in a car stereo?

A car stereo system is a device that is used to play audio in a car. A car stereotypically consists of an amplifie produces the sound and a set of speakers are used to transmit the sound produced by the amplifier. The description for this device asks if it is possible to use an amplifier without a subwoofer. The answer to this question is no.


Many people like to use car speakers without a subwoofer because they cost less and take up less space in the car. With so many different speakers to choose from, it is hard to find the best for your car without a subwoofer.

Some of the more popular models on the market today are the Rockford Fosgate P165-SD Prime Component System and the Infinity KAPPA86CFX. We hope that our article can help you find the right car speaker for your vehicle.

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