Best Car Speakers Under 100 2024: Top Brands Review

Best Car Speakers Under 100 2024 Top Brands Review
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Buying car speakers may seem like a complex and almost daunting task. After all, we need to consider several factors such as the price and the expected maximum performance and quality level.

After determining your needs and budget, you can choose the best vehicle speakers within your budget. Today Hookeaudio is going to review some of the Best Car Speakers Under 100.

Top Rated Best Car Speakers Under 100 Brands

Top Rated Best Car Speakers Under 100 Brands

1. Infinity REF6522IX 65” 180W

Infinity REF6522IX car speakers have a 2-way design. If you look closely at the speaker, the woofer seems larger than other car speakers.

The tweeter is also made of textile. Tweeters are not front-facing but tilted at an angle.

A switch on the tweeter allows you to increase the tweeter’s power output quality by 3db. This gives you more control over your detailed sound and lets you change it to your liking.

Low-powered car systems and radios are often found in factory-fitted speakers. This can cause them to fail when they need to power specific speakers.

The Infinity Reference speaker is shallow in low impedance, at just 3 ohms. It becomes 4 ohms when you multiply the wire’s resistance. This allows low-powered radios and audio systems to power the car speakers efficiently.

These car speakers are also compatible with high-powered systems with built-in amps.

Infinity REF6522IX car speakers have an extended woofer design. This means the Infinity REF6522IX speaker’s high-frequency response is from 53Hz to 21kHz. This will make the bass louder and more balanced. This decent frequency response is wide enough to pick up all the sounds in your music.

The tweeter is tilted up, facing the driver and not blaring into their legs. A forward-facing car speaker would only face your thighs and legs, not your ears, because high-frequency sounds are more directional.

The tweeter’s 3db switch boosts the overall sound quality, mainly if your car door absorbs high frequencies. The 3db boost tweeter would compensate for frequency response losses. It is seen as among the best car audio speakers for the money.

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  • Solid punchy bass
  • Very respectable frequency response
  • Twitterers who are well-directed
  • High-quality sound
  • Good quality speakers


  • Sounds little directional

2. Rockford Fosgate R165S

Rockford Fosgate R165S has the same subtle and minimal look as the Polk one but is a bit more sophisticated. It has a clean design, and the logo is at the bottom. This should blend in well. Rockford Fosgate R165S comes in one color, Black, and the options for color are limited like the Polk one.

The sound is decent good. It can handle highs and mids well. However, the bass is where it struggles. While it’s okay for the price, it doesn’t have that sparkle or clarity. It’s still quite lovely.

The sound profile is less bass-heavy, so it will work well for you if your top priority is different. Installation is easy, just like the Polk model.

The build quality of Rockford Fosgate is quite good. The outer ring of the speaker is made very well. Also, it will fit flush in your car regardless of what. This reduces the chance of damage. It is also a benefit from a durability and longevity standpoint.

Overall, I think it’s is one of the Best car speakers without amp. If you like the sound signature of these car speakers, you’ll love it. However, the bass isn’t imposing.

Rockford Fosgate R165S is not the best component speaker under $100 because of this and the limited color options, but it’s still pretty good. You might like the subtle, minimalist look of this speaker. You also get a 1-year warranty in the event of any problems.


  • Good highs and middles.
  • Durability and great features
  • Subtle looks
  • It is easy to install and replace your factory-fitted car speakers.
  • Very good sounding speakers
  • Good build quality


  • There are not many color options
  • The average bass response is avg.

3. JBL GTO638 Car Speakers

JBL is synonymous with very good build quality, affordable sound systems. These GTO 638 audio devices offer the same high quality as their predecessors.

Patented Plus One’s woofer cone is 25% larger than the average model in this price range. You will experience a noticeable improvement in deep bass response when you pair it with a durable rubber surround.

The 3-way speaker is a Mylar/titanium-alloy tweeter, which the manufacturers claim is home theater-quality and an adjustable super Tweeter. This extends the JBL GTO638s’ ability to handle high frequencies.

The built-in crossover network is another neat feature of these car speakers. This allows for smooth changes between the tweeters and the woofer, giving the midrange an authentic sound.

It wouldn’t be strange if Jay-Z were in your passenger seat.

These car speakers have 60 watts RMS of continuous power and 180 peak power. The My-Ti alloy significantly improves power handling.

