Comedians Born In 90s: Birth Year, Net Worth, Rank

Comedians Born In 90s Birth Year, Net Worth, Rank

Welcome to the spotlight on comedians born in the 90s, where humor meets innovation! This generation of comedians has taken the art of laughter to new heights, blending traditional punchlines with modern-day savvy.

From viral internet stars to stand-up sensations, these comedic artists bring a unique and relatable twist to their acts, making them beloved by audiences worldwide.

Get ready to explore the journeys of these 90s-born humorists as they carve their names into the annals of comedy history!

Who Are Comedians Born In 1990s

Step into the fresh and fearless world of comedians born in the 1990s! This generation brings a new flavor of humor, mixing viral savvy with sharp wit.

From uproarious stand-up to groundbreaking sketches, these young comics are redefining laughter. Keep reading to discover the bright, bold voices that are setting the stage for the future of comedy!

NameNet Worth (Millions)Birth Year
Pete Davidson81993
Taylor Tomlinson81993
Ryan Coleman81991
Bowen Yang51990
Jaboukie Young-White51994
Chris Redd51985
Bo Burnham41990
Hasan Minhaj41985
Ramy Youssef21991

Who Are Comedians Born In 1990s

Pete Davidson: $8 million

With an $8 million net worth, Pete Davidson has turned his unique perspective and edgy humor into a comedic goldmine. Known for Saturday Night Live and The King of Staten Island, Davidson’s raw, authentic style makes him a standout voice in comedy.

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Taylor Tomlinson: $8 million

Taylor Tomlinson, rocking the comedy world with her wise-beyond-her-years humor, has quickly risen to fame with her hit Netflix special Quarter-Life Crisis. Her relatable comedy and fresh take on life’s absurdities resonate with audiences, making her one of the brightest young stars in comedy.

Ryan Coleman : $8 million

Another 90s born American comedy actor was famous from the Nickelodeon series All That.

He is an important young face for the next generation of comedians.

Bowen Yang: $5 million

Bowen Yang, a trailblazer with a net worth of $5 million, brings a fresh, vibrant energy to Saturday Night Live and beyond.

His sharp wit and unique comedic perspective have made him a beloved figure in the comedy world, breaking barriers and delivering laughs with each performance.

Jaboukie Young-White: $5 Million

Jaboukie Young-White, a comedic force with a $5 million net worth, shines with his sharp wit and unique perspective. From The Daily Show to stand-up stages, Young-White’s vibrant humor and engaging presence make him a standout in contemporary comedy.

Chris Redd: $5 Million

Chris Redd brings his dynamic energy to every performance. Known for his roles on Saturday Night Live and various films, Redd’s comedic talent and versatility make him a beloved figure in the world of humor.

Bo Burnham: $4 million

Bo Burnham, this one of top comedians born in the 90s has made waves with his innovative musical comedy and introspective specials.

Burnham’s unique brand of comedy, combining music, performance, and digital media, has garnered him critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

Hasan Minhaj: $4 million

Hasan Minhaj is a trailblazer in political comedy. Best known for his incisive commentary on Patriot Act, Minhaj’s intelligent and poignant humor makes him one of the most influential voices in modern comedy.

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Ramy Youssef: $2 million

This emerging talent is best known for his groundbreaking series Ramy. Youssef’s thoughtful and provocative comedy explores identity and culture, making him a significant voice in a new era of comedic storytelling.


As Hookeaudio wraps up our exploration of comedians born in the 90s, one thing is clear: their impact on comedy is as unforgettable as their jokes. These artists have not only entertained us but have also pushed the boundaries of what comedy can be.

With their innovative approaches and undeniable talent, they continue to influence and inspire the next wave of comedians. Keep laughing and stay tuned for the future feats of these hilarious trailblazers!

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