What is Charles Gross Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Charles Gross Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Charles Gross is a 24-year-old fashion and lifestyle YouTuber based in New York. He has gained popularity through his YouTube channel, which boasts more than 310,000 subscribers. In this article, HookeAudio will explore Charles Gross net worth, salary, career, personal life, and more.

Quick Facts

Quick FactsDetails
Full NameCharles Gross
Popular NameCharles Gross
Birth DateMarch 9, 1995
ParentsNot specified in the context
SiblingsNot specified in the context
Birth PlaceColombia
NationalityColombian (by birth), American (assumed based on upbringing)
EthnicityNot specified in the context
EducationGraduated from a private high school in Manhattan, New York in 2013
Marital StatusNot specified in the context
Sexual OrientationNot specified in the context
Wife/SpouseNot specified in the context
ChildrenNot specified in the context
DatingNot specified in the context
Net Worth$100 million
Source of WealthSocial media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube), fashion consulting
HeightNot specified in the context
WeightNot specified in the context
CareerFashion Authority, Content Creator, Consultant, YouTuber
Social Media Following1.3M+ followers on TikTok and Instagram; 280,000+ subscribers on YouTube
Area of ExpertiseMarketing, fashion fluency, sales, publishing, public relations
ResidenceUpper West Side, Manhattan, New York
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What Is Charles Gross’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What Is Charles Gross's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Charles Gross’s estimated net worth is $100 million as of 2022-2023. However, it should be noted that this figure has not been verified.

Charles Gross Biography

Charles Gross Biography

Career and Awards

Charles Gross was born on March 9, 1995, in Bogota, Colombia, Gross moved to New York City to pursue his passion for fashion.

His career took off following high school when he purchased an authentic Hermes Birkin for $300 on eBay and sold it for a significant profit. This venture led him to establish a resale business and consultancy specializing in sourcing Birkins for private clients in NYC.

Gross’s digital presence dates back to 2014, when he started his YouTube channel. He quickly gained popularity for his engaging content related to fashion trends and his lifestyle. His YouTube journey was marked by rapid growth, with his channel amassing over 336,141 subscribers.

However, after being a daily vlogger until 2019, Gross took a two-year hiatus from social media. He returned to TikTok in 2021, rebranding himself as a soft-spoken luxury lifestyle enthusiast. His unique approach to content creation earned him over 1.3 million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Despite his success, Gross remains grounded. He is known for his “quiet luxury” concept, which emphasizes subtlety over ostentatious branding. His insider tips, such as how to spot a fake Birkin, have garnered millions of likes on his TikTok channel.

In recognition of his contributions to the fashion industry, Gross signed with UTA for representation in all areas in 2023. Despite not having any formal awards to his name yet, Charles Gross’s influence and success in the digital space are undeniable. His journey serves as an inspiration for many aspiring content creators and fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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Personal Life

Charles Gross keeps his personal life private and does not share much information about his relationships. He has not revealed details about his marital status, past relationships, or hookups.

Charles Gross News 2023

As of August 22, 2023, there is no news available about Charles Gross. However, fans eagerly await his next YouTube videos and updates on his personal life.

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Social Media Accounts

FAQs About Charles Gross

FAQs About Charles Gross

How did Charles Gross make his money?

Charles Gross primarily makes his money through his YouTube channel, where he shares content related to fashion and lifestyle.

What is Charles Gross’s annual salary?

Unfortunately, his annual salary is currently unknown.

What are some of Charles Gross’s other sources of income?

It is unclear if Charles Gross has any other sources of income besides his YouTube channel.

How does Charles Gross’s net worth compare to other YouTubers?

While Charles Gross’s net worth is impressive, it is not among the highest for YouTubers. For example, PewDiePie’s net worth is around $40 million, while Jeffree Star’s is around $200 million.

Has Charles Gross won any awards or accolades for his work on YouTube?

There is no record of Charles Gross winning any awards or accolades for his work on YouTube.


Charles Gross is a successful YouTuber who has built a strong brand around fashion and lifestyle content. His relatable personality, fashion expertise, and commitment to quality content have helped him stand out in a crowded field. While there is always room for improvement, overall, Charles Gross is a talented creator with a bright future on YouTube.

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