These will allow you to crank them beyond socially acceptable without distortion. These will draw more power than any amplifier or the head unit you might have, with only 2 ohms of low impedance.

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Many budget speakers are made by cheap brands who compromise on quality to reduce costs. The JBL GTO638s still feature the same technology as their other audio systems.

They reproduce highs, midranges, and lows quickly and can be enjoyed at a reasonable volume thanks to their efficient power handling.

These are the best car speakers under 100. We don’t think so. However, we aren’t convinced that these speakers will be as good as the Pioneer’s T-A1676Rs.

JBL GTO638 Car Speakers


  • JBL technology is full of audio-enhancing JBL technology
  • Great drivers produce incredible overall sound quality across the board
  • Adjustable tweeters
  • Powerful handling
  • Solid punchy bass
  • Good build quality


  • Sometimes the tweeter can be too bright

4. Kicker 43DSC6704 Coaxial Speaker

If you can get them, you’ll be lucky to have a pair of speakers that work right out of the box. The Kicker 2-way coaxial speaker is an excellent option for improving factory-fitted speakers.

These car speakers can be fitted into any vehicle’s doorway and provide a powerful sound. The speaker pair features a strong polypropylene core and a UV-treated foam surround to cancel out distortion. Polypropylene cones are more durable and better than other good car speakers.

A Silk Dome tweeter greatly aids speakers in producing crisp, clear sound. Although they don’t produce much deep bass, they can be loud and clear. These car speakers perform admirably when used with the right aftermarket stereo system. It is seen as one of the very best affordable speakers. 


  • Clear and loud sound
  • Zero distortion
  • It is easy to install
  • Good car speaker
  • High quality material


  • Weak bass
  • Durability issues can affect some people.
  • Perform at frequency response 160Hz

5. Kicker 46CSC654 Stereo Speakers Full Range

Kicker speakers are known for being easy to install and fit. The 46CSC654 is a popular car speaker and is considered a step up from the low-quality speakers.

They’re not the most expensive speakers, but they’re also not the cheapest. You may be able to find better value with some of our other recommended speakers.

They can handle 100 WRM (300 W peak) and have a frequency response of 40-22,000 Hz. It is seen as one of the best car speakers.


  • Easy to fit most cars
  • Full range sound


  • Expensive speakers
  • Quality is key

6. JBL Stage 9603 3-Way Coaxial Car Stereo Speakers

These 3-way JBL speakers are a great way to save money on high-end, high-quality speakers. The popular car door speaker is more expensive than some of the speakers on our list, but they will still be affordable at well below $100.

The car speakers have a super piezoelectric tweeter and a PEI-balanced dome speaker. The cone is made of injection-molded polypropylene. They can run at 70 watts RMS (210 W peak) and have a frequency response between 45 – 20,000 HZ.

These automobile speakers have sharp, clear mid-range and high tones and a solid low-end bass, unlike cheap speakers.

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  • Incredible sound
  • Amazing build quality


  • It is not cheap car speakers

7. Skar Audio TX525

Next up is a pair 2 way speakers from Skar Audio. This is one of the best 5.25 car speakers for audio enthusiasts. You won’t need to spend a lot and still get a great sound system.

These car speakers are solid competitors to most high-end speakers. These car speakers have a glass fiber cone and a premium TPE surround, making them superior to other speakers.

These good-quality speakers are robust and deliver a remarkable sound, even at high volumes. The high, mids, and lows sound great with little distortion.

These car speakers respond well to a wide range of frequencies. The silk dome piezo tweeter, which is unique in their class, produces a rich and articulate sound. It is seen as one of the best affordable car speakers.


  • Make loud, clear sounds
  • Ergonomic design
  • It is easy to set up
  • Reasonable price


  • Stock speakers are not louder
  • Bass is less

8. Pioneer TS-A1670F

This is among the best cheap speakers for car if you are looking to replace damaged or low-quality factory-fitted speakers.

Pioneer’s TS-1670F speakers feature a carbon- and flexible mica cone woofer and an elastic polymer surround. They also have 11mm PET dome tweeters. These speakers produce a broad dispersion of sound and deep, rich bass.

An external amplifier can power them at 70 watts RMS power (320 W peak rms power). They can handle frequencies between 37 and 24000 Hz.


