Top Comedians Born in the 70s: Age, Net Worth, Rank

Top Comedians Born in the 70s Age, Net Worth, Rank

Ready for a blast from the past that still echoes with laughter today? Dive into our journey through the lives and wealth of the most iconic comedians born in 70s!

These humor maestros have left an indelible mark on the world of comedy, turning everyday quips into legendary laughs. From stand-up stages to the bright lights of Hollywood, get ready to explore how these comedic geniuses have stirred up the laughter recipe and continue to tickle our funny bones!

Who Are Comedians Born In The 70s

ComediansNet Worth (Millions)Birth Year in 1970s
Kevin Hart4501979
Seth MacFarlane3001973
Sacha Baron Cohen1601971
Jimmy Fallon701974
Dave Chappelle601973
Gabriel Iglesias401976
John Oliver401977
Chelsea Handler351975
Andy Samberg251978
Kristen Wiig251973

Who Are Comedians Born In The 70s

1. Kevin Hart: $450 million

With a net worth of $450 million, Kevin Darnell Hart is more than a comedian; he’s a force in entertainment.

From his early days in stand-up comedy to becoming a household name through TV and films, Hart’s relentless energy and laugh-out-loud humor have made him a financial and comedic powerhouse.

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2. Seth MacFarlane: $300 million

Seth, known for his versatile talent and a net worth of $300 million, isn’t just funny; he’s a creative genius.

With a flair for traditional pop and show tunes to animation and comedy, MacFarlane continues to impress with his unique style and satirical edge, making him a prominent figure in comedy and music.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen: $160 million

Sacha Baron Cohen, an English comedic maestro with a net worth of $160 million, is best known for his daring and transformative comedy.

Portraying characters like Borat and Ali G, he’s not just rich in humor but also in creativity, making him a standout figure in satirical and character comedy.

4. Jimmy Fallon: $70 million

Jimmy Fallon, with a net worth of $70 million, turned his Saturday Night Live success into late-night gold.

Known for his viral sketches and celebrity games, Fallon’s brand of wholesome, spirited comedy makes him a beloved television host and comedian, resonating with audiences everywhere.

5. Dave Chappelle: $60 million

Dave Chappelle, the legendary American stand-up comedian and actor, is best known for his groundbreaking show, Chappelle’s Show, which he co-created and starred in. However, he shocked fans when he abruptly left the show during its third season.

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6. Gabriel Iglesias: $40 million

Known for his I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy punchline, Gabriel Iglesias is more than a comedian; he’s a beloved storyteller.

His unique blend of storytelling, parodies, and characters, delivered in a warm, fluffy package, makes audiences worldwide roar with laughter.

7. John Oliver: $40 million

With a sharp wit and a net worth of $40 million, John Oliver isn’t just a comedian; he’s a satirical powerhouse. As the host of Last Week Tonight, Oliver combines humor and hard-hitting journalism, making him a trusted and entertaining voice in political commentary.

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8. Chelsea Handler: $35 million

Chelsea Handler has turned laughter into an art and advocacy. Known for her bold and candid comedy, Handler’s tenure on Chelsea Lately and her activism work shows that she’s as powerful as she is funny.

9. Andy Samberg: $25 million

Andy Samberg is a master of digital shorts and catchy tunes. As a key member of The Lonely Island and a beloved SNL cast member, Samberg’s quirky humor and musical antics have made him a favorite in comedy circles.

10. Kristen Wiig: $25 million

Kristen Wiig, with a net worth of $25 million, is a powerhouse of character comedy. From her hilarious tenure on SNL to leading roles in films like Bridesmaids, Wiig’s versatile comedic style and impeccable timing have cemented her status as a comedic icon.

Craving more comedy? The 1970s brought us a new wave of comedians who blend humor, heart, and a touch of rebellion!

From the witty banter of Andy Samberg to the fearless comedy of Chelsea Handler, explore how these comedic minds have left an indelible mark on humor. Keep reading to laugh and learn from more comedy greats born in the ’70s!

Russell Brand: $20 million

Nick Kroll: $18 million

Jo Koy: $15 million

Rob Delaney: $12 million

Kumail Nanjiani: $8 million

Tiffany Haddish: $6 million

Tig Notaro: $5 million

Nick Swardson: $5 million

Michael Ian Black: $3 million


And there you have it, a laughter-filled look back at the comedic titans born in the 70s! These artists have transcended time with their wit, charm, and unique approach to comedy.

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As Hookeaudio wraps up our comedic journey, remember that the legacy of laughter these individuals have crafted continues to influence and inspire. Keep exploring, keep laughing, and revisit these legends whenever you need a good chuckle or a dose of inspiration!
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