What is Carlos Volpe Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, And More

What is Carlos Volpe Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Carlos Volpe, popularly known as Volpe Where Are You, is a Venezuelan-American vlogging YouTuber who has gained immense popularity through his travel vlogs. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, mostly to Asian countries, and has documented his experiences in his YouTube channel.

In this article, Hookeaudio will shed light on various aspects of Carlos Volpe net worth, life, and career.

Quick Facts

Full NameCarlos Volpe
Real NameCarlos Volpe
Birth DateJanuary 11, 1990
ParentsNot specified in the context
SiblingsNot specified in the context
Birth PlaceCaracas, Venezuela
EthnicityNot specified in the context
EducationNot specified in the context
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationNot specified in the context
Wife/SpouseSophie Volpe
ChildrenNot specified in the context
DatingNot applicable (Married)
Net Worth$114,000.
Source of WealthYouTube career
Height6 feet

What is Carlos Volpe’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Carlos Volpe Net Worth and Salary 2023

As of September 2023, Carlos Volpe’s net worth is estimated to be $114,000. His primary source of income is his YouTube channel, where he earns approximately $1,845 monthly.

His channel, which started in October 2017, has amassed over 794k subscribers and 97.7 million views by September 2023.

Carlos Volpe Biography


Carlos Volpe, better known online as Volpe Where Are You, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. When he was five years old, his parents went their separate ways, and he started living with his mother in Miami, Florida, United States.

Carlos holds dual nationality and has spent most of his life travelling across different countries.

He started his YouTube channel in 2018 and quickly gained popularity for his unique style of presenting his travel experiences.

Carlos Volpe Age

There is no information about your date of birth, so we don’t know his age.

Height and Weight

Carlos Volpe has an athletic build and an impressive height of 6 feet. He loves to stay fit and healthy and enjoys playing football and doing various outdoor activities.


Not much is known about his father, and Carlos has not disclosed any information regarding his family background.


There is no information available about Carlos Volpe’s educational background.

Career and Awards

Carlos Volpe Career and Awards

Carlos Volpe, a Venezuelan-American, has carved out an unconventional career path for himself. He is widely recognized online as Volpe Where Are You, a vlogging YouTuber who shares his travel experiences with the world.

His content primarily revolves around his daily adventures with his wife, Sophie Volpe, as they traverse various parts of the globe, with a particular focus on Asia.

Carlos and Sophie’s journey began three years ago when they decided to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and embark on a life of travel. They started collecting miles and points, which they used to fund their travels.

Their passion for exploration and adventure led them to start a YouTube channel, aptly named Volpe Where Are You.

The channel serves as a platform for them to share their experiences and inspire others to break free from the conventional lifestyle and explore the world.

Their content creation process is quite engaging. Carlos and Sophie document their daily experiences, capturing the essence of the places they visit, the people they meet, and the cultures they immerse themselves in.

Their videos are not just about sightseeing; they delve into the heart of each destination, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the locale.

While there is no specific information available about any awards Carlos Volpe has received, his work has certainly garnered significant attention and appreciation.

His YouTube channel has amassed a substantial following, and his personal blog has also gained popularity. This recognition, in itself, is a testament to the quality of his work and the impact he has made through his content.

In conclusion, Carlos Volpe’s career is a fascinating blend of travel, adventure, and content creation.

His journey, documented through his YouTube channel and personal blog, serves as an inspiration for many who aspire to break free from the traditional career mold and pursue their passions.

Personal Life

Carlos met his wife, Sophie Volpe, on Tinder while she was studying English in Miami. Sophie is from Normandy, France, and used to work as a travel agent in a travel agency in Normandy.

Carlos and Sophie got married and have been travelling together ever since.

Carlos Volpe News 2023

As of 2023, Carlos Volpe continues to travel around the world, documenting his experiences through his YouTube channel.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, Carlos has had to put his travel plans on hold temporarily.

Nonetheless, he remains active on social media, keeping his followers updated with his latest adventures and insights.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Carlos Volpe

FAQs about Carlos Volpe

Where did Carlos Volpe start his world tour?

Carlos Volpe began his world tour in the Caribbean, with his first stop being Jamaica.

What type of content did Carlos Volpe create on YouTube?

Carlos primarily created vlogs, and his main content focus was on football matches. He considered himself a huge fan of the game.

How did Carlos fund his world tour?

Carlos used his savings of approximately $38,000 from his job in Florida to fund his world tour. Sophie, his wife, also joined him on this journey, and they financed their travels from their combined savings.

Where did Carlos and Sophie meet?

Carlos and Sophie met on Tinder when Sophie was in Miami studying English.

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Although his net worth is not publicly disclosed, it’s safe to assume that with his successful YouTube channel and various brand collaborations, Carlos Volpe’s net worth is impressive.

Carlos has proved that with passion and hard work, one can achieve their dreams and live an adventurous life. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Thank you for reading.

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