  • Solid brass
  • Overall, good sound
  • It is easy to install
  • Best cheap car speakers


  • Quality is key
  • Price

9. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Speakers

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 budget speakers are the best. These 3-way speakers have a ridged polypropylene cone, a silk dome tweeter, and a piezo super-tweeter. They produce a punchy bass and lovely high and mid-range frequencies.

You will also get a tremendous built-in network crossover to divide the frequencies among the components of the speakers. This ensures you have a higher sound quality and a price that is less than $100.

These component speakers can handle 45 Watts RMS power (90 Watts RMS peak) and have a frequency response of 52-20,000 Hz. They can be connected to any aftermarket or factory-fitted stereo system and will produce great sound.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 will sound even better when boosted with a mid-power amplifier. This means that if you wish to upgrade your factory speakers, you can get outstanding sound quality. If you are searching for the best cheap car speakers, these component speakers are for you.


  • 3-way speaker
  • Great sound quality
  • Quality is key


  • It is not cheap car speakers

10. BOSS Audio Systems CH6930

Boss Audio car audio system is a well-respected brand that makes in-car sound systems. They have created a beautiful set of affordable speakers, the CH6930’s.

These budget speakers have a rigid polyurethane core and rubber surrounds. The also speakers feature piezoelectric tweeters. They can handle a peak power of 200 WMS and have a frequency response of 50 to 20,000 Hz.

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Boss guarantees that these car speakers will be a hit with you. They also offer a 3-year platinum online dealer warranty. BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 is one of the Best budget car speakers for bass in 2024. 


  • Budget car speakers
  • Three-year warranty
  • Excellent sound quality


  • It is little difficult to install

11. Kenwood KFC-1665S6.5

Kenwood is a well-respected brand when it comes to car audio manufacturers. Kenwood has been manufacturing speakers, amplifiers, and receivers for over 50 years.

Kenwood developed the KFC-1665S coaxial speakers after years of technological research and enthusiasm. Kenwood KFC-1665S can be used to replace most car stereos.

It has a full-range coaxial design and mid-range and high-range sounds are used to make a high-quality bass. It is a good car speaker if you are looking for the best car speakers for bass.


  • It fits easily in most standard speaker ports
  • High volumes of use
  • This adds significant value to factory updates
  • Best budget speakers


  • The magnets could be more robust bass.
  • Coaxial may cause interference with some frequencies.

12. JVC CSJ620

Although they won’t blow your socks, these JVC speakers offer an upgrade option for anyone looking to replace OEM car systems. They are also the most affordable.

You can get better-sounding speakers that last longer for as little as $20, which is well within your budget.

The JVC CS-J620s can pick up sounds as low as 35Hz thanks to their Mico woofer cone, rubber surround, and cloth surround. This adds depth and precision to the mid-range frequencies.

Unlike factory-fitted automobile systems, a 1″ Poly-Ether balanced dome speaker can produce details up to 22Khz.

Drivers and smart automobile speaker material choices give a nice full-range sound quality equivalent to OEM speakers.

They can handle 30 watts RMS of continuous RMS peak power and have a sensitivity rating of 92 dB.

The peak power handling rating of these speakers is 300 watts RMS. However, they are less powerful than the higher-priced speakers.

If you are looking for a significant upgrade, you will need more than these to satisfy your sonic requirements. These are a minor upgrade to OEM speakers. They will bring a little more fire to your music, and you will notice an improvement. These JVC speakers are considered one of the best car speakers under $50 in 2024. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • You can make a slight improvement on OEM speakers
  • Sufficiently deep sound


  • You can get better speakers by spending more.
  • High volume crackling and distortion

Recently, We have reviewed the best 4-inch car speakers and the best 6.75 speakers in 2024. If you also care about these products, let us show you which is suitable for your car:

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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Car Speakers

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Car Speakers

Buying a car speaker is always challenging because everyone has preferences and choices about the hardware and music they like. Some people like country music while driving, while other speakers like rock and roll.

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It is a smart move to research before you spend your hard-earned cash on a car speaker. And these are some factors to choose the right car speakers before purchasing a new speaker.

Sound quality

How much we listen to our speakers is directly related to how good the music is. The frequency range of any car speaker determines the quality of sound.

Your speaker will reproduce sound great more often if it has a broader frequency range.

Most speakers are tuned to a frequency range between 10Hz and 20kHz. However, some manufacturers may offer a broader range. The sensitivity of the car’s speakers is another factor that influences the sound quality.

