What is Carmen and Corey Net Worth 2023: Bio, Weight, Height, And More

What is Carmen and Corey Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Carmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett Jr. are popular YouTubers and social media personalities known for their channel, Carmen and Corey. Their channel showcases lifestyle videos, pranks, and parenting moments, among others.

In this article, Hookeaudio will delve deeper into Carmen and Corey net worth, salary, wiki, age, height, weight, parents, education, career and awards, personal life, news 2023, and more.

Quick Facts

Full NameCarmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett Jr
Real NameCarmen Pritchett and Corey Pritchett Jr
GenderFemale and Male
Birth DateCarmen: October 16, 1998; Corey: May 31, 1998
ParentsNot specified
SiblingsNot specified
Birth PlacePuerto Rico
EducationNot specified
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseCorey Pritchett Jr.
Net Worth$8 million
Source of WealthYouTube and brand promotions through social media
HeightCarmen Pritchett:  5’2; Cory Pritchett Jr. : 6 feet (1.83 m)
WeightCarmen Pritchet: 51 kg;  Cory: 70 kg

What is Carmen and Corey’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Carmen and Corey Net Worth and Salary 2023

As of 2023, Carmen Pritchett has an estimated net worth of $1 million. However, she and her husband, Corey Pritchett Jr., co-own a second YouTube channel, The Pritchett Family, which significantly boosts their combined net worth to a staggering $8 million.

The couple’s earnings per 1000 views on their YouTube channel are approximately $1.21.

Carmen and Corey Biography


Carmen Pritchett was born on October 16, 1998, making her 25 years old as of 2023. Cory Pritchett Jr. was born on May 31, 1998, which makes him 25 years old.

Height and Weight

Carmen Pritchett stands at 5’2, and her weight is 51 kg. On the other hand, Cory Pritchett Jr. has a height of 6 feet (1.83 m) and weighs 70 kg.


Carmen Pritchett was born in Puerto Rico, and her parents’ names are undisclosed. Meanwhile, Cory Pritchett Jr. was born and raised in the United States of America.


Unfortunately, there is no public information available about Carmen and Corey’s education.

Career and Awards

Carmen and Corey Career and Awards

Carmen and Corey Pritchett are a dynamic duo who have made a name for themselves in the world of YouTube. Their journey began in 2016 when they launched their first channel, Carmen and Corey. The channel quickly gained popularity due to its engaging content that includes lifestyle videos, hilarious pranks, and glimpses into their life as parents.

Carmen met Corey shortly after graduating high school in 2016. Corey introduced her to YouTube, and together they started creating content that resonated with millions.

Corey Pritchett Jr. also has his own individual channel, Life with Corey!, where he shares content about his cars and gaming.

Carmen, on the other hand, started her personal channel, Carmen Pritchett, in 2018, which has since amassed over one million subscribers.

She uses this platform to share her experiences with pregnancy and motherhood, providing valuable information to young women worldwide.

In addition to their individual channels, Carmen and Corey co-own a second channel, The Pritchett Family.

Their career has been marked by several milestones and achievements. One of their most notable successes was their prank video PERIOD PRANK (Gone Wrong) which went viral in June 2017.

This 12-minute video has garnered over 12 million views since it was first posted. Overall, their channel Carmen and Corey has had almost 550 million views.

Carmen and Corey’s hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Their channel Carmen and Corey has earned them several awards, including silver, gold, and diamond play buttons from YouTube.

Carmen also has her own line of jewelry under a brand bearing her name, further showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite their success on YouTube, both Carmen and Corey aspire to expand their content creation and acting prowess beyond the platform.

Personal Life

Carmen Pritchett and Cory Pritchett Jr. are engaged and have been together for many years. They share two children, Carmen’s daughter from a previous relationship and a son named CJ. Their channel often features their family life, including their children.

Carmen and Corey News 2023

  • September 18, 2023: Carmen and Corey announce that they are expecting their third child.
  • September 9, 2023: Carmen and Corey release a new video on their YouTube channel titled Our Pregnancy Journey: So Far, which documents their first trimester.
  • August 4, 2023: Carmen and Corey launch their own line of children’s clothing, called The Pritchett Kids.
  • July 17, 2023: Carmen and Corey announce that they are moving into a new home.
  • June 16, 2023: Carmen and Corey celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.
  • May 12, 2023: Carmen and Corey appear on the Tamron Hall Show to discuss their new business ventures and their growing family.
  • April 7, 2023: Carmen and Corey release a new video on their YouTube channel titled We’re Moving! House Tour, which gives fans a glimpse of their new home.
  • March 3, 2023: Carmen and Corey announce that they will be going on tour in the fall of 2023.
  • February 17, 2023: Carmen and Corey release their new book, Carmen and Corey: Our Love Story.
  • January 13, 2023: Carmen and Corey are featured in a Forbes article titled The Power Couples of 2023.

Social Media Accounts

FAQs about Carmen and Corey

FAQs about Carmen and Corey

When did Carmen and Corey start their YouTube channel?

Carmen and Corey started their YouTube channel in 2016. Over the years, they have gained a significant following due to their engaging videos.

Where are Carmen and Corey from?

Carmen and Corey are originally from the United States. They have shared their lives and adventures from various locations throughout their YouTube journey.

What kind of content do Carmen and Corey create on YouTube?

Carmen and Corey create a wide range of content on their YouTube channel. This includes vlogs documenting their daily lives, pranks they play on each other, challenges, relationship advice, and more.

Have Carmen and Corey collaborated with other YouTubers?

Yes, Carmen and Corey have collaborated with other YouTubers and social media influencers on various videos and projects. Collaborations are common within the YouTube community.

Do Carmen and Corey have merchandise or a brand?

Many YouTubers and influencers launch their own merchandise or brand products. As of my last update, Carmen and Corey had not launched a specific merchandise brand, but this may have changed since then.

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In conclusion, Carmen and Corey’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million as of 2023. The couple earns a considerable income from their YouTube channel, sponsorships, speaking presentations, and other sources. Carmen and Corey remain popular social media personalities, continuing to inspire and entertain their fans with their unique content. Thank you for reading.

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