In simpler terms, sensitivity refers to the volume of an audio source. It is measured in decibels or dB.

A speaker with a higher sensitivity can make traveling more difficult because the room temperature can be increased by 2-3 dB.

Car audio systems typically have a sensitivity between 87 and 88 dB. However, many car speakers produce sensitivity as high as 93 dB. Speakers with a sensitivity of 90 dB or more will have excellent sound.

Power handling

Power handling ability refers to a device that uses electricity to withstand power (measured as watts).

If your car has little power, you might not need a high-powered device.

A high-power system’s excellent power handling capacity is crucial for car sound systems to perform well.

The RMS (root means square) wattage is what determines peak power handling capacity. It does not have to be the peak.

RMS is the average power that speakers can handle over a long period. The power handling should match your factory-fitted speakers.

Speakers for cars

Speakers for cars

A car speaker system must be made from the best material to ensure its durability and performance.

Everyone should consider the material used for each component of the car speaker system before buying it.

These car systems are worth their price, and they are less than $100. When buying a car speaker, you should carefully review the reviews online.

High sensitivity speakers can be great for cars, as they are loud and easily heard.

Consider the following if you want to get good bass for the low-frequency response performance of the speakers.


This review will focus on low-cost, high-quality speakers below $100. High-end speakers cost more than $1000, but $20 and $100 speaker systems are still very different.

Always buy the best speakers possible. You’ll be able to enjoy a better sound, and they will last longer.


This is an important consideration when purchasing a car speaker.

Nothing is worse than opening a speaker box and finding out they don’t fit properly when you try installing them. Save yourself the hassle and get the right size. Remember to measure your car speaker carefully before purchasing a new car speaker.

2-way vs. 3way

2-way speakers are the easiest to install and most famous for those who wish to do it themselves.

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Although you only get one tweeter built-in, its fantastic sound quality is still superior to any factory-fitted system. Three-way speakers allow each frequency range to be handled by a woofer and tweeter.

It comes down to personal preference most of the time. Each is not fundamentally superior to the other suggested speakers.

Are you a coaxial or a component?

Coaxial speakers are more popular because they contain multiple drivers that produce various audio frequencies.

A component speaker only contains one driver. They can produce highs, midrange, and lows. A coaxial speaker is the best choice unless you are custom building an audio system for your car.


Sensitivity is measured in decibels. It refers to the power required to produce a specific volume. Speakers with higher sensitivity require less power to produce high-volume sound.

You will need more sensitive speakers if you have factory speakers or a low-end head unit.

Best Budget Car Speakers FAQs

Best Budget Car Speakers FAQs

What Is the Best Car Speaker for Under 500?

The great car speaker for under 500 is the JBL GTO938. It is one of the great car speakers for under 500. Its 9.25-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter, and 24dB bass reflex port produces crystal clear sound.

The JBL GTO938 also has a power handling capacity of 180 watts RMS, which will ensure that it can handle any music you play at maximum volume.

The frequency response of these car systems is 50Hz to 20,000Hz and fits sedans, sports vehicles, hatchbacks, and convertibles.

How Many Watts Do Car Speakers Need to Have?

Drivers are the speakers that produce the sound within the car. The speaker’s sound quality depends on the driver’s size, material, and number.

A higher power rating will give the speakers more power to create louder sounds. A higher power rating will also give the speakers more clarity at high volumes.

It’s hard to say because it depends on what kind of music you listen to and where you listen to it.

What Are the Best 6×9 Car Speakers for Bass?

And there are some popular 6×9 car speakers in 2024:

  • Pioneer TS-A6996R Speakers
  • JBL GTO938 Speakers
  • JBL GTO939 Series 6×9″ 300W three-way Black Car Coaxial Speakers
  • Kicker D-Series 6×9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
  • Kenwood KFC 300W 2-Way 6×9 400W
  • Polk Audio DB691 speakers

Best Car Speakers Under 100: Conclusion

You have just seen as best list car speakers under $100; it’s time to decide which one offers the best value for your money. In our opinion, the best choice is the Rockford Fosgate R165S. These are great speakers for cars and offer an excellent sound range.

The included amps and crossovers will suit most applications, and you can also add a 4-channel amp and some speakers for home use. We hope that our article can help you know which you should choose